Jam-Packed Melodies: Clever Music Room Ideas for Compact Spaces!

  • Music rooms need space for instruments and sound equipment. Whether the area is for listening or making music, you need good ideas to fit everything. 
  • Utilizing the wall with guitar hangers, sound panel art, wall mount speakers, and other ideas will help create space in a music room.
music room ideas for small spaces

It can be annoying if you love music and want a designated area but have limited space. If you wish to create a space for your records or musical instruments, it must look good, function well, and fit comfortably. 

Ideas for a music room in small spaces can be a challenge, but at the same time, be a fun project.

Whether you love listening to music and want your favorite music collection setup to enjoy or have some instrument collecting dust and you want to get into practice again, a music room is what you need. 

But what if there is only a small area or a small room available; are there ways to have a great music room in a small space?

Ideas For A Music Room In A Small Space

 The keyword if you want a music room in a small space is “compact.” But being compact does not mean your music room should be cluttered or that it should be uncomfortable to enjoy. 

There are great ideas to have everything you need in a music room without sacrificing comfort and style. Here are ideas to consider if you have a small space and want to create a music room:

Vinyl Compact Shelving

vinyl compact shelving idea for music room

Vinyl is making a comeback, and you may already have a collection left in the garage or storage because there is not enough space. This idea will help if you want your record player in a small room or space.

Placing your vinyl on an old bookshelf or Ikea storage shelf could solve your problem. A bookshelf works great as a vinyl holder and does not have to sit on the ground. 

You can mount it on the wall and still have the area underneath to put your vinyl player or something else.

Placing your shelving in a corner or mounted to the wall can give you enough space to still have a desk incorporated where you can do your office work and listen to your favorite music.

Guitar Wall Hanger

guitar wall hanger idea for music room

If you have a small room where you keep your guitars or no room, a guitar wall hanger is a great idea to create a small space to place them.

Guitars don’t like lying flat or being bumped; if you need more space to put it, the guitar could get damaged. You may have a small corner in your living room or a small music room where your guitar stands wedged between everything. 

A guitar wall hanger lets you hang it anywhere on a wall, and best of all, you can hang multiple guitars on a wall without using too much space.

Sound Panel Art

sound panel art for small music room

If you have your instruments in the corner of your living room or some other small space in your home and you want to distinctly emphasize that it is your music section, sound panel art is the answer.

Sound panels are great for getting that unique ambiance when you enjoy your music. Normally sound panels are dull colors like black or grey, which does not fit with the rest of your room. 

Customizing your sound panels with a picture of an instrument or anything that matches the rest of your room is a great idea.

Placing sound panels on the wall where your music area is will show that it is a separate area designed for your music but will still blend with the surrounding room. Sound panel art gives you some creativity on your theme but still complements the rest of the room.

Keyboard Desk

keyboard desk idea for small music room

A keyboard desk is a great idea if you do not use your keyboard because there is no space or you must share your office space with your instruments.

Building a desk that fits your keyboard underneath its top is great, especially if you still want to use your desk regularly. A keyboard desk will fit in a small room and function as an office or homework desk and a keyboard stand.

Wall Mount Speakers

wallm ount speaker

Whether you have a small music room, studio, or limited space in the corner of your Livingroom having bulky speakers standing on the ground will make the space look cluttered.

It may be time to trade those bulky speakers for something smaller. Technology has inspired designers to make speakers smaller and more powerful. 

Mounting speakers on the wall creates space in small music rooms and leaves lots of space for your other instruments or equipment.

Brass Instrument Wall Mount

grass instruments

Ideas for a small music room make the wall your best friend. Guitars can hang on the wall, but brass instruments too.

Most of them have a wall mount stand available you can buy, whether you have a saxophone, trumpet, or another brass instrument. Use the wall in your music room or studio to place your brass instrument safely because now you have easy access, and it is out of harm’s way.

You can consider a wall-mount glass cabinet if you want to avoid your brass instruments collecting unnecessary dust. A wall-mount glass cabinet works similarly to the wall-mount stand, but it gives you a visual of your instruments while protecting them from unwanted touching and dust. 

Wall mount cabinets are great because you can choose the size if you want more than one instrument inside.

Compact Studio Desk

compact studio desk

If you love creating music, a compact studio desk is amazing. The compact desk is a workstation designed and engineered to fit everything you need to comfortably create great music without sacrificing too much space. 

This studio desk is a work of art and compliments your home or music room, no matter where you put it.

Musicians can take a small corner in their home or a small room and design a music aria that covers every aspect of music with a compact music desk. 

The best thing about music desks is that there is a great variety available and you will surely find one that works well with the small space you have and if you have a bit more there are larger ones that provide more features but is still compact.

Midi Players

midi player

If your space cannot facilitate real instruments, consider a midi system. Midi systems give you the freedom to enjoy every kind of instrument without having it in the room.

 Midi devices have all the best sounds electronically, and you can have their unique sound available with the touch of a button.

Midi instruments give a genuine sound, and if you want to play the instrument, you can link it to a midi keyboard to give you creative freedom. 

A midi device takes up very limited space but provides an orchestra and is a great idea if you do not have a lot of space for a music room.


small music room

Finding a music room idea for a small space is a fun project and leaves a lot for your creative side to explore all the options. The wall in most rooms is unused and is the surface area often not utilized for music rooms. 

Guitar hangers, keyboard desks, or sound panels decorated to fit the room are just a few ideas you can incorporate to make your music space great.

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