The Art of Entry: Front Door Plant Styling Mastery!

  • Select plants to arrange outside a front door depending on the door, building, and environmental conditions. 
  • Use small topiary trees for a formal aesthetic. 
  • Large shade plants are ideal for creating a lush, jungle-like atmosphere, while succulents and cacti are ideal for a desert plant design. 
 front door plant ideas

Having a thoughtfully-curated selection of plants outside the front door dramatically enhances the entrance to the home, creating a beautiful, calming, and enticing effect. So, what are some reliable ideas for plants to place by a front door? 

Do you want to enrich the entrance to your home with plants but are looking for some inspiration? Let’s briefly review some ideas for plants you (and your visitors) can enjoy at the front door.

Front Door Plant Ideas and Designs

Plants provide a harmonious and satisfying balance to the hard, straight, and flat qualities that characterize most houses and apartment blocks. 

One of the most visually powerful locations for plants is at the front door. Selecting appropriate plants and situating them in strategic locations outside your front door will instantly transform the space. 

There are a few aesthetic, environmental, and logistical factors to contemplate when conceptualizing a planting design to establish outside a front door. 

Firstly, it is essential to consider the size, style, and color of the entrance area and front door. The dimensions and aesthetics of the door and entrance determine which plant varieties are potentially compatible with the space. 

The second factor to assess is the micro-climate around the front door. By observing the amounts of sunlight, wind, and rain this area receives, you can select plants likely to thrive outside your front door.

Once you’ve assessed the hardscape and environmental contexts, you can decide on plant types with suitable visual and growing characteristics. 

Idea 1 – Jungle Design

jungle design front door plant idea

A jungle-themed design creates a lush, cooling atmosphere that allows you to escape and forget the concrete jungle around you. 

This natural, foliage-filled design requires an entrance area that is sufficiently large and has a shady, moist, wind-protected micro-climate.

Ideal plants varieties for creating a jungle by your front door include delicious monster (Monstera deliciosa), bird of paradise (Strelizia reginae), and tender ferns like golden tree fern (Dicksonia fibrosa)

Idea 2 – Formal Topiary Design

formal topiary front door idea

You can create a formal design effectively using topiary. The neatness, precision, and elegance of sculpted shrubbery complement the sophistication of classical and modern-style homes with large, grand entrances. 

Most evergreen shrubs and small trees are suitable for topiary, but some plants respond especially well to regular pruning and shaping. Plants that are ideal for topiary include yew (Taxus baccata), box (Buxus sempervirens), and Wilson’s honeysuckle (Lonicera ntida).

Note that this formal design has relatively high maintenance requirements due to the routine clipping that is necessary to retain the shape and neatness of the topiary plants. 

Also ensure the zone around the front foor receives enough direct or indirect sunlight to keep the foliage dense.

Idea 3 – Modern Desert Design

desert style front door plant idea

If you are in a hot, dry area and appreciate a minimalist but highly sculptural aesthetic, a modern desert design some thought.

The diverse geometric shapes of desert plants like succulents and cacti create a bold and intriguing look and feel.

These plants also have the distinct advantage of being hardy and low-maintenance but ensure they receive a few hours of direct sunlight (or strong indirect sunlight).

desert front door idea

Ideal cacti and succulents for establishing a modern desert design at your front door include the magnificent ball cactus (Parodia Magnifica), century plant (Agave americana), and silver torch (Cleistocactus strausii). 


Having plants outside the front door adds immense aesthetic value to this symbolically significant and conspicuous part of a home. Depending on the micro-climate and the style and size of the door and architecture, you could try establishing a jungle, formal topiary, or desert-themed plant design.

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