Spider Plant Care: 8 Essential Watering Tips & Techniques

Are you looking for a new house plant? Then, a spider plant is a great choice as it’s easy to care for and low-maintenance. Or maybe you’ve been given a spider plant and want to ensure you’re watering it enough (but not too much). 

how often to water spider plant

I’ll walk you through how often to water spider plant in this article. Spider plants aren’t fussy, but you must ensure you don’t under or overwater them. 

Soon, you’ll know everything there is to know about caring for your spider plant. 

What is a Spider Plant?

how often to water spider plant

Spider plants are a common and popular house plant for many reasons. These plants look great and are very simple and easy to look after. And they look amazing in any home but especially suit a boho-style living room.  

The Latin name for spider plants is chlorophytum comosum, sometimes called airplane plants. 

You might be wondering how these plants got their distinctive name. The reason is that the stems often develop little plantlets which dangle from the main plant. 

From a distance, they look like spiders hanging from a web. And so, that’s why we call it the spider plant. 

Spider plants are an excellent option to add some greenery to your home. And you don’t need to be an expert gardener to care for your spider plants. 

How Often to Water Spider Plant Indoors 

how often to water spider plant indoors

So, how often should you water your spider plant?

Spider plants need plenty of water, but you also want to avoid overwatering them. You need to let the soil dry out between watering. Otherwise, the plant could start to suffer.

A spider plant shouldn’t sit in wet soil for too long. That’s why choosing well-draining soil for your spider plant is essential. 

But you also need to get the timing right for watering it. 

There isn’t a set rule for how often to water a spider plant, as it will depend on several factors. 

For example, the temperature and season will affect how often you’ll need to water your spider plant. And a spider plant in direct sunlight will dry up more quickly than a plant in a shady area. 

But keeping all this in mind, a general guide is to water your plant once or twice a week. 

How to Find Out if Your Spider Plant Needs Watering

spider plant care

As you’ve seen, how often you should water your plant can vary. So, the safest step is to check the soil to see if it needs watering or not. 

If you’re worried about getting it right, you can use a handy tool called a soil moisture meter. It will let you know whether the soil is damp or if it’s dry enough to need watering. 

So, it’s nice to have the extra reassurance if you’re not green-fingered or prone to killing off house plants. 

But a soil moisture meter isn’t an essential tool – you can easily get away without it. 

Another way to test the soil is to put your finger an inch or two into the dirt to see if it’s still damp below the surface. If it feels dry and crumbly, it’s a good sign that your plant needs some water. 

But if it’s still wet to the touch, you can leave it a while longer. Check back in a couple of days to see if your spider plant needs watering yet. 

Watering a Spider Plant in Spring & Summer

how often to water spider plant

During the spring and summer, your spider plant will need watering more often. Especially during any heatwaves! 

As explained above, you can monitor your plant by checking the soil. But you should expect to water your plant in warm, sunny weather twice a week. 

You might even need to water it every other day if it gets very hot. 

Spider plants do most of their growing during these warmer seasons. So, they need more fuel to keep them going. 

As well as frequent watering, you could give your spider plant some plant food. That will provide the extra nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. 

Watering a Spider Plant in Fall & Winter

how often do you water spider plants

During the colder months, most plants slow down the growing process. And spider plants are no exception.

That means your spider plant won’t need as much water during these seasons. And as it’s cooler, they won’t absorb the water as quickly.

So, you can water your spider plant less often. Generally, once a week or even every 10 days should be enough. 

But it’s a good idea to check the soil every few days to keep an eye on your plant. 

Another important note is to keep your spider plant away from heaters. When the temperature drops, you’ll probably switch on the heating in your home to stay cozy. 

But spider plants don’t cope well if placed too close to a heat source. Just like you wouldn’t put it in direct sunlight, make sure it’s far away from your heaters. 

Otherwise, it could dry out and suffer from the concentrated heat.

How to Water A Spider Plant

how often to water spider plant

Now, you know how often to water your spider plant. But what’s the best way to water it?

I recommend using a small watering can to pour water directly onto the soil at the bottom of your plant. Avoid getting the leaves wet if possible. 

You should water it enough that the soil is soaked through. 

But make sure that your pot has drainage holes to let the water escape. You don’t want your plant to become waterlogged. 

How Often To Water Spider Plant Outdoors

how often to water spider plant outdoors

For outdoor spider plants, you can follow the same general rule as for indoor spider plants. 

In warm weather, water twice a week. But when it’s cooler, once a week is enough. 

But take into account any rainfall you get. If it’s rained recently, you can skip the watering. 

Avoid Overwatering Your Spider Plant

how often to water spider plant outdoors

If you see brown leaves or dead, dry leaves on your spider plant, it’s a sign that your plant isn’t happy. You’ve likely overwatered it and need to take action. 

Eventually, overwatering your spider plant could lead to root rot. That happens when the roots are constantly sat in wet soil without drying out in between. This will kill your spider plant, so it’s crucial to avoid overwatering your plant. 

But if you think you may have overwatered your plant, it’s not the end of the world. Most spider plants will spring back after the occasional overwatering. 

All you need to do is stop watering your plant for a while. Leave it alone until the soil has dried out, checking it every day or two to test for dryness.

Once the soil is crumbly and dry, your plant should recover. And from now on, make sure to water your plant less frequently. Follow the tips in your article, and your spider plant should soon start thriving again. 

Signs of Underwatering Your Spider Plant

how often to water spider plant outdoors

So, you’re aware of the risks of overwatering your spider plant. But you should also watch for signs that your spider plant isn’t getting enough water. 

A telltale sign is yellowing, fading leaves. When spider plants don’t get enough water, their leaves become paler. 

This sign is pretty easy to spot. So, keep an eye on your plant and watch out for any pale, yellow leaves. 

Another warning sign is if you see the leaves folding up. Once you water your plant, the leaves should begin to unfurl within a day.

How long will my spider plant survive without watering?

how often to water spider plant

You might be wondering how long your spider plant can cope without water. 

Maybe you need to go away for a work trip or a longer vacation. Can you leave your plant for a few days or weeks, or will it die before you’re back?

If it’s warm, your spider plant could live for up to two weeks without water. But it might start to dry out and suffer in very hot weather. 

And in cooler temperatures, your spider plant could cope for up to three weeks. 

But if possible, stick to your regular watering routine to keep your plant in good health. 

 spider plant care and watering

The Wrap Up

Spider plants make excellent house plants. They’re fun and rewarding to grow, making them perfect for beginner gardeners. 

And the best part is that it’s easy to tell if your spider plant has been under or overwatered. So, you can avoid killing off your plant by watching out for a few key signs.

Remember to water your spider plant once or twice a week, depending on the season. And that’s the basics of caring for a spider plant. 

Let me know if you have any other questions about spider plants in the comments below!

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