Dive into Macrame: The DIY Guide for Everyone!

  • To start with Macrame for beginners, you need the right supplies, which include selecting the correct project and cord. 
  • You must also learn and practice basic knots before moving on to more challenging ones. 
  • Starting slow and following a YouTube tutorial helps beginners.
how to start with macrame

Macrame has roots in the early Babylonian Empire and has become a popular modern-day art. The gorgeous ornamental appeal of Macrame is enough to make any creative interested in figuring out how to create one. 

Beginning this historical hobby is a great and rewarding adventure, and you might wonder where to start.

Since Macrame is an intricate craft, you might need help knowing where to begin, so we’ll show you the ropes of this fascinating art form.

Starting With Macrame

macrame tutorial for beginners

The journey to elaborate macrame projects starts with the first step. No one is perfect overnight, but once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Macrame Supplies

Macrame doesn’t require many supplies to make a masterpiece, but a few extra tools come in handy.

The things you’ll need for Macrame are:

  • Sharp scissors 
  • Measuring tape
  • Rotary cutter
  • Pet brush to make fringes
  • Stiffening spray

Your scissors need to be sharp to make a clean cut on the cord, so it doesn’t fray while working with it. You can opt for material scissors, quickly cutting through the thick rope.

A measuring tape is a standard tool to ensure you get enough cord for your entire project and don’t waste any.

Rotary cutters can work for fringes and other designs and can replace scissors. Pet or wire brushes are a favorite among the macrame community for making fringes perfect.

Stiffening spray from a craft store will keep your project together to make working with the cord easier and hold everything in place.

Choosing Macrame Cord

macrame cordes

There are plenty of macrame cord options on the market, varying in colors, materials, thickness, and patterns. The one you buy will depend on your macrame projects, such as a wall hanging or jewelry. Some cords are better for beginners.

You’ll need a thicker cord for bigger projects like wall hangings, and smaller intricate projects like jewelry or keyrings require a thinner cord. 

Macrame Cord Material

You can buy Macrame at craft stores or online. The cord is available in cotton, hemp, jute, or waxed. The most common and suggested material is cotton, which is pleasant to work with.

Macrame Cord Pattern

The beginner macrame cord options are 3-Ply macrame rope, single twist cord, and braided macrame cords.

3-Ply macrame rope, also known as triple-twisted cotton, is the top choice for beginners as it is easy to work with and doesn’t unravel easily. 

As a beginner, you’ll be tying knots over again, which makes rope wear in most cases, so 3-Ply is your best bet, but it also depends on your project.

Single twist cord works well for beginners for simple projects and makes beautiful straight fringes but unravels easily. 

Braided ropes are stiff and work amazingly with half-hitch knots, guaranteeing that it won’t fray as you practice, but it is a little more challenging to maneuver.

Tips For Macrame Beginners

macrame tips for beginners

Macrame is a bunch of fun, and there are ways to make your new creative journey an easier one. You’ll require to keep a couple of things in mind for Macrame.

Some tips and tricks are:

  • If you’re using a wooden dowel, tie your hanging string onto it and tape it down or hang it up, so it’s easier to tie knots.
  • Tape the ends of your string, so it doesn’t unravel and slides through knots easier.
  • Start slow and learn the basic knots first: the larks head knot, square knot, half hitch, and double half hitch knot.
  • Follow beginner YouTube tutorials or find online patterns.
  • To measure your cord, it should be four times the length of your project.
  • Always leave extra inches of cord to avoid running out.
  • Keep your fringe length in mind.
  • Many knots need longer cords, and straight styles require less.
  • Save scraps for smaller projects.
  • Patience is the name of the game! You’ll need to tie many knots over at the beginning of your practice.


macrame haning plant

Macrame is one of the most pleasurable crafts out there, and with the suitable materials, patience, and practice, you’ll be making incredible artwork in no time. Here’s to beginning your macrame journey!

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