Top Color Combos to Perfectly Partner with Green: 2024 Insights

  • Green goes well with many different colors: neutrals such as white, grey, black, or brown, and non-neutral colors such as navy orange, red, pink, purple, and blue. 
  • Green’s connotation to Mother Nature makes a space feel more “natural” and nurturing, regardless of the color it is paired with.
colors that go with green,

Having been a religious player of Design Home for many years while also nearly pursuing a career in interior design, I can confidently say that green is one of the easiest non-neutral colors to incorporate into your living space. What colors go well with green?

Green is often associated with positivity, harmony, relaxation, and vitality. We perceive the color green in this light due to its shorter wavelengths. 

Shorter wavelengths require less effort from our eyes to adjust, which makes it “easy on the eye” and thus pleasant to look at. Green might be the perfect choice if you want a color to add some character to a dull space.

Colors That Go With Green

All greens usually pair well with neutral colors. Green colors with a cool tone lean more towards blue than yellow, while warm-tone greens do the opposite. Keeping the undertone in mind when pairing greens with non-neutral colors is essential. Let’s look at some colors that pair well with green.

White and Green

white color is an amazing combination with green for interior design

Cool undertone greens pair incredibly well with white. The clean, wholesome effect of white and the calming green tint of sage, emerald, jade, or other cool greens create the perfect balance.

Warmer tones of green, such as olive, lime, mint, pistachio, lemon, and khaki, tend to pair better with off-white. The neutrality of cream/off-white creates the perfect balance with bubbly greens.

Black and Green

black and green interior design idea

Pairing bright, warm-tone green with black immediately emphasizes the fresh, mood-enhancing feeling that the green brings to the space. If you want to brighten your room, you won’t go wrong with this combination.

The black and dark or cooler undertone greens are also a great match. This color combination looks strong and impactful yet blends quite well, bringing maturity into the space.

Grey and Green

grey and green living room interior

Almost all shades of green pair well with grey, whether that is a soft grey to a more charcoal grey. Rich greens are often paired with grey to bring the space to life. 

Olive and emerald shades of green, paired with grey, create a luxurious, calming vibe. In contrast, richer greens are commonly used to soften darker shades of grey.

Brown an Green

green and brown bedroom

Light browns, in combination with the coolness of green, such as sage and emerald, create the perfect cozy interior. When using more golden browns, almost beige in color, opt for a shade of green that leans towards the warmer side.

The texture and warmth of brown items, especially wooden furniture with earthy greens, bring the calmness of nature inside your living space. When using dark shades of brown and green, adding cream would further enhance the calming look of your room.

Orange and Green

green and orange living room combination

Think of a dark green terrain with trees. Fresh orange citruses are hanging on the trees with the orange sun peeking through the leaves. While many might not see this coming, light oranges compliment dark, cooler greens perfectly.

The mixture of these two colors looks gorgeous in a room with natural sunlight. It gives the room a vibrant, glowing atmosphere and could do wonders for a dull-looking space.

Red and Green

red and green living room

It might come as a shock since too many greens and red together screams Christmas, yet the right shades of each could complement each other reasonably well. Earthy greens such as pistachio mix surprisingly well with wine-red. This combination adds a vintage touch to the living space.

Pink – Purple and Green

pink and purple and green interior

Bright pinks and deep purples, such as burgundy, are often used with dark forestry greens. These two colors complement each other well in creating a bold, glamorous vibe. 

While the pink lighten the green tone, the darker shade of green keeps the pink looking earthier and grounded.

Blue and Green

green and blue interior design

Blues and greens go surprisingly well together, but like most cases, the mixture of shades makes or breaks the look. Many designers pair dark, earthy greens with royal blue. The more neutral green neutralizes the bright blue.

Light, warmer shades of green can also be paired with blue. In this case, opting for a darker, almost navy blue might be the way to go. Pairing two light colors might take away from the maturity of the space.


Green is a very versatile color. Green not only lights up a dull room but makes a room feel nurturing and calming. Adding green into your living space brings a piece of nature indoors.

Different undertones and color combinations in décor lead to different vibes being created. This list will guide you to find the perfect green combination for your space!

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