Diving into Japandi: Ultimate Bedroom Design Tips for 2024

  • Japandi bedroom designs focus on the bedroom’s layout, design, and colors. 
  • The aim is to create a clutter-free room decorated in soft earthy colors and tones. 
  • Furniture and lighting are crucial elements to a Japandi room and are carefully selected and strategically placed.
japandi bedroom ideas

Our bedroom is where we rest, recuperate, heal, and find solace after a long day. Bedrooms should be places of comfort, privacy, and peace. Decorating a bedroom in the Japandi-style ensures a space filled with calm and tranquillity.

Japandi is synonymous with minimalism. When fusing the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy for living life with the Scandinavian practice of hygge, you created the Japandi style. Wabi-sabi focuses on contentment, simplicity, and living life slowly. Hygge embraces coziness, comfort, and well-being.

Trendy Japandi Bedroom Ideas

The Japandi style is about color, textures, furniture, and lightning. Unfortunately, deciding on what to use can be overwhelming.

Following are ten ideas for a trendy Japandi bedroom to motivate and inspire you.

Natural Light Enhances Tranquility

sunshine through a window in a japandi minimalist bedroom

Maintain an airy feel to your bedroom by allowing as much natural light to fall into the room. For example, use floor-length curtains to cover windows but keep them drawn back, allowing sunlight to enter the room.

Choose Furniture With Clean Lines

minimalist bed furniture with clear lines and japandi styple

Emphasize the color, texture, and grain of natural wood furniture by selecting practical, low-key decorations to compliment the clean lines of the bedroom furniture. 

Opt for fitted wardrobes to keep clutter, clothes, and shoes hidden from sight. Handle-free furniture designs are essential pieces for the Japandi bedroom.

Add A Pattern To The Wall

japandi bedroom wall paper

No rule forbids the use of patterns in Japandi. A pattern on the wall is an excellent way to add color and warmth to the interior. Only use one pattern as a focal point. The added color can be on the curtains, bedding, carpet, or picture. There can only be one focal point in the soft, low-key tones and textures.

Keep The Windows Light

open window for an amazing japandi bedroom style

The best way to ensure the maximum natural light enters through the windows is to avoid hanging curtains or blinds. You can use light, airy fabrics in soft colors and tones when opting for curtains. 

Consider covering the windows with frosty film for a more airy, clean feel. The film will allow natural light to enter the windows while providing privacy.

Install Timber Panelling

japandi interior design style with panelling wall

Use wood and timber to create a focal point by covering a wall or making a feature panel behind the bed. Wood adds texture, color, and warmth to a bedroom and is an integral part of Japandi design. Oak, pine, teak, cedar, red pine, and cypress wood can bring the elements of homeliness, nature, and relaxation into the bedroom.

Combine Cool And Warm Colors

cool and warm japandi inteior design idea

It is possible to fuse cool and warm colors in the Japandi bedroom. Use toned-down and soft hues as background colors and brighter, deeper shades for soft furnishings and furniture. Adding bits of black, charcoal, or dark brown as accent colors.

Typical Japandi colors are ivory, nude, terracotta, cool sage, and warm black. Warm beige and grey tones are excellent alternatives for white. Play around with the typical color palettes and create the Japandi bedroom of your dreams.

Low-Level Furniture Is The Way To Go

a japandi bedroom with low level furnitutre

Low-level furniture makes a room feel more spacious and airy. Low-level beds are cooler to sleep on, easier to get onto, and make a room feel bigger. Low-level beds are central to the design of a Japandi bedroom.

Balance Lighting To Create A Calm Atmosphere

beautiful and calm lighting balance of a japandi bedroom

Position lighting strategically to create a calm atmosphere. Using pools of light gives the room a feeling of warmth and comfort. Correct-positioned lighting enhances the atmosphere and aesthetics of the bedroom.

Focus On The Bedding

japandi low level bedding

The bed is often the focal point of the room. Choosing the correct bedding and color scheme will set the tone and enhance the interior of the bedroom. 

Bedding in muted, soft tones will create a soothing effect. Moving towards warmer colors like terracotta or darker blues will add a sense of adventure and mischief to the room. Remember to add organic cotton linens to finish off the bed.

Bring Nature Inside

minimalist plant for a japandi bedroom style

The focus of Japandi design is to incorporate natural elements. Adding plants is the easiest way to bring a piece of nature into your Japandi bedroom. 

Bonzai are firm favorites to use in minimalistic settings. Hanging plants and small clusters of potplants can further enhance the Japandi look. One or two plants, strategically placed, will suffice.


Create your own Japandi bedroom and enjoy a space where you can live a less hurried life, even if only for part of your day.

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