Flourishing Peonies: Vase & Pot Care for Vibrant Blooms

how to take care of peonies in a vase

Who can resist a beautiful bunch of peonies? These delicate spring flowers are a gorgeous addition to any room. 

But if you’re wondering how to take care of peonies in a vase, you’re in the right place. I’ll walk you through some simple tips to keep your cut peonies looking fresh for longer. 

A bouquet of peonies is a thoughtful gift for a friend, relative, or even for yourself. There’s nothing like some peonies to brighten any space. 

These flowers come in an array of gorgeous colors, from pale pink and peach to the deepest reds. 

And the best part is that peonies can last long – especially if you know how to care for them. By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on peony care. So, your flowers will look fabulous for longer. 

How To Take Care of Peonies in a Vase

Peonies in a vase is a perfect addition to your home. There’s nothing like a bunch of fresh flowers to make you smile. 

But what is the best way to care for your peonies? With these easy tips, your peonies will flourish and thrive for much longer. 

So, here’s how to make the most of your peonies in a vase! 

Buy Peonies Before They Bloom

how to make peonies last longer in water

You might be tempted to go for the bunch already in full bloom. But it’s a much wiser investment to grab that bouquet of peony buds instead. 

A promising sign is if the buds feel soft to the touch. That will hint that the flowers will open in the next few days. 

So, you’ll get the best of your peonies for much longer. And they won’t start wilting as soon as you get them home!

Picking Your Peonies

how to make cut peonies last longer

Early morning is the best time if you’re picking fresh peonies from your garden or a flower farm. That’s when you’ll catch the flowers before they bloom. 

You should also examine the flowers carefully before picking them. Look out for any signs of pests like ants or aphids in particular. 

For some reason, ants go crazy for peonies. They love the nectar peonies produce when they bloom. And while they won’t harm the flowers, you probably don’t want them in your home. So, you want to check for ants before bringing the flowers inside.

If you do spot any ants, it’s not the end of the world. You can cut the flowers and put them in a vase. Wait around half an hour, and the ants should all scamper away. 

Then, you’re safe to bring your freshly cut peonies inside and display them. 

How to Prepare Your Peonies for the Vase

how to take care of peonies in a vase

Now you have your peonies, the next step is to transfer them to your vase. Make sure that it’s large and stable enough to hold your bunch of flowers. 

Then, you’ll need to prepare your peonies. The first step is to remove a section of around an inch from the stems. Making a diagonal cut is important, as that will maximize water absorption. 

Take care to cut cleanly through the stems without crushing or damaging them. That can affect how well they absorb water and nutrients, so they won’t last as long. 

Next, work out how high your water level should be. The general rule is that it should cover at least half of the stems, although that may depend on your base. 

Once you know, remove any leaves that will be before the water level. Otherwise, they can go slimy and moldy if left under the water level. 

You can use tap water for your peonies. Make sure that it’s cold or room temperature but not warm. Using warm water will make your flowers bloom (and wilt) more quickly. 

Where to Display Your Peonies

how to put peonies in a vase

So, you’ve prepared your peonies, and they’re looking beautiful in their vase. Now, you need to choose where to display them.

Peonies will look gorgeous in your living room, kitchen, or even your bedroom

The best advice is to choose a cool spot that doesn’t get any direct sunlight. I also recommend avoiding any drafty areas to keep your flowers looking fresh and at their best.

If you put them in the sunshine, your flowers won’t last as long. The direct sunlight will sap their energy and make them wilt sooner. 

But you also want to find a spot where you see them easily to appreciate their beauty! 

Caring for Your Peonies 

how to take care of peonies in a vase

There are a couple of things you can do to care for your peonies. 

First, you’ll need to keep them well hydrated. That means remembering to swap the water every couple of days so it stays fresh.

Set yourself a reminder if you think you may forget. Another tip is to cut a little off the stems each time your change the water. 

You only need to cut around half an inch or less. But if you notice any discoloring of the stems, remove that whole section, so it doesn’t become moldy. 

Making Your Peonies Last Longer

how to take care of peonies in a pot

We all know that the downside of cut flowers is that they don’t last very long. But the good news is that there are some simple ways to increase your peonies’ lifespan. 

For example, adding a sprinkle of sugar to the water in your vase works well. It’s the easiest option and a great alternative to buying flower food. 

Sugar is so effective as it replicates the process of photosynthesis. So, your flowers will respond as if they were still alive and thriving. They will absorb energy from the sugar and continue to look fresh for longer. 

But if you don’t have any sugar handy, a dash of sparkling water is another option.

You can even add a little bleach to make your peonies look fresh and prevent wilting. Bleach will ward off any bacteria without harming your flowers.

An important note is that you’ll need to take extra care in swapping out the water if you add sugar. That’s because it will encourage bacteria growth, making your flowers go off sooner. 

So, don’t forget to change the water every second day (and add another spoonful of sugar!). 

Pop Your Peonies in the Fridge

Here’s another well-kept secret! Your peonies will last much longer if you put them in the fridge overnight. 

The cool temperatures slow down the budding process, so your flowers won’t wilt so quickly. 

And you can’t see them overnight anyway, so it won’t make any difference to you. 

Set yourself a reminder to pop your vase in the fridge before you head to bed. You can take them out in the morning – no harm done. 

Just make sure that they don’t get squashed or bent in the fridge. You’ll need to ensure there’s enough height for your flowers. 

Bonus tip: If you’re saving your peonies for a special occasion, keep them in the fridge until a couple of days before! This way, you’ll make sure they won’t bloom too early. You can wrap them in paper, and the refrigerator chill will stop the buds from opening too soon. 

How to Take Care of Peonies in a Pot

how to care for cut peonies

Peonies in a pot will last much longer than cut flowers in a vase. So, it’s an ideal way to display flowers in your home and garden while making the most of your peonies! 

Here are some tips for your potted peonies:

  • Choose a large container as peonies need space to grow. 
  • Water often during the summer – but check the soil is almost dry before watering again. 
  • Ensure that the pot can drain well and doesn’t become waterlogged. 
  • Protect your pots during cold weather below freezing.
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer in the spring to help your peonies flourish. 
  • Deadhead your peonies once the flowers wilt. 

The Wrap Up 

Now, you know everything about caring for peonies in a vase or pot! So, your beautiful spring bouquets will look gorgeous and last even longer.

Are peonies your favorite flowers? And what color peonies do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below! 

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