6 Best Techniques to Reach & Clean Unreachable Windows

  • There are simple techniques for cleaning outside windows that you can’t reach. For windows a few minutes out of reach, use a ladder, curved sponge mop attachment, or telescopic pole. 
  • Consider a magnetic window cleaner or a window cleaning robot for high-rise apartment windows.
how to clean outside windows that you can't reach

To recite dollar shop poetry that you find on those gift cards that you can’t quite make out who they are for: windows are the eyes to the wonder that lies beyond your doorsteps. And like all our eyes, not all windows are at the same height to address when the everyday slog clings and obstructs their vision, so how do you clean those outside windows?

As you’ll see, these brief but in-depth solutions start with windows a couple of feet above the ground to ones that regularly saw birds flying into them when they were cleaner. Each explanation is as concise as possible without being monotonous.

Different Options For Cleaning Outside Windows

The most common issue that turns most people’s spring cleaning into a nightmare is living in multistory buildings. You can call body corporate every time your window inevitably gathers more dirt, or you can take matters into your own hands.

Use A Ladder

use a ladder to clean your unreached window

Let’s first deal with the fortunate lot that doesn’t stay up ungodly heights and might even have a storage shed. Get a stable, straight ladder with rubber-capped legs and lean it against your wall without scratching your well-maintained paint.

Have your cleaning solution prepared in a bucket safely away from the ladder. A step ladder is safer if you’re soloing this mission.

Grab A Telescopic Pole

grab a telescopic pole to clean your unreached window

A telescopic pole is an extendable broomstick that allows for different lengths. Telescopic poles should come with all the attachments you require, and they should tell you on the packaging the distance you can achieve with bars.

In some cases, you can buy more extension poles for a more length.

First, attach the soap applicator/ scrubber to remove caked dirt. Work tool top to bottom. Finally, swap the scrubber head for the squeegee to remove the soap and water with the same top to bottom motion.

Alternatively, you can MacGyver the problem. Use a water hose to loosen the grime, and then go in with a mop; affix a microfiber cloth, if you were using a cut/ looped end mop, to the head and apply cleaning detergent to the watered-down window.

Finally, attach a squeegee to make way for those glorious sunbeams.

Get A Curved Attachment For Your Sponge Mop

use a sponge mop attached to a pole

You don’t have to venture into new avenues if you have a trusty sponge mop and your window opens instead of slanting out a few inches. Get a curved attachment from a department store.

Task A Window Cleaning Robot

AI is now showing a talent for writing compelling novels and might soon be able to give us algorithmically fool-proofed love plans. With that unscary titbit in mind, the existence of a variety of window cleaning robots shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Using window cleaning robots is straightforward as they function like captivating robot vacuums.

  • Set up your Skynet-lite, attach its harness and safety pod, and secure them on your side of the window.
  • Spray the window cleaning solution on your robot’s cleaning pad.
  • Turn the device on before suctioning it on the outside of the window. This goes for both wired and battery-powered devices.
  • Carefully position the robot on the outside of your window; it’ll take a moment to scan and plan its path on the window, and then it’ll scrub and squeegee the dirt away.
  • It’ll return to its starting location when it’s done cleaning.

Detach Your Window Panels

Yes, this is a thing. Many windows are designed so that you can pop them out and clean them.

Some windows have two buttons/ tabs built on top. You press these small tabs to flip the windows in towards you. To pop and flip these windows inside:

  • Unlock/ unlatch the windows,
  • lift the bottom window a few inches and press in the small tabs,
  • carefully pull/ guide the window towards yourself and rest it at its natural stop,
  • lower the top window a couple of inches above the bottom, follow the previous procedure, and gently rest it on the lower window.
  • Lastly, fold the windows back in and push the buttons to secure them into place.

Other windows that don’t have a similar mechanism can be detached by pressing the vertical insides of the frame.

Purchase A Magnetic Window Cleaner

purchase a magnetic  window robot cleaner

For the rest of us that don’t have Lego windows and are suspicious of robotic aids, we achieve spotless window results by buying magnetic window cleaners.

These tools look like the head of a microfiber mop. They have two cleaning heads that sandwich the window panel and hold to each other with magnets. There’s also a string connecting the two halves in case the outside head falls. Apply cleaning products to the microfiber cloth and clean away.


Cleaning hard-to-reach windows are surprisingly easy if you have the know-how. Using a step ladder or telescopic pole proves most effective for outside windows that are but a meter or two out of reach. For windows at Burj Khalifa heights, check if you have detachable windows or use a window-cleaning robot.

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