Brightening Your Kitchen: 14 Over-Sink Lighting Concepts

over kitchen sink lighting ideas

Lighting is crucial in your home, especially in a kitchen. Many homes don’t work well with just standard lighting, so adding a kitchen sink light is a great idea. Over kitchen sink lighting can be an excellent source of lighting for your cooking area and give your kitchen a unique atmosphere.

Over kitchen sink lighting Tips

Standard Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights

over kitchen sink lighting ideas - standard under cabinet kitchen lights

The best option for your undercabinet kitchen lighting is a warm white light. These lights are subtle and won’t restrict your workspace. Another lighting type might clash with your kitchen’s theme and might not fit in as well.

There is also a wide variety of lights to choose from, like a light bar, tape, or strip light. Puck and hardwired lights are also an option.

In addition, the undercabinet lighting illuminates your cupboards and makes them look great. You can also pair this kitchen lighting idea with almost any theme or additional lighting you have or want in your kitchen.

Colorful Ornamental Lamps

over kitchen sink lighting ideas

Many people like colorful backsplashes in their kitchens, and ornamental lamps are the perfect solution. However, ornamental lamps are just one lamp that goes well with colorful kitchens.

The lights are available in several color options allowing you to customize your kitchen to fit most themes. For example, an idea for this light is to hang them above the windows in front of your sink.

Classic Flushed-Mount Lights

over kitchen sink lighting ideas

Many kitchens don’t look good with pendant lighting, so you can consider flush-mounted lights when you want your kitchen sink to have an aesthetic appeal. As a result, if you have an island in your kitchen, it will work well. Furthermore, the flush-mounted lights will be perfect for your kitchen island or dining area, as they need to be brighter.

Crude Oil-Rubbed Lamps

 over kitchen sink lighting

This lighting fixture will look great for a more rustic or industrial look. Place them above your sink or in critical work areas that need lighting. Once again pendant light will look best with this style of lamp.

This oil-rubbed lamp idea can pair well with a farmhouse-style idea as well. If you want a more straightforward look, you can pair the lamps with a plain white décor.

Natural Accents Over The Island Sink

natural accent over kitchen sink lighting idea

An open kitchen with an island sink is a great idea. You can go for a more natural look with wood floors and cabinets. In addition, you can add many flower pots to your tables and window sills.

You can use just about any lamp with this idea, including pendant lamps. Let the lights hang directly above your kitchen island and sink.

Soft And Subtle Whites With Pendant Lighting

soft and subtle over kitchen sink lighting idea

Many people don’t like bright colors and often opt for a soft and subtle white for the walls and cabinets. When you pair this with additional lighting, it will look great. You can also decorate it with just about anything, as the white will go perfectly with it. One light will do the trick if you hang the pendant light above the sink.

Farmhouse-Style Sconce Lights

kitchen sink lighting

A farmhouse effect for a kitchen is a popular idea. Pairing the farmhouse idea with sconce lights will make your kitchen sink look perfect. You can place two sconce lights over the kitchen sink while decorating it with some plants and other farmhouse elements.

There are many ideas to explore with the farmhouse effect, and you can enjoy decorating how you like.

Double Kitchen Sink Lights

double over kitchen sink lighting idea

You can choose to hang two kitchen sink lights. With this idea, you can go crazy decorating and choosing a color for your kitchen. For example, pendant lights will go well in a traditional kitchen with white or black walls, and you can hang them in many ways.

You can install double spotlights above your sink for a more subtle look. Oversized designs will make a statement and look great in some spaces.

Oversized Light Bulbs With Autumn Décor

over kitchen sink oversized  lighting idea

Oversized light bulbs look great with almost anything and can make a statement. Decorating your kitchen with some autumn-colored leaves will look exceptional and can add white to the walls and cabinets.

The oversized light bulbs also go well with an industrial theme. In addition to oversized light bulbs, you can also use oversized designs. However, oversized décor works best in kitchens with higher ceilings.

Glamourous Vintage Lighting

over kitchen sink lighting ideas

Many people don’t expect a glamorous feeling in a kitchen. Chandeliers, for example, may offer a glitzy ambiance to your kitchen, and you can search for a more vintage one. While the idea might seem uncommon, it’s captivating.

A wood accent on your cupboards will go well with a warm-toned chandelier. The vintage feel will also pair well with a farmhouse décor.

Subtle Decorative Lighting

over kitchen sink subtle lighting idea

Sometimes less is more, and you can add a single decorative light above your sink. You can choose a color or pattern that compliments your style and stands out for your background. Choose a color that will stand out when you switch off the lights. A single decorative light will give you the needed light to work.

Glass Globe Lights

over kitchen sink glass glob lighting

You can get many types of glass globes to fit above your sink. You can opt for a simple round one that fits almost any décor. However, it provides well with white and black backdrops. On the other hand, you can also use a glass pendant light that fits in well with a farmhouse feel.

If you like, you can choose to decorate your kitchen with a winter effect, including some pine tree branches.

Metal Light Fixtures With Silver Décor

metal kitchen lighting

You can decorate your kitchen with silver accidents when you use metal light fixtures. The metal fixtures will also go well with metal cabinets and window sills. The metal fixture shapes are endless, so you can choose one that fits your style and kitchen. You can even look for a rusted lamp to fit into an industrial theme.

DIY Kitchen Lamps

diy over kitchen sink lighting idea

If you are handy with DIY and crafting, you can choose to make your lamps. When you do this, it would be best to decorate your kitchen and make the lamp to your liking. Some ideas would be mason jars and DIY pendant lamps, and you can even use a grater for fun shapes against some of your walls. On the other hand, you can enjoy yourself and include others making these lamps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color light goes best in a kitchen?

A white light of 40 – 100 watts works best in a kitchen, as it brings out the coolness and brightness of a kitchen.

How far above the sink should the light hang?

A light’s average height above the sink is 30 to 40 inches.

How far away from the sink should a light switch be?

A light switch should be 2 feet away from the sink in either direction and no more than that.

over kitchen sink lighting ideas


As you can see, many options illuminate your kitchen sink. You can choose from DIY to glamorous themes and match your kitchen décor to your lighting. A kitchen sink light will improve your kitchen workspace, and it’s a great way to add more light.

When installing your lights, ensure they are the right length, as you don’t want to bump your head or get the lighting wet.

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