Transforming Expansive Walls: Living Room Design Innovations

  • There are many ways to decorate large, dull living room walls, including paintings/ photos, mirrors, wall units, and built-in fireplaces. 
  • You can also add wallpaper, paneling, or tiles. Another alternative is the clever placement of furniture and pot plants against the wall.
how to decorate a large wall in your living room

Decorating empty-looking walls is a more common problem than one might think. Whether you live in a spacious or smaller house, you will probably come across a big dull wall somewhere in your home. 

How can you decorate a large wall space in your living room?

Believe it or not, it is psychologically proven that humans feel uneasy with large blank spaces. 

It is human to want to break the boring wall with something, even if you are a fan of a minimalistic look. When confronted with this issue, try imagining a blank canvas: an opportunity to get creative!

Decorating Ideas For A Large Empty Wall Space In Your Living Room

Whether you prefer purchasing something or making a DIY activity out of the renovating project, here are some ideas to make your large dull living room wall a little less boring.

Paintings/ Photos

decorating large wall space in living room with painting and photos

Hanging paintings or pictures on a boring-looking wall is the easiest option to add character. Unfortunately, not all illustrations will look good on a large wall. 

The scale of the art piece on the wall carries just as much weight as the artwork itself.

Buying large paintings might not be the most cost-efficient option when working with a large wall. One alternative to having large canvases is buying or “DIY-ing” double paintings. 

Having two of the same or similar paintings next to one another can create an exquisite look.

Another option is creating an accent wall with photos. You can add multiple smaller framed pictures to the wall. When the framed prints surround a piece of furniture, it adds even more of an eye-catching effect to the wall, and a creative and unique way to add personality, and a personal touch, to a plain wall.


a mirror to a large wall space in living room

Mirrors are very versatile. You can rarely go wrong with adding a mirror or multiple mirrors to your décor. The reflective properties of mirrors make a room feel larger, more open, and airy, enhancing any room’s welcoming and calming vibe. 

Mirrors are also simple yet modern so that they would add some class to any wall.

Just with paintings and photos, keeping the size of your living room wall in mind when choosing a mirror is crucial. 

When looking to break a bland wall space with mirrors, you might need to opt for large mirrors, multiple smaller mirrors, or a mirror with an attractive shape or frame. Placing a small mirror on a large wall might make the mirror disappear.


decorating a large wall space in the living room with furniture

If there is a dull wall that grabs your attention every time you enter your living room, rearranging your living room might be the most cost- and time-efficient move. 

A smart option would be to move high-standing furniture to the middle of the room. A bookshelf, tall cabinet, or tall pot plant would be ideal.

Built-In Wall Unit

built-in wall units to decorate large wall space in a living room

A great way to add character and depth to a boring wall is to build a wall unit. This option, of course, would require a bigger budget, but it not only acts as storage space but adds personality to any room. 

The wall unit can be built to surround a TV or fireplace. It can also be used as a display for ornaments and plants or as a bookrack. Books are very commonly used as decorative items in modern homes.

Built-in Fire Place

built-in fireplace on a large living room wall

Fireplaces are grand and add ambiance to any room. It creates a sense of calmness and makes a big difference in the overall look and feel of a living room. 

Other than their functional properties, fireplaces are grand and add an eye-catching focal point to a dull-looking living room wall.


wallpaper on a large living room wall

Wallpaper is one of the most common solutions to a boring wall needing some personality. It comes in many colors, textures, and patterns and can change the whole aesthetic of a room. 

In reality, wall designing with wallpaper usually involves enormous costs and a lot of time.

The most classic use of wallpaper is by covering the entire wall. It is also a common technique to cover only the top or bottom half of the wall

If you are working with too large of a wall to cover it entirely, or if you don’t want to overwhelm the room’s look with the wallpaper, consider covering half a wall.

Another great option is installing a “strip” of wallpaper behind a TV, fireplace, piece of furniture, or any other spot you want the eye to be drawn to. 

This will naturally break the dull look of the giant wall. This is also a more cost-efficient option!

Wall Paneling

wall paneling idea on a large living room wall

Wall paneling is becoming an increasingly popular DIY activity, especially on social media. Wall paneling is a versatile and eye-catching feature that allows creative freedom. 

Different designs and textures create different vibes, but all designs will ensure depth and character in any space.

Paneling can be done across the entire wall to the roof or only halfway up the wall. One option, also the most common technique, is long, thin, vertical paneling. Square, frame-like paneling is also very popular.

Another creative way to add paneling to a boring large wall is by adding a strip of paneling. Whether that is behind a TV, couch, or other furniture, this cost-effective technique will draw the eye away from the big dull wall.


decorating a large wall with tiles

There are many alternatives to making an accent wall in your living room. Accent walls are a great way to break the blunt wall and make a statement. Tile designing is also a modern and aesthetically pleasing option to add character to a dull-looking wall.

Like wallpaper and wall paneling, tiling allows you to create your masterpiece. One of the most common uses of wall tiling is covering the entire wall with an easy-to-maintain tile. 

Otherwise, tiling a strip behind a vocal point can significantly affect the room’s overall personality.

how to decorate a large wall in your living room


There are many ways to add personality to a boring-looking living room, including wall décor and furniture placement. Many options require a lot of time and money, yet subtle changes and small details can make an enormous difference. 

This guide should help you find the perfect solution to address the sizeable boring wall in your living room, begging for attention.

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