Red’s Perfect Companions: Color Matches Unveiled 2024

colors that go with red

Red represents romance and passion. It is warm and vibrant and, when applied correctly, can add to the aesthetic of a space. Although a very dominant color, using subtle hints of red can help liven up the entire room and evoke an energetic atmosphere.

The trick is to pair red shades with colors that harmonize with and complement the shade without overpowering the other décor in the room. So, what are the colors that go with red?

There are nine colors that match red: 

  1. Navy Blue & Red
  2. Turquoise & Burnt Red
  3. Black & Red
  4. Pink & Red
  5. White & Carmine Red
  6. Rose Gold & Red
  7. Charcoal Gray & Red
  8. Light Gray & Cherry Red
  9. Mint Green & Red

If you are looking for ideas to bring red into your home and are unsure which colors to pair it with, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss ten color combos featuring red to help you search.

What Colors Go With Red?

There is a rule that applies when it comes to combining colors; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While one color combination might look gorgeous to some, others may not like it at all. The great thing about color is that you can mix and match and play around with different ideas.

Red comes in various shades such as mahogany, sangria, lipstick, ruby, garnet, etc. We have combined primary red and other red shades with colors that go with each shade to create the most aesthetically pleasing color combinations for you to consider.

Navy Blue & Red

colors that go with red

Red and navy blue is a classic combo perfect for traditional kitchens or living rooms. You can try different shades of red as most reds pair well with navy blue. This combination is also seen in many nautical-themed homes.

Turquoise & Burnt Red

what color goes good with red

Turquoise and burnt red are in complete contrast, but something about combining the two hues looks gorgeous. Together they evoke a vibrant yet calm and relaxed atmosphere, like fire and ice.

You can pair a burnt red Persian carpet with a distressed turquoise coffee table. Sofa or day bed throws and scatter cushion is another way to combine these beautiful colors in a living room or bedroom.

Black & Red

what color goes best with red

Black and red is a bold combination that creates a dramatic atmosphere in a space. One of the best ways to incorporate these colors is with black and white wallpaper, large red and black artwork on canvas, or even a black or red accent wall. If the wall is black, use hints of red with décor accessories, scatter pillows or curtains, and switch the colors if the wall is red.

Pink & Red

colors that match red

Although pink & red may not seem like the best color combination for home decor, pairing them with dark browns, vintage black, lace, and hints of rose gold will evoke sophistication, beauty, and class. If you don’t like bold colors, you can try using faded shades of red and pink for a more earthy, rustic look. This combo also works well when used in patterns.

White & Carmine Red

best colors that go with red

If you have a white, minimalistic style interior and want to add some color to break the neutral atmosphere, carmine red is a perfect color to add. It is not as dramatic as deeper reds, but it is a vibrant color that brings playfulness into a space. You can bring in Carmine red through wall art, scatter pillows, throws, wallpaper, vases, décor accessories, painted chairs or coffee tables, etc.

Rose Gold & Red

The subtleness of rose gold looks beautiful when accentuated with pops of red. This color combination has so many levels because either color can be used as the dominant color. Rose gold or red wallpaper, cushions, curtains, candelabras, coffee table trays, artwork, frames, and pendant lights are great to bring in both colors.

Charcoal Gray & Red

what color goes with red feature wall

If dramatic is what you’re after, but black is too dark for you, try combining charcoal grey with red. They go together really well without creating a morbid atmosphere. This color combo lends itself very well to patterns on pillows or rugs.

The best way to add these colors to your space is with a charcoal gray accent wall (with a polished concrete effect) paired with deep red carpets (i.e., Persian) and picture frames with black and white pictures. A red armchair also looks stunning against a charcoal gray wall.

Light Gray & Cherry Red

accent colors for red walls

Light gray and cherry red complement each other beautifully because the grey sets a calm, neutral tone, while the vibrant cherry red evokes warmth and coziness. Combined, they make one of the best color combos and can be incorporated in any way, such as décor accessories, accent walls, pillows, throws, candles, and carpets.

Are you looking for an easy combo that’s less obvious than red and white? Red and light gray are solid choices. Light gray can offer a slightly more dynamic backdrop than what you’d get from classic white—while being just as easy to decorate with as white.

Mint Green & Red

colors that go with red

Something about this color combo is so inviting. The lightness of the mint paired with red creates a vibrant and exciting contrast. You feel the coolness of the mint and the warmth of the red, bringing out the best in one another.

These two colors look beautiful when used in a pattern and would look stunning as wallpaper. A dining room table with a reclaimed wood top, mint green legs, red chairs, and a brushed steel or high gloss red pendant light hanging above the table makes a beautiful picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many different color combo possibilities come a lot of questions. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about combining red with other colors.

What Shades Of Red Paint Can You Use On A Feature Wall?

A red feature wall can liven up an entire room, but some red shades work, and some don’t. The following shades are ideal for a feature wall;
Big Apple by Clare – a deep, delicious apple red
Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball – a glamorous crimson red that evokes a contemporary atmosphere
Berrylicious by Valspar – a bright, pink-infused, raspberry red
Eating Room Red by Farrow & Ball – an intensely pigmented burgundy with a subtle hint of purple
Morocco Red by Behr – soft, lively, clay-colored red
Sundried Tomato by Benjamin Moore – a dark subdued red that pairs well with pewter

What Colors Go With A Red Feature Wall?

Various colors harmonize with a red feature wall. The trick is to pair it with colors that can hold their own and compliment the red wall simultaneously. You can add these colors in many ways, such as rugs, paintings, décor accessories, textiles, etc. Some of the colors that go with a red accent wall include;
Olive green
Natural Wood
Dark brown (leather)
Brushed steel
Light carmine pink
Coral Pink


Red comes in many different shades, and it can be overwhelming to find the shade you want. Luckily, any shade of red can pair with so many different colors that complement each other, and exciting contrasting pops of color are aesthetically pleasing.

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