Elevate Shower Time: Your Comprehensive Faucet Guide!

  • The different types of shower faucets are body sprayers, tub fillers, shower and tub faucet combo, complete shower systems, shower-only faucets, handheld shower faucets, and ceiling showerheads. 
  • They come in different shapes like round, rectangle, or square. 
types of shower faucets

Shower faucets are a vastly underutilized bathroom accessory. It can change your entire shower experience from mundane to exhilarating. Depending on your shower size, there are so many types of shower faucets available.

Depending on your bathroom, you can replace a shower faucet at any time to give you a better stream of water or a fixed pattern. Many modern shower faucets have jets for water massage, taking showering to a whole new level. 

Types Of Shower Faucets

There are plenty of shower faucets, from big to small, that have more water pressure or less water pressure. However, when looking for shower faucets, you’ll have to look for one that best suits your shower size. 

Many shower faucet brands have been producing top-quality faucets in plenty of styles and sizes to make your bathroom look lovely. However, finding the best shower faucet will depend on durability, design, and affordability. 

You’ll want a relaxing shower after a long day and need the best faucet. Here are several different shower faucets.

Pressure-balanced faucets

These faucets regulate water pressure and temperature to prevent fluctuations.

Thermostatic Faucets

These faucets maintain a constant water temperature, even if the water pressure changes.

Diverter Faucets

These faucets allow you to switch from one shower option to another, such as a handheld shower or multiple shower heads.
Single-Handle Faucets: These faucets have a handle that controls both water temperature and flow.

Dual Handle Faucets

These faucets have two handles, one to control the water temperature and the other to control the flow.

Wall-mounted Faucets

These faucets are attached to the wall rather than to the tub or shower.
Freestanding Faucets: These faucets are not attached to the wall or tub, and are typically used with freestanding tubs.

There are different types of values, and they are based on their performance. Therefore, learning about their mechanisms and basic features is essential to get a great experience every time you shower. 

A valve is installed onto your wall, known as a shower fixer. If the valve does not function, the faucet will not perform as best as it can, and you won’t get the best experience. So the quality and performance are dependent on the valve. 

Pressure balancing valves

these valves are more commonly found in new-age bathrooms. Like the thermostatic valve, it can control water pressure from different outlets and stop the water from moving from one pipe to another. 

With the handle turned, the cartridge lets the hot and cold water mix allowing you to adjust the temperature. 

Thermostatic Valves

This valve comes with a thermostatic system that will regulate the temperature of the water. You can change the temperature by using the dial on the valve before turning the shower on.

These valves are modern and come with anti-scald technology to prevent a sudden change In temperature, which can result in you being burnt.

Best Shower Faucets For Small Showers

shower faucets for small showers

Even if you have a small shower, you can still enjoy a new shower faucet. The size of the shower faucet is up to you. The diameter can be half an inch up to 12 plus inches. It can be angled to spray the water how you prefer and what’s suitable for your space. 

If you’re doing this yourself, choose a showerhead suitable for your existing shape. For example, some showerheads are mounted to the ceiling but are usually wall-mounted. Here are some excellent shower faucets for small showers:

A Handheld Shower Head With Magnetic Docking

A Handheld Shower Head With Magnetic Docking is a type of shower faucet that comes with a handheld shower head that can be detached from the main faucet and used for targeted water flow. The shower head is held in place by a magnetic docking system that allows for easy release and reattachment.

SparkPod Showerhead

SparkPod Showerhead is a high-pressure showerhead that features a sleek and modern design that is made with durable materials. It has a wide spray pattern and is designed to conserve water while providing a powerful, invigorating shower experience.

DELTA Slide Bar Hand Held Shower With a Hose

The DELTA Slide Bar Hand Held Shower With a Hose is a type of shower faucet that includes a handheld shower head and a hose that can be mounted on a slide bar for height and angle adjustments. This allows for more flexibility and convenience in the shower.

POP SANITARYWARE Ceiling Mount Shower

POP SANITARYWARE Ceiling Mount Shower is a type of shower faucet that is mounted on the ceiling, giving a sleek and modern look. This type of showerhead can be great for large and open bathrooms with high ceilings, providing a spa-like shower experience.

Best Shower Faucets For Big Showers

shower faucets for big showers

When it comes to extensive showers, you’ll want lots of water to spare and enjoy in your shower. In addition, you’ll want a high-pressure shower that delivers the central part of having a good shower, a steady spray. Here are some excellent shower faucets for oversized showers:

Body jet spray

This shower faucet has many fountains and is terrific and perfect for a large shower. It takes a lot of space, so ensure you have a big enough shower area. This shower faucet also has many different settings. You can turn off the jet mode if you want a regular shower.

Ceiling Shower faucet

Since it is mounted to the ceiling, it is big enough to get everywhere on you simultaneously. This ceiling faucet comes in many sizes and is perfect for saving water. They spray 2.5 gallons of water a minute, while older models use 5.5 gallons.

different types of faucets


Luxury shower faucets can be done before you redo your bathroom. So take the plunge and change your showering experience into something you look forward to.

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