Minimal Romance: Bedroom Colors to Dream About!

  • The best colors to use in a romantic bedroom are blue, orange, pink, black and white, and green. 
  • You can incorporate these romantic colors in paint, bedding, and accessories to create a beautiful and aesthetic bedroom. 
  • Use the desired colors sparingly to keep the room sophisticated and classy.
romantic bedroom color ideas

Would you like to spruce up your bedroom and make it a little more romantic? There are plenty of romantic colors to choose from to create a romantic and intimate bedroom environment. So, what are the romantic bedroom colors?

Let’s consider the best colors to create a romantic bedroom and how you can incorporate these colors into your room. 

The Best Romantic Bedroom Colors

When you want to create a romantic bedroom, specific colors stand out above the rest. These colors can create the ultimate romantic aesthetic in the bedroom, making the room more inviting. 

If you want a romantic bedroom, focus on soft, subtle colors that are warm and comfy. These are some of the most romantic bedroom colors.

Blue Tones

blue romantic bedroom idea

Blue tones create the perfect romantic bedroom. This unisex color creates a romantic bedroom without being too feminine. Royal blue and navy can create a warming environment, while soft blues make the room bright and inviting. 

Any of these shades can create a romantic bedroom, depending on what atmosphere you desire. 

Orange Tones

orange romantic bedroom idea

Orange might seem like a bright color, but burnt orange is excellent for creating a rustic, romantic bedroom. Keep the orange tones minimal and pair them with black, white, or other neutrals for a room that looks like a sunset. 

Orange tones in a bedroom is another way to create a romantic bedroom without it feeling too feminine. 

Pink Tones

pink romantic bedroom

Although pinks may seem too girly, the right shades of pink can transform a space into the ultimate romantic bedroom atmosphere. Soft pinks work well in a room with loads of natural light, while dark, dusky pinks tie a darker bedroom together. 

Add gold accents for an even more imperial-looking romantic bedroom. 

Black And White

black and white romantic bedroom

Black and white tones are excellent for creating a modern romantic bedroom. Using greyscale pictures, white candles, and black and white bedding can make a room feel mysterious yet inviting. 

This is a great color palette for an edgy couple looking for a romantic yet stylish bedroom. 


green romantic bedroom

Green, like blue, has the power to completely transform the atmosphere in a bedroom. Emerald and forest green tones create an imperial, sophisticated room, while light green and sage can create a soft and inviting bedroom atmosphere. 

Gold, natural wood, and metal accents are perfect for a romantic bedroom with green tones.  

How To Incorporate Romantic Colors In The Bedroom

romantic bedroom idea

Knowing the right colors for a romantic bedroom is only half the story. You should also know where to use these colors. The key to a romantic bedroom is “less is more.” 

Never overdo the room in your color of choice. Instead, stick to subtle hints of color and always consider the room’s natural light. 

For example, a dark room with yellow lights pairs well with darker colors, while a bright room with natural sunlight prefers lighter colors. Here are some places to include your color of choice for a romantic bedroom:

  • An accent wall painted with the romantic color
  • Scatter cushions and blankets in the romantic color
  • Art and decorative pieces

Playing around with textures, like satin and velvet, also helps to create a more romantic atmosphere. Of course, candlelight and warm lights also go a long way to ensuring a perfect romantic bedroom. 


The best colors for a romantic bedroom are blue, orange, pink, black and white, and green. Depending on the shade of these colors, you can have a bright and inviting bedroom or a warm and moody romantic bedroom. 

Don’t overdo the bedroom with color; stick to accents to make the room feel more put together. 

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