Illuminate & Dazzle: Top Kitchen Island Pendant Trends

Pendant lights are a stylish addition to any kitchen. They’re eye-catching and look fabulous in modern kitchens. 

But with so many different pendant lights, how can you narrow down the selection? And what else do you need to think about when buying pendant lighting for your kitchen island?

If you’re unsure about these questions, this guide is for you. I’ll walk you through how to choose pendant lights for your kitchen island (including a few key questions to ask). 

Pendant lights for kitchen island tips

Here are some tips to help you choose the best pendant lights for your kitchen island. 

1. Consider what type of pendant light you want for your kitchen island

It might seem easy to choose pendant lights for your kitchen (at least at first). But when you start shopping around, you’ll soon see that there are many different types. 

It can be challenging to choose the right pendant lights for your kitchen island. So, the first step is to select the type of pendant lights you want. 

For example, do you want a round drum-shaped pendant light? Or maybe, you’d prefer a globe pendant or a teardrop pendant?

There are as many types of pendant lights as you can imagine. Here are some of the other common types:

  • Square pendant
  • Cylinder Pendant
  • Bulb pendant
  • Lantern pendant

Most of these types will work well above your kitchen island. So, it comes down to your personal preference.  

2. Matching the rest of your kitchen – yes or no?

The next thing to think about is another aesthetic choice. Should your kitchen pendant lights match your kitchen’s existing fittings and colors?

Again, this is up to you. But you don’t need to choose lights that match what you already have exactly. For example, using different metals can create a nice contrast. 

But you do want the pendant lights to fit in with the design style in your kitchen. So, you should go for complementary colors and styles.

You don’t want to introduce too many different colors to your kitchen. Otherwise, it could end up looking a bit too eclectic and busy.

3. Think about the size of your pendant lights

You’ll need to choose the right size of lights for your kitchen. Too small, and they won’t look impactful enough. 

But if you go for lights too large, they will dominate the kitchen. You might even find that they hang too low over the kitchen island.

Medium-sized pendant lights are a safe bet – they should work well in most kitchens. But it also depends on whether you want the lights to be a focal feature of the room. In that case, bigger is better.

Or maybe you just want some small pendant lights to brighten up your kitchen? In that case, there are some mini pendant lights for kitchen islands that could look amazing. 

Either way, you’ll find lamps in different sizes reviewed below. So, you can browse through and find the right style for your kitchen. 

4. Decide how many pendant lights you’ll need

Before you start shopping for pendant lights, you’ll need to know how many to buy. And that will depend on the size of your kitchen island. 

A good rule is that two pendant lights work well for smaller kitchen islands. They will look stylish without being too squashed in and overcrowded. 

Two or three lights are a good call for a medium kitchen island of around 7-10 feet. But if your island measures more than 10 feet, you could go for three or even more. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you have a decent space between each light.  You should spread the lights out evenly with an interval of at least 18 inches between them. 

5. What height should you hang the pendant lights in your kitchen?

The final crucial question is how high to hang your pendant lights. If they’re too low, you risk bumping your head. But you still want them to make an impact. 

Now, this will depend on your ceiling height. So, grab your tape measure and check how high your ceiling is. Then, measure how tall your kitchen island is. 

Ideally, you want at least 30 inches between the pendant light and your kitchen island. So, once you know how much space you have, you can decide on the right height for your lights. 

pendant lights for kitchen island

Best pendant lights for kitchen island

Here is some gorgeous pendant lighting for kitchen islands. 

There’s something for everyone, from big to small kitchens and all sizes of kitchen islands.  

So, browse through and see which one appeals most to you. 

Innovations 516-1S-BK-MBC-16-BK One Light Pendant

pendant lights for kitchen island

Do you like the idea of black pendant lights for your kitchen island? Then, check out this one-light pendant for the kitchen. 

This pendant light is simple and sleek. Its minimalist shape makes it a great choice for any modern or contemporary kitchen. With its dark metal design, it will also work well in an industrial-inspired kitchen. (Find out more about the most popular interior design styles here). 

The matte black finish looks understated yet stylish. It will complement your existing kitchen fittings rather than clashing with them. 

Any color, from black to gray, gold to silver, will look classy with this light. So, it’s an easy choice for any kitchen. 

And at 16 inches in length, it’s a good size for most kitchens. The conical shape will catch your eye and draw attention to the lighting. 

So, this pendant light makes for an excellent feature item in your kitchen. You could use one, two, or three of these lights together, depending on the size of your kitchen island

ELYONA Industrial Pendant Light

pendant lights for kitchen island

When it comes to decoration, it’s all about the little touches. This pendant light has gorgeous touches like the solid wood and the hammered metal shade. It has a simple and elegant shape, with interesting details that catch your eye.

The combination of wood and metal is perfect for industrial-style kitchens. But it will also work well in farmhouse, rustic, and contemporary kitchens. So, it’s a safe choice for almost any interior design style! 

This modern pendant light is height-adjustable and made from quality materials. It also comes with a full one-year warranty and a 24-month after-sale service.

You could opt for one pendant light for a bold look. Or you could pair two or three together above your large kitchen island. This sophisticated pendant light is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Sea Gull Lighting Mini-Pendant

how to choose pendant lights for kitchen island

This unusual lantern pendant light is sure to make a statement in your kitchen. It has a mix of an industrial and country/farmhouse vibe. 

It’s made from alloy steel but made to appear like oak for a rustic look. This pendant lamp is crafted with attention to detail and finished by hand. The two-tone look is achieved by applying a pigment to make it look more natural and organic. 

The angular metal frame is a bold design enclosing a glass shade. It gives off a bright light that will illuminate the space around your kitchen island. 

Due to its compact size, it’s one of the best pendant lights for a small kitchen island. You could hang a single pendant lamp above your kitchen island or go for multiples. 

But this lamp also comes in configurations with three or five lamps inside the metal case. So, you can take your pick and find one that suits your kitchen best.

JONATHAN Y JYL7437A Pagoda Lantern Pendant

pendant lights for kitchen island

If you’re looking for large pendant lights for your kitchen island, you’ll love this design.

This lantern pendant light is sure to look stunning in your kitchen. Sometimes, simple is best, and this lamp is one of the best.

It has an elegant metal frame around four light bulbs. As a result, this pendant gives off a clear, bright light essential for the kitchen. And as it’s dimmable, you can easily adjust the lighting to suit your needs.

This pendant light comes in a range of finishes. So, you can find the perfect fit to match your kitchen. You can choose from chrome, antique gold bronze, and brass gold. 

As this is one of the larger pendant lights on this list, one lamp will make a statement on its own. But you could pair two together if you have a very large kitchen island. It’s a stylish choice of large pendant lighting for the kitchen. 

Beionxii Glass Pendant Light

pendant lights for kitchen island

These glass lightbulb pendants are fresh and simple yet eye-catching. The oil-rubbed bronze as an industrial vibe, but it will look just as good in any kind of kitchen. 

Every detail counts in interior design. These lamps stand out from other designs thanks to their unique bubbled glass. The design is both clean and intriguing, so your eye lingers on them a little longer.

Regarding the practicalities, these lights are dimmable and height-adjustable. So, they work in almost any kitchen. They’re suitable for damp locations and work with most types of bulbs. All these features make them a great choice for your kitchen. 

You can buy this glass pendant light individually or in a pack of two. That makes it easy to get the right number for your kitchen. 

how to choose pendant lights for kitchen island

The Wrap Up

There are tons of kitchen pendant lights for you to choose from. And that’s why I put together this list to help you narrow down the options. I picked out some of the best pendulum lights for kitchen islands of all sizes.

There’s everything from mini pendants to large pendant lights for the kitchen island. What will look best in your home depends on how big your kitchen (and the island) is. 

But it also comes down to your personal preference. Do you want minimalist pendant lights, or would you prefer a big, eye-catching feature? 

Now, you have a good idea of the basic rules to follow when choosing pendant lighting. So, you can pick the right pendant lights for your kitchen island and know they’ll look amazing!

Let me know which of these pendant lights you choose in the comments below!

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