The Ultimate Bohemian Lounge: Top Boho Design Insights!

  • To achieve a typical bohemian feel in your lounge, you need to add standard bohemian-inspired staples. 
  • For example, mix and match throw pillows, and add an intricately-designed rug and plants to liven up the area. 
  • Eclectic decor is essential for a bohemian lounge. 
bohemian lounge room ideas

Bohemian interior design is one of my all-time favorite styles of home decor. This cozy, warm, and charming theme goes beyond just looking beautiful; it exudes a welcoming aura that instantly makes you feel at home. 

So, if you’re thinking about switching up your lounge to a boho theme, we certainly get it. Luckily, we have the answers you are looking for.

For more bohemian-inspired ideas for your lounge area, keep reading. 

Bohemian Ideas For Your Lounge

If you want to add a bohemian feel to your lounge, you might be overwhelmed by the eclectic nature of the design. But don’t worry; we have outlined some lounge room decorating ideas that might help you achieve the ultimate bohemian lounge. So read on to learn staples and must-haves for your bohemian lounge. 

Add Textured And Pattern Pillows For A Boho Feel

boho lounge room pillows

Some things are a staple in interior design; a couch for the lounge; a coffee table, a shelf or a wall unit, and an inviting atmosphere for conversing with family and friends. 

However, when it comes to creating a bohemian-inspired lounge, there are several staples that you need too. One such staple is pillows. 

Pillows are not only a staple but a must-have. The more pillows, the better. The trick is adding different textured, and patterned pillows for a typical boho feel. 

Consider pairing intricately designed pillows with contrasting and complimenting solid-colored pillows. 

For instance, choosing geometric black and white statement pillows paired with burnt orange and white throw pillows can do wonders for your lounge. 

While this is just an example, it does not mean you must follow the same color scheme. The point is to mix and match textures and colors until you have what feels right for you. Eclectic is key. So have fun and be free.

Add A Rug To Your Bohemian Lounge

bohemian lounge room rug

Another bohemian lounge idea is to add a rug. Bohemian rugs are more than a staple; they are a must-have. Of course, no bohemian lounge is complete without a homey rug to complete the feel. 

Moroccan, Persian, and geometric printed rugs are popular choices among boho enthusiasts. 

In general, rugs with intricate details are often favored. But if you feel these rugs are too busy for your liking, try opting for intricate designs with a muted feel. 

By doing this, you’ll not only have a rug with personality, but it also won’t take attention away from the other decor in your lounge. 

You can also opt for modern abstract or simpler rugs with neutral colors. Remember to consider the color palette of your living room before choosing your rug.

Add Plants To Your Bohemian Lounge

boho lounge room plants

Last but not least, of your must-have bohemian staples are plants (and lots of them). There is something about bringing the outside indoors that calms a space. 

Not only will you feel closer to nature, but you will feel more relaxed and at peace. And if you want a down-to-earth lounge area, what better way to attain this than by adding plants?

Thankfully you have many options for adding plants to your lounge area. For example, to fill up an empty space, you can place big leafy plants such as Monsteras, Calatheas, or Philodendrons. 

For countertops and shelves, smaller plants such as succulents can completely change the space. Remember to experiment with the plant pots as well. 

Woven planter baskets, neutral-colored plant plants, or geometric plant pots are always a win when it comes to the boho style


When it comes to bohemian decor, eclectic accessories are essential. Bohemian interior design, however, has a lot of lee-way when it comes to styling. 

So, mix and match elements, colors, and textures until you find what works best for you. Creating your bohemian lounge area is about having fun and not getting too caught up in the details. 

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