Boho Meets Minimalism: Bathroom Design & Décor 2024

minimalist boho bathroom ideas

You’ll love these minimalist boho bathroom ideas if you’re decorating your bathroom. 

It’s tricky to know what to do with your bathroom as it’s such a tiny room. But you can create a gorgeous bohemian bathroom with the tips you’ll find here! 

You might wonder how (and if) you can combine the boho style with minimalist bathroom decor. Aren’t boho and minimalism polar opposites? 

The good news is that you can combine boho chic and minimalism in a stylish way. And it works especially well in a bathroom. 

So, here are some ideas for how to make a minimalist boho bathroom!

What is Minimalist Boho?

Before we dive into the suggestions, it’s worth explaining what minimalist boho is. Otherwise, it could get a little confusing. 

You might already have an idea of what boho is, even if you don’t know how to put it into words. It’s an eclectic and relaxed interior design style with a few key elements. 

Generally, boho means bright colors, lots of textures and patterns, and a laidback feel. You can read more about the origins of the boho style here

But most importantly, boho decor rejects any firm rules. It’s more about creating an atmosphere – somewhere you’ll feel comfy and relaxed. 

But what is minimalist boho?

Well, it incorporates elements of boho style with a minimalist aesthetic. 

But it pares it back and makes it simpler and calmer. Minimalist boho often takes inspiration from the Scandinavian style. It uses a lighter color palette with earthy shades and natural textiles. 

However, it’s also softer than the traditional minimalist style. So, you get the best of both worlds.

Boho Bathroom Ideas 

Browse these boho bathroom decor ideas and see which suggestions appeal to you. Then, you can create a stylish yet simple boho bathroom in your own place. 

These tips will guide you through how to make a minimalist boho bathroom. And I have small boho bathroom ideas for even the tiniest room. 

Let’s dive into the tips and ideas!

Choose Your Color Palette

minimalist boho bathroom color palette

Firstly, you should think about the color palette you want in your bathroom. 

Avoid a bland all-white color scheme. Instead, you want to make it softer and gentler – not as harsh and clinical. 

Cream is a nice alternative to white while still feeling fresh and hygienic. Pastel shades like mint green or pale blue also look amazing in a bathroom. 

And as a bonus, a light color on the walls will make your small bathroom look larger. So, avoid anything too dark. 

One tip is to use accessories like towels, curtains, or bath mats to add some color. But stick to your chosen color palette to maintain the minimalist feel. 

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

boho bathroom inspiration walls

In a tiny bathroom, you’re short on space, which can be challenging. And this tip is especially important if you want to create a small bohemian bathroom.

So, you’ll need to get creative with how you use the walls. Doing so will allow you to add decorative touches and storage for your essential items. 

So, you can create a practical and beautiful boho bathroom. Plus, you’ll avoid any clutter making your bathroom look messy. 

boho bathroom wall ideas

For example, you could add floating shelves that double up as storage and decoration. These are ideal for storing your toiletries. Add a small potted plant or a scented candle to complete the look! 

Add Some Artwork

minimalist boho bathroom artwork

Artwork is an essential addition to your boho bathroom to create the right vibe. You’ll visit your bathroom several times a day, so why not make it a beautiful place?

Some of the best types of artwork for bathrooms include nature scenes. Even better if you can go for something featuring water, like a lake or ocean. 

But abstracts or pencil sketches can work just as well. Crucially, the artwork you choose should suit your style and fit with the room overall. 

Invite Nature In

minimalist boho bathroom nature inspiration

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your home – but you can still invite nature in! 

As with any room, plants in your bathroom can brighten the space and make it feel fresh. It will also enhance your earthy color palette, and the plants will purify the air. 

So, I always recommend adding a pot plant or two to your small bohemian bathroom. If you’re really short on space, you could go for a mini air plant or succulent. 

It’s a good idea to pick plants that seek out moisture and will thrive in a damp environment. Check that they can cope with the conditions, including temperature, lighting, and humidity.

If you don’t have any shelves or surfaces, you could hang your plants from the ceiling. Consider using macrame planters to continue the boho feel. 

Treat Yourself to Some New Towels

minimalist boho bathroom

Pick out luxurious new towels that will look gorgeous on display in your boho bathroom. And this way, you can buy towels that match your color palette. 

You could go for rich jewel tones or a pattern; Turkish towels also work well. 

And you’ll need somewhere to hang your towels. A simple towel rail is an option. But for a real boho vibe, a rustic wooden ladder is a nice alternative – both practical and stylish.

Rattan Baskets = Ideal Boho Bathroom Storage

Ideal boho bathroom storage

You can’t go wrong with rattan in your boho bathroom. Little baskets are perfect for toiletries; going for rattan will ramp up the boho vibe. 

A closed basket is also ideal for holding toilet paper or hiding away dirty laundry. In a small bohemian bathroom, you need functional and chic items. So, you can create a boho aesthetic while ensuring it meets all your bathroom needs.

Choose Patterned Tiles

minimalist boho bathroom patterned tiles

Tiles are an obvious choice for bathrooms – they are waterproof, easy to clean, and look great! Plus, they come in every shade of the rainbow and every pattern imaginable.

You can use tiles on the floor or even on the walls of your bathroom. They can withstand the humidity and reduce the risk of developing mold. So, tiles are both practical and eye-catching. 

You can choose funky tiles to create a unique, bold look for your bathroom. For example, you’ll find geometric shapes, Moroccan patterns, and more. You’ll be spoilt for choice! 

Don’t want to go all in? Choose a small area (e.g., around the tub or sink) and create a backsplash. 

And if you want to keep it super minimal, you could go for simple clay or stone tiles. The result? A natural, earthy, yet stylish look for your boho bathroom.  

Select Your Accessories Wisely

minimalist boho bathroom accessories

Minimalism is all about less is more – and that’s even more crucial in a tiny bathroom. 

So, don’t overload your bathroom with too much going on. Instead, add one or two decorative touches that also serve a purpose, such as an oil diffuser or a scented candle.

Likewise, a mirror is a useful item for a bathroom. Plus, it will make a small room feel much larger – choose one that fits with the boho style, like a rattan mirror.

Use Natural Materials

boho bathroom ideas natural materials

In keeping with the boho style, try to use natural materials wherever possible. Not only are they more eco-friendly, but they look cuter too! 

For example, swap your plastic hairbrush for a wooden brush. Opt for natural soap, wicker or rattan baskets, and a bamboo pot to hold your toothbrush.

All these items are useful and fit in with your minimalist boho bathroom look. So, it’s a win-win situation! 

minimalist boho bathroom ideas

The Wrap Up 

Now, you should have plenty of boho bathroom inspiration to get you started. 

A minimalist boho bathroom is chic, hygienic, and practical. So, it will look great while remaining easy to use and clean. 

Because even the smallest room in your home deserves to look amazing. You’ll spend time in your bathroom every day, so it’s worth taking the time to decorate it in a way you love. 

I’d love to know which of these ideas you want to use in your boho bathroom. Share with me in the comments below! 

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