Dream Bold: Dive into Dark Green Bedroom Inspirations!

  • Dark green can be incorporated into your bedroom in a variety of ways. 
  • Use dark green to create an intimate and moody feel, or combine green and pink to create a fun and lively bedroom space. 
  • When paired with neutral colors, dark green also looks stunning as an accent wall.
dark green bedroom ideas

If you want to spruce up your bedroom, using shades of dark green might be just what you need. Dark green has the potential to transform your bedroom space completely, whether to a dark, intimate feel or a polished, elegant look – green can do it all. Continue reading to get ideas for a dark green bedroom.

Are you curious to learn what you can do with dark green in your bedroom? Continue reading to learn more.

Bedroom Ideas For The Color Green

If you are unfamiliar with how to incorporate dark green into your living space, you may be unsure as to how to go about it. Do not worry, though. Below you will find some ideas on incorporating dark green into your bedroom. 

Use Dark Green For A Moody Bedroom Space

moody bedroom space

If you wish to create a dark, intimate space, you may want to paint your walls dark green. Creating a moody bedroom aesthetic with dark green is a wonderful choice since it is not too dark and therefore does not completely close off the room. 

Because of its modern appearance, this color is a popular choice for bedroom design. To achieve the maximum ‘moodiness,’ it is best to add decor that will help achieve your desired aesthetic. 

For example, green bed covers, about one-to-two shades lighter than the dark green walls, will help keep the room’s intimate and dark feel. If you want a slight change of color palette, try and opt for gray bed covers. 

Adding dark gray and green color palette will give the space a luxurious feel. To create a third color palette, incorporate dark wooden furniture such as bed stands, headboards, and dressers. 

For a slight pop of color, you can add rose gold or gold standing light stands to your bed.

Use An Accent Wall

accent dark green wall

If you love the sight of dark green but are not comfortable committing to your entire wall being that shade, consider using an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall that differs from the surrounding walls. 

There are many options for accent walls, including colors, textures, patterns, designs, or materials that can be different from the other walls. 

Individuals will automatically notice these walls, so their placement should be carefully considered. Luckily, accent walls in bedrooms are typically placed where the bed is, so you don’t have to worry about their placement. 

Consider using dark green or an intricately designed dark green print as an accent wall. To keep the balance, use neutral colors for the rest of the walls, such as creme white or slightly off-white. 

Add white bed covers, pillows, and wooden furniture to brighten the area. 

Use Pink And Green For Bedroom

pink and green bedroom

If you’re a fan of the color pink but also want to incorporate green into your room, don’t worry! You may not know this, but greens and pinks combine surprisingly well. 

Using these two colors will give your room a fun and lively feel. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Try painting your walls dark green and incorporating pink ottomans, bed throw pillows, and lamp shades. You can even add pink elements to the dark green walls or paint some of the walls pink entirely. 

If the pink and green combo feels too much, you can soften the aesthetics by incorporating white elements into the decor. 


dark green wall bedroom

You can use dark green in your bedroom in a variety of ways. Go full-on-out with dark colors to create a dark, moody atmosphere, or balance a dark wall with light neutral colors. 

For a more fun atmosphere, consider combing pink, white, and dark green in your bedroom.

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