Maximizing Small Bedroom Spaces: Expert Bed Placement Tips for 2024

If you have a small bedroom, you will want to maximize the space so the room seems inviting and warm. Where and how you place your bed can make all the difference in doing just that. So, what exactly is the best bed placement in a small bedroom?

bed placement in a small bedroom

The best bed placement in a small bedroom to maximize useable space is in the corner of the room. To make a small bedroom appear larger, placing the bed in the center of a focal wall and creating a symmetrical flow of furniture may give the sense of a bigger room.

Whether you want to maximize space, create a focal point, or make your small bedroom look cozy, minimalist, and inviting, keep reading for all the best bed placement tips and tricks.

Place The Bed In The Corner Of A Small Bedroom

place the bed in the corner of your small bedroom as a minimalist layout

If your main aim is to maximize space in the room and create open areas, then one way to do this is to place the bed in a corner of your room.

This will eliminate the need for two nightstands, leaving space for one only, which will already create more space. 

Try not to place the bed in a corner behind a door or on the same wall as a door, as this will create a feeling of squeezing it into the space. A bed in the corner opposite the door will also draw attention to the bed as soon as someone enters the room, giving an added sense of space.

If you place a bed in the corner of a small bedroom, you can also make it into a sleeping nook, separated by furniture or curtains. This is especially useful if you have to work in the same room as you sleep, as this can create a separate space for each.

To keep the frustration of changing sheets and struggling to get into corners to a minimum, one great tip for small bedrooms with the bed in a corner is to adopt the European style of having only one fitted sheet on the bed with a cozy duvet on the top.

Place The Bed In The Centre Of A Wall To Draw Attention

place the bed in the center of a wall of your small bedroom

One great way to make small bedrooms feel bigger is to draw attention away from the size of the room to something else. Because the bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in the room and can be changed and decorated in interesting ways, it is the perfect piece of furniture to do this with.

Place the bed in the center of the feature wall will draw attention to it as someone steps into the room. Remember that the feature wall is usually the wall opposite the door so that it is the first place you look as you enter the room.

Choose striking colors for the bed and use them as the starting point for other furniture and finishes so that the rest of the room flows around it. 

Place an attention-grabbing headboard with the bed to also draw the eye. If it is done well, a central bed can also create symmetry in a small bedroom. 

So long as the bedroom remains uncluttered, it will also feel larger than it is because of the sense of balance created by the symmetry.

Even though you are not creating one large space in the room, you will create two functional spaces with a bed in the middle of a wall in a small bedroom. The space serves a purpose by creating two passages to and from the bed.

Other Considerations When Placing A Bed In A Small Bedroom

conceder a natural light for your small bedroom

Always remember that natural light will make a small bedroom look bigger. The light will add to the placement rather than detract from it. You can place the bed in the center of a wall with a window or in the corner under a window if the bed and headboard do not block out light.

Also, only place furniture on some sides of the room. Keep some walls and spaces clear between furniture to create a flow in the room.


Where you place a bed in a small bedroom depends on the purpose and function of the room, but placing the bed in a corner or the center of a feature wall will create space and a sense of space. Try different ways in your room to find the best for you.

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