Welcome to Quiet Minimal My name is Outmane, and I’m an artist and designer; minimalism has become a way of life for me.

I first discovered the concept, of ‘less is more’ when studying art and graphic design. I learned that white space is just as important as the design itself, which led to my becoming a minimalist designer. 

I began by experimenting with interior design and minimalism in my artwork, especially in my art movement posters featured in the Huffington Post.

The impact, calm, and tranquility of minimalism impressed me. It inspired me to create a minimalist aesthetic in my home, removing any clutter so I could focus on what’s really important.

Making memories and developing meaningful relationships.

I believe anyone can benefit from minimalist design, and I aim to share resources and tips to bring minimalism into your life. Minimalism encourages clarity and focuses on our lives, allowing us to live intentionally, save time, and spend less.

You can make it work for you, and I want to show you how! 

I only recommend carefully curated, high-quality items that will help you live minimally, focusing on durable and eco-friendly products. Whether you want to create a calm, minimalist home or cultivate a minimalist mindset, you need the right environment around you. 

I hope that you find inspiration for your minimalist journey in these pages!

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Founder / Writer / Managing Editor

Outmane is the founder, writer, and managing editor of Quiet Minimal. He has been in the home design industry for over 15 years, working with clients to create beautiful, functional, and comfortable spaces.

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Niki is a passionate blog editor with a flair for crafting engaging content. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, Niki brings a unique perspective to every piece they edit.

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Georgia is a convert to minimalism and is passionate about creating calm, joyful spaces in the home.

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Senior Editor

Salma is an experienced home design blog editor who has been editing and writing about interior design for over five years. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge about creating beautiful and stylish home decor.