Marvel with Maroon: Top Interior Combinations 2024

colors that go with maroon

Maroon is a classy color to use in your home. So, in this guide, I’ll walk you through the best colors that go with maroon for your home color palette. 

You want to pick colors that complement maroon rather than compete with it. Maroon is a rich, deep red, and quite a bold shade to use in your home. So, knowing what colors go with maroon will make it much easier to pick the right color scheme. 

The good news is that lots of colors go well with maroon. I’ve made several suggestions, with something to suit all the different shades of maroon. So, browse through them and see what appeals most to you! 

Colors That Go With Maroon Interiors

So, you know that you want to use maroon in your interior design scheme. This rich shade of red has many meanings, such as passion, intensity, and love. So, it can make a real impression when you use it in your home.

But you’re confused about what colors complement maroon. It’s crucial to balance the colors out to have harmony (a key design concept) in your home. Then, browse through this wide range of suggestions of colors that match maroon. 

Maroon and Blue

colors that go well with maroon

Lighter blues, like teals and turquoises, bring out the vividness of the maroon color. These colors contrast beautifully without clashing. And they’re not too dark, so they don’t compete with maroon. 

You can pair blues and teals with maroon by adding splashes of color. For example, you could add some jewel-toned soft furnishings like cushions and throws. Or, you could choose artwork with beautiful blue tones to contrast your maroon walls. This look has quite an eclectic, bohemian style to it. 

Maroon and White

what colors complement maroon

White is the perfect neutral color to act as a background for rich or bright shades. And so, it works well with maroon to counteract the dark red color. Adding white to your maroon color scheme will make your room feel larger, more spacious, and airy. 

Maroon and Purple

If you’re into bold, brave color combinations, you could pair purple with maroon. Both these colors are rich, jewel tones, and they can look fantastic together. 

But don’t forget that you don’t want your room to look too bright or overwhelming. You need to leave space to let the colors breathe, so you can better appreciate them. With that in mind, the 60-30-10 rule can help you to create harmony in your home. 

Maroon and Beige

what colors look good with maroon

Maroon and beige are both earthy, natural shades. But beige is a much calmer color that balances out the richness of maroon. So, these two colors work wonderfully together. 

Beige and maroon are a fantastic color scheme if you want a cozy home. These warm shades create a welcoming, soft atmosphere and complement each other. They make you feel relaxed and at home, and the same goes for any guests you entertain. 

Maroon and Gold


If you want a luxurious home, maroon and gold are the perfect color combination. Together, these colors enhance each other. As a result, they look elegant and ooze sophistication. 

The metallic gold shades contrast with maroon to bring out its deep vividness. Gold accessories look fabulous against a rich maroon background. You could add gold decorative pieces such as vases or cushions as the finishing touches to your room.

Maroon and Gray

Maroon and gray might not be an obvious color combination. But it works surprisingly well, with the cooler grays toning down the bright, bold maroons. 

When pairing gray with maroon, it’s better to go with lighter shades. In this way, the two colors don’t compete with each other. Instead, they balance each other out for a harmonious and attractive room. 

This color scheme works well in a living room, bedroom, or even a kitchen, 

Maroon and Black

You could pair maroon with black for a bold and classy color scheme. But be careful when using two such strong colors together. You will probably want to add another lighter shade to balance out the room. Otherwise, it could become too overwhelming.

So, I would recommend thinking carefully about how you use these colors. For example, if you have maroon walls, you could go for white or pale gray flooring. Then, layer in the color black in accessories or even a sofa. 

Make sure you consider how the room will come together. If you use these colors carefully, you could have a very stylish home. 

Maroon and Navy

If you like rich, bold colors, you could combine navy and maroon. This look will create an impressive room for those who love color. 

Navy is a cooler tone that contrasts with warm maroon, so they can look amazing when paired together. As with maroon and black, you’ll need a third, neutral shade to ensure you get the color balance right. 

Maroon and Cream

Cream is another neutral color, very like white. But it has a smooth, creamy richness that white lacks, so it’s a perfect complement to maroon.  It’s a warmer shade, just like maroon, so they work wonderfully together. 

Colors that go with Maroon – FAQ

What Color Curtains Go With Maroon Walls?

If you’ve decided to go with a maroon design, you need to pick our complementary colors. It’s essential to choose your color scheme carefully. Otherwise, your room could look too busy, or you might end up with clashing colors. And that’s not a good look!
Pairing white or cream with maroon walls is a stylish yet safe color combination. This look is simple and classy and lets the richness of your maroon walls take center stage. 
But if you’re feeling a bit braver, you could pair maroon with another vivid color. For example, you could choose purple or navy blue. 
And finally, maroon pairs perfectly with gold. This color scheme is sophisticated, elegant, and oozes luxury. 

What Color Curtains Go With Burgundy Walls?

Burgundy is another rich color with many similarities to maroon. So, I would recommend pairing burgundy walls with lighter curtains in a neutral shade. 
Cream, white, gray, or beige will work well, depending on your home color palette. These shades will let in plenty of natural light, so your room is well-lit and feels welcoming.

What Colors Go With Maroon Curtains?

If you’ve chosen maroon curtains for your home, you have a lot of options to pair with them. You could either go for a neutral or bold wall color. A lighter color like cream or white is ideal if you have a smaller room, making it look bigger.
But if you’re feeling brave, you could go for a color like navy, blue, or gray on your walls, instead. Another alternative is to have a feature wall to add interest to your room.
Then, you can layer in another complementary color or two from the suggestions above. But make sure you consider the overall design and how it will all come together. Don’t add too many different shades or clashing colors, and make sure the room has space to breathe.

what color goes with maroon walls

The Wrap Up

Now, you have a good idea of the best colors that go with maroon. And as you’ve seen, there are a lot of different options out there. So,  you can take your pick and personalize your home to suit your preferences. 

Whether you go for a maroon wall design, curtains, or accessories, this color can look amazing in your home. However, it could go horribly wrong when matched with clashing shades. 

But if you choose one of the above color palettes, you can feel confident in your maroon home design. There’s something for everyone here, from simpler styles to bold, bright color schemes. Let me know which one you go for in the comments below!

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