Exploring 15 Closet Door Styles: Your Complete Guide 2024

types of closet doors

Choosing the best closet doors for your rooms can significantly affect the overall style, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the types of closet doors you choose should depend on the room and what kind of closet you have. After that, you can determine what styles of closet doors you would like. However, multiple different closet door types are more popular than others.

Different Closet Door Types

styles and types of closet doors

Bypass/Sliding Closet Doors

types of closet doors - bypass/sliding closet door

Bypass/Sliding closet doors usually feature lightweight materials like wood, metal, or composite. These types of doors generally run on a track and allows the doors to slide past one another. Further, they rely on rollers that make it easy for you to open and close these closet doors. Although these types of closet doors consume less space, they usually restrict access to your closet.

Bi-fold Closet Doors

bi fold closet door

Bi-fold closet doors are trendy and found in most homes. These doors consist of panels, connected using hinges, that hang on a track. For more oversized closets, you can add more panels. These lightweight, cost-effective closet doors are very versatile. However, they are less durable and consume more space in front of the closet when open.

Accordion Closet Doors

accordion closet door

Accordion closet doors consist of several narrow panels that fold like an accordion. Like the Bifold closet doors, they run on a track typically installed above them. These doors are usually the most cost-effective and are available in various materials, including aluminum, wood, and PVC. However, they are less durable and can feel unstable when opening and closing.

Pivot Closet Doors

pivot closet door

Pivot closet doors are ideal for more spacious rooms and allow full closet access. Unlike standard hinged doors, these types rely on pivots installed at the bottom and top of the doors. As a result, these doors are usually more expensive and require professional installation. However, their modern design is highly customizable, and you can install them without a frame.

French Closet Doors

french closet door

French closet doors will provide your room with a unique style and elegance. However, these doors rely on sets of hinges that require anchoring to something sturdy. Although they usually require clearance to open, they are easy to install. In addition, they provide you with various possible designs. For example, you can incorporate glass panels, elegant wooden patterns, and a flush finish.

Pocket Closet Doors

pocket closet door

Pocket closet doors are famous for their unique design and compact size. These doors provide full access to your closet without needing clearance to open as they slide into pockets made in the walls. Although they have a high aesthetic value, installing pocket doors for your closets can be pricey. Furthermore, pocket closet doors require professional installation and repairs.

Louvered Closet Doors

Louvered closet doors consist of slats that create a similar style to traditional window shutters. These doors can usually be wood, PVC, or aluminum. Louvered doors have identical designs to bi-fold doors. Their panels are attached using hinges and slide on a suspended track to open and close. Although these doors are unpleasant to clean, they provide excellent air circulation.

Single-Panel Closet Doors

single-panel closet door

Single-panel closet doors offer a simple, classic design that is cost-effective and exceptionally versatile. These doors can use hinges to open and close for the most convenience. Alternatively, they can be utilized as sliding doors and open and close with rails. As a result, these doors will require less space but somewhat restrict access to the closet. However, it will require sufficient floor space.

Mirror Closet Doors

mirror closet door

Mirror closet doors are one of the best options for modern homes. They help reflect light to brighten up your room and give the impression that it is more spacious. Also, these doors provide a luxurious style and can be very practical. However, they are typically more expensive than most alternatives and can be reasonably challenging to keep clean. Furthermore, the mirrors on these doors can break pretty easily.

Bookcase Closet Doors

bookcase closet door

Bookcase closet doors can be a great conversation piece and provide your room with a fashionable style. These doors are known as “hidden or secret doors,” and you can use them for various purposes. However, they can be somewhat expensive, require a fair amount of space, and require professional design and installation. Also, the style of bookcase doors is hard to integrate with the layout of most rooms.

Glass Closet Doors

glass closet door

Glass closet doors are the ideal option for most modern homes. Although these doors reduce the privacy of your closets, people often see them as sophisticated and luxurious. Furthermore, you can widely customize these doors to fit your room’s style. For example, tinted and frosted glass can give you more privacy. Unfortunately, glass doors need regular cleaning and are usually expensive to install.

Shaker Closet Doors

shaker closet door

Shaker closet doors consist of panels made with classic shaker-styled designs. These doors are very sought-after options and will maintain their aesthetic appeal. You can combine the square panel design of these doors with glass panels, hinges, tracks, and various patterns to create unique styles. Additionally, you can add more shaker door panels for large closets.

Double Closet Doors

Double closet doors are two separate doors that you can individually open or open from the center of the closet. These doors usually have unique knobs that compliment the door’s style and are used to open it. In addition, these doors can secure with a latch at the top of the interior door panel. Unfortunately, these doors need more space to open correctly.

Barn-Style Closet Doors

barn style closet door

Barn-style closet doors have gained popularity for the rustic farmhouse style they provide. These doors consume very little space and usually open using a track mounted against the wall. Besides providing a vintage look, barn-style doors are typically durable and cost-effective. Further, you can play around with these doors and their designs, patterns, and sizes to fit your home’s style.

Synthetic Closet Doors

synthetic closet door

Synthetic closet doors are a popular option as they are affordable, lightweight, and available in various designs, styles, colors, and patterns. These doors consist of combinations of PVC, acrylic, and vinyl. Therefore, they are reasonably durable and easy to install and clean. However, synthetic closet doors are more brittle and prone to stain than wooden and metal ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a closet door?

Aluminum doors provide you with durable and lightweight closet doors that can conveniently be customized and altered to meet your requirements and fit into the style of your room.

What can you use in the place closet doors?

Sometimes you need more space to install standard closet doors, or you cannot anchor your doors properly. Whatever the case may be, closet doors are not always a valid option. In cases like that, you have to get creative. You can use several alternatives instead of closet doors, including curtains, movable privacy screens, strings of beads, and macrame.

How much does it cost to replace closet doors?

The cost of closet doors is typically between $80 to $1000, depending on the material, style, and quality. However, labor and additional material costs can add anywhere from $200 to $700.


Choosing the ideal door for a closet may be scary with so many various styles of doors for closets on the market, especially for a first-time homeowner. However, it would help if you always chose closet doors that are both functional—shutting off and concealing the contents of your closet—and stylish. Before building your closet, you should have a rough idea of the desired outcome.

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