Rural Charm: Farmhouse Living Room Accents!

  • An accent wall will add more style and visual interest to your farmhouse living room.
  • There are all sorts of styles you can go for – from wood to brick, siding, and more. 
  • Here are some of the best accent walls for a farmhouse living room! 

So, you love the cozy farmhouse interior design style in your home. It’s welcoming, warm, and comfortable, and it looks fantastic. But if you’re looking for ideas for farmhouse living room accent walls, read on.  

farmhouse living room accent wall ideas

An accent wall is an excellent idea to take your room to the next level. Adding an accent wall to your design will instantly make your living room more stylish. It adds sophistication and creates a focal point that draws the eye. And it can also anchor the room and bring it all together effectively. 

But what sort of accent walls work in a farmhouse-style living room? I’ve got tons of ideas for you, with something for everyone! So, browse these suggestions and see which ones appeal to you. 

10 Farmhouse Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Choosing an accent wall is a pivotal decision when decorating any room. Your accent wall can make (or break) the design. You’ll need to consider the location, the materials you’ll use, and the color. 

But the good news is that accent walls look fabulous in a farmhouse living room. Several options work particularly well with this interior design style. So, here are some of the best accent walls for a farmhouse living room. 

Natural Wood Accent Wall

livign room accent wall  natural wood idea

A simple, natural wood accent wall is one of the most obvious choices for a farmhouse living room. 

The farmhouse style uses lots of natural materials, so you can’t beat a wooden accent wall with this look. It will fit your room design and add the finishing touch to your living room. 

Go for rustic wood boards – no need to paint them or finish them perfectly. But if you like, you could whitewash them to make the room look more spacious and brighter. 

A natural wood accent wall works best if you don’t also have wooden flooring. Otherwise, it could look too samey – you want a different material to mix it up.

Solid Color Accent Wall

solid color idea for farmhouse living room accent wall

An accent wall painted a solid color is one of the easiest and cheapest options. You can do it yourself, and it looks classy and sophisticated. You can choose any color you like, yet a bright or dark color will be most eye-catching. For example, you could go for deep maroon, dark teal, or a vibrant peach shade.

Then, paint all the other walls a neutral shade like white, cream, or pale grey to create contrast. Choose carefully when deciding which wall to paint. An awkward placement is just as bad as picking a clashing color. I recommend going for the wall behind the sofa to anchor the room and draw the eye. 

Gorgeous Tile Accent Wall

farmhouse living room accent wall tile idea

If you want to make the room more visually interesting, you could go for a tiled accent wall. For example, a bold geometric pattern could look amazing. And if you want to keep it simple, you could go for a classy black-and-white tiled look. Find more suggestions here

Whatever look you prefer, you’ll have tons of options to choose from online or at your local store. So, it’s easy to find the right tiles for your home, or you can even get wallpaper that recreates the look. And while it’s a bit more labor-intensive, it’s not too complicated or expensive to install. 

Pretty Wallpapered Accent Wall

farmhouse living room accent wall wallpaper idea

Wallpaper gets a bad rep, but it’s slowly coming back into fashion. And there are some gorgeous patterns to choose from nowadays. So, why not pick a pretty print to spice up your farmhouse living room? 

You could go for a feminine floral, a geometric, stripes – whatever you like. A small motif will blend in more, while a large pattern is bold and eye-catching. So, you could go for a more neutral look or a real show-stopper. The choice is yours! 

Quaint Shiplap Accent Wall

farmhouse living room accent wall idea

Shiplap is an excellent option for any farmhouse living room. It’s a type of wooden cladding that fits perfectly with the farmhouse style. Traditionally, it was used for outside buildings, but you can use it inside for that rustic look. 

While shiplap boards can look great au naturel, they look even better when painted. Any color will work, but dark shades like forest green or navy blue stand out the most.

Chic Graffiti Accent Wall

farmhouse living room accent wall chic graffiti

If you’re looking for a romantic, slightly edgy look, you could go for a graffiti accent wall. This will help to fuse the traditional farmhouse style with some modern elements. 

You can achieve this look with wallpaper or DIY it by painting freehand or with stencils. Another fun option is to paint your wall with blackboard paint and then draw your patterns in chalk. Then, you can update them whenever you feel like a change! 

Stylish Brick Accent Wall

farmhouse living room accent wall brick idea

A brick accent wall is a long-time favorite, and it looks fantastic in a farmhouse living room. You’ll get that rustic, cozy vibe (even better if you have a fireplace). Natural red bricks are simple and stylish, just as they are. But if you prefer, you could whitewash them for a clean, spacious look. 

Classy Board And Batten Accent Wall

board and batten farmhouse living room accent wall idea

Board and batten siding was typically used in older farmhouse buildings. This siding has panel boards with wooden strips (the battens) to add more detail. It creates a gorgeous 3D effect that looks authentically vintage. And you can introduce this look into your home with a classy accent wall in your living room. 

While going for board and batten throughout your house could be a bit much, an accent wall is perfect. Paint it in a solid color to contrast with the rest of your room. Teal, grey, and navy blue all work well, but keep your overall color scheme in mind. If you go for a darker color, make sure the room has lots of natural light to balance it out.

Smart Open Wall Shelving

farmhouse living room accent wall open wall shevling idea

If you’re looking for an accent that looks great and is practical, open shelving might be just what you need. It’s functional, serving two purposes – it’s both an accent feature and extra storage space. 

You can display anything you like, from your best china to your extensive book collection. Or add wicker baskets to keep items tucked away but in easy reach when needed. 

Open shelving is a stylish alternative to bulky cabinets that take up space in your living room. Instead, you could go for floating shelves or bookcases (like the Billy models from Ikea). With this option, there’s something for every budget – you can DIY it or buy them ready-made. 

Natural Stone Accent Wall

natural stone farmhouse living room accent wall idea

A natural stone accent wall is an elegant choice, perfect for a cozy farmhouse living room. If you’re lucky enough to have a real stone wall, all you need to do is expose it. But if not, you could rebuild the wall with real stones. 

Or, for an easier option, choose a wallpaper that looks just like an authentic stone wall! You’ll get all the benefits without any of the hard work (and expense). Go for a color that will match your existing color palette, e.g., rusty red, grey, cream, or brown. 

The Wrap Up 

So there you have a wide range of accent walls that would look wonderful in a farmhouse living room. From chic vintage looks to modern, stylish designs, there’s something for everyone. 

So, let me know which of these ideas for a farmhouse living room accent wall jumps out at you. Share your opinions in the comments below! And follow Quiet Minimal for more home design and minimal living inspiration. 

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