Embracing Mustard Yellow: 9 Dazzling Color Pairings

colors that goes with mustard yellow
  • Mustard yellow is a popular color for interior design
  • But finding the right color to go with mustard yellow can be tricky
  • Here is an easy guide to find the best colors that go with mustard yellow in your home

Mustard yellow is a gorgeous, rich color – but it can be tricky to find colors that complement it. So, here’s my guide to colors that go with mustard yellow. You can use these color combinations in your home to create a stylish look for any room!

As colors go, mustard yellow is often one of the most divisive. Some people love it – and others can’t see the appeal. 

So, what exactly is mustard yellow? It’s a deeper yellow that’s richly saturated. But it’s also a little muted and very much a warmer color on the color wheel. It takes its name from mustard and looks pretty similar to the condiment.

But mustard yellow is a warm, uplifting, yet soothing color. And it has glorious retro vibes and 70s chic! 

So, you can use mustard yellow to add a pop of color to your home! For example, a mustard feature wall or fun mustard accessories are nice touches. This color can brighten any room without being flashy or overly garish. And when you pair it with the right colors, it looks amazing. 

Browse through these suggestions of colors that go with mustard yellow. Then, take your pick – and let me know what color scheme you go for in the comments below! 

What Colors Match With Mustard Yellow? 9 Ideas!

If you’re unsure about what colors match with mustard yellow, you’re in the right place. 

Some colors will enhance mustard yellow and complement it – while others will clash. So, you need to choose carefully; this article will help you pick the best color combinations! 

Here are some of the best colors to pair with mustard yellow in interior design. 


living room with gray wall and mustard sofa and back coffee table

Black and mustard are a bold color combination. Mustard yellow brings warmth to your room, while black makes it feel modern and edgy. 

As both of these colors are strong, make sure to balance them with plenty of white space. That will make your room more spacious and give the colors room to shine. 

Here’s an example of how to use black and mustard yellow in the bedroom. Opt for mustard bedding to anchor the room. Then, add black elements – e.g., lamps, artwork, accessories, or bedside tables. 

The result is a chic bedroom with a pop of color to make it inviting.


grey wall with mustard sofa

If you’re not as daring, you could pair gray with mustard yellow instead. Gray is a more toned-down version of black and looks wonderful with mustard.

The cool gray tones balance out the warmer mustard yellow. And almost any shade of gray will work well with mustard. 

You can use a dark charcoal gray to add a sense of weight and gravity to a room. While a lighter gray will open up the space and feel more minimalist. It’s up to you how you pair these colors – but it’s a winning combination either way! 

Navy Blue

living room with orange wall, mustard yellow sofa and navy blue chair

Navy blue is a popular choice to pair with mustard yellow. These colors have a lot of differences, but that means they create a nice contrast with each other. 

Compared to mustard yellow, navy is a much darker and cooler color. But they’re both highly saturated shades that work well together. 

So, you can create an eye-catching look using navy blue and mustard. The yellow shade will look even brighter and bolder against the deep, dark blue. 

Consider going for an accent wall in navy blue paint. Then, choose a mustard yellow armchair or bedspread against it. This color works well in any room to create a classic yet welcoming atmosphere.


living room with teal and mustard wall and rug

Teal is another excellent color that both complements and contrasts with mustard. This rich green-blue color creates a tropical vibe when used with mustard yellow. Its cool tones harmonize with the richer yellow color. 

You could opt for a teal velvet sofa and add some bright mustard cushions. Then, all you need to do is add some houseplants and fun artwork to complete the look. 


mustard sofa with a white thrown over blanket

You can use mustard yellow to add some color and warmth to a mostly white room. Minimalist interior design has its appeal, but it can risk looking too clinical. So, introduce some mustard yellow accents throughout the room to liven it up. 

In this color scheme, your mustard yellow shade will stand out. It doesn’t have to compete with any other strong colors, so it can really shine. 

And as you’re keeping it simple with the colors, feel free to play around with textures. For example, you could go for a soft, tufty rug or a chic mustard yellow velvet sofa. 

Dark Purple

dark purple wall with a mustard sofa

If you want to make an impact, consider pairing mustard yellow with a deep purple shade. These colors are powerful and eye-catching. So, they’re ideal if you want to create a bold design style! 

Here’s a quick dive into color theory to explain why these colors work well together. Purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel. That makes them complementary colors. 

And this means that yellow and purple stand out against each other – they have high contrast. 

Choose a deep, saturated purple to pair with mustard yellow. You want equally rich and dominant tones, so these colors play off each other. But don’t introduce any other accent colors, or it could all be too much.

Sage Green

sage green wall with a mustard sofa

Sage green is a cool, soothing shade of green. And the great news is that it looks wonderful when used in a color scheme with mustard yellow.

This color combination creates a gentle, earthy feel. It’s not as bold or bright as some of the suggestions on this list. So, it’s perfect if you prefer a more muted room with natural vibes. 

Sage green and mustard yellow will work well in any room. You could opt for rich mustard yellows and sage green armchairs. Or go for sage tiles and yellow accessories in the kitchen. Wherever you use this color palette, they will balance each other out for a calm yet stylish room. 


room with mustard wall and beige furnitures

If you want to put your mustard color center stage, you can pair it with a neutral shade. Beige is ideal for this purpose as it has similar warm tones to yellow. So, it creates a harmonious aesthetic without taking away from your mustard color. 

Although beige can seem like a dull color, you can use it to great effect with mustard yellow. A pale beige will create a minimalist, natural color palette. But you can also create more of a classic, traditional look using beige and mustard. 

One word of warning! Be careful not to pick a shade of beige too similar to mustard yellow. You want to aim for some contrast between the colors, otherwise they will all blend together. 


mustard living room wall with beige and pink furnitures

Pink and yellow might initially seem like a strange combination. But somehow, it works! Opt for warmer shades of pink to pair with mustard yellow so the tones complement each other. 

A pink-and-yellow color scheme is a little kooky and fun. It has retro vibes and will make you feel energetic and lively. But a word or warning – these colors can become overpowering if you use them too generously in a smaller space.

So, choose one main color and one accent color. You’ll want the main color to appear more often – e.g., for the walls or larger pieces of furniture. Then, choose a few cute accessories in your accent color. This way, you’ll create a stylish room that avoids being too garish.

colors that go with mustard yellow

The Wrap Up

So, there you have plenty of inspiration for colors that go with mustard yellow. You can find the perfect color palette for any room in your house. You’ll find it here whether you want a calm, neutral look or a bold, bright style. So, there’s something for everyone! 

Let me know which color you love best with mustard yellow. Share in the comments below! 

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