Green Kitchen Cabinets: 12 Sage Design Inspirations

I have always found that the heart of the home is the kitchen; it is the most trafficked room where families come together and recite the events of the day. Open plan or small cozy kitchen, rustic or modern kitchen cabinets, whichever it is, it’s a place that should bring you inspiration and a place that is peaceful and calming.

sage green kitchen cabinets

Bringing sage green kitchen cabinets into the kitchen is a way to bring nature into our living space. The earthy grayish-green color is soothing and lends a feeling of comfort and relaxation. As sage green is a natural color, kitchens can easily be accented with warm or cool colors.

With the increasing desire to bring nature into our homes, creating a palate of sage green mimics the tranquility and inspiration we find in nature, and where else do you need more inspiration than in the kitchen when you are stirring up a feast of delicious food for the family to enjoy. 

Sage Green Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets 

I unquestionably love spending time in my kitchen cooking and being creative; for that matter, my kitchen needs to inspire me and give me a feeling of comfort and security. To be honest, it’s where I do my best work, from creating delicious recipes to getting creative with other projects, so when I decided to splash the cabinets with sage green, I fell in love all over again.

When it comes to choosing a sage green color, it becomes a little more tricky when you are faced with a palate card of several different colored sage shades, ranging from a sage with a more yellowish hue to it all the way down to a deeper and darker sage hinting on the border of grey.

recommended sage green paint colors for kitchen cabinets

From modern cabinets to rustic kitchen effects, a sage green color can transform any kitchen into an oasis of soothing, inspiring, and comforting feelings.

Then the question of what to paint and what not to paint arises. Do you only paint the cabinets, or do you paint the whole kitchen? 

That is entirely up to you, but I love the feel of sage green on the cabinets with different color walls and accents breaking the green and adding some depth and contrast to my kitchen.

All depending on whether you want to add a splash of color or renovate your entire kitchen, you can upgrade the look and feel of the room by giving your old stark white cabinets a bit of life with a neutral hue of sage green or freshen up the place with a coat of vegetal sage green to the walls adding a depth to the room.

Paint The Bottom Cabinets Sage Green

sage green kitchen bottom cabinets

If you are unsure about going green and want to try it on for size, add a splash of your favorite sage to the bottom half of your kitchen cabinets.

You could paint your bottom cabinets a shade of sage green that you like and leave the top ones in a neutral shade of cream, white, or beige to contrast the color.

This will introduce the color to your space without overwhelming the room with a green hue. The color of green you choose can be from light to vivid sage; the choice is yours and how daring you want to be.

Go With A Sage Green Island

sage colored kitchen island

Add an oasis of green in the center of the kitchen by painting your island a luscious dark green and contrasting it with white cabinets and marble countertops. Add depth to the kitchen by adding warm colors such as brass handles and matching light fittings.

Convert Cabinets To Sage Green

modern sage green kitchen cabinets

In a smaller kitchen, you could easily paint all your cupboards and cabinets the soft sage green of your choice and contrast it with bursts of warm-colored accessories with different color countertops and floors to break the green.

Painting The Walls Sage Green

sage green kitchen walls

If you have beautiful wooden cabinets or a rustic feel to your kitchen and don’t want to cover up the warm cozy feel of the wood, then adding a coat of sage green to the walls is a great way to incorporate the color into your kitchen.

It brings in a feel of nature and contrasts with the wooden cupboards and cabinets, giving you a rustic natural feel and a sense of nature being right inside your home. Paired with a few strategic plants and fresh herbs growing on your window sill, it really feels like you are part of nature.

Add Sage Green With Tiles

sage green kitchen tiles

You can bring in a brightly colored backsplash with a selection of differently colored hues of sage green to add a pop of color to vibe up your kitchen.

You can play with colors here by pairing different sage green colored tiles that complement each other or keeping it uniform and going with one color that adds that burst of color your kitchen needs.

Add A Pop Of Color With Sage Green Appliances

sage green kitchen appliances

If you are undecided and painting walls and cabinets is too much of a commitment, start small by changing your color scheme and adding sage green utensils and appliances; pair it with some sage green plates and cups, and you will be inviting nature into your space in no time.

Mix It Up With Bold Colors

mix of sage green kitchen wall

Sage green is a neutral color that varies on the color spectrum from leaning to a yellowish hue, to a purplish blend, to a greener sage, and then darkening to a bluish hue or even darker, leaning on the verge of grey. 

Sage green is highly versatile and pairs very well with warm or cool colors that offer a spectacular pop of color to a more subdued and sophisticated feel.

Colors that contrast well with sage green are

  • Gold
  • Brass
  • wood
  • Terra cotta
  • Cream 
  • Mustard yellow
  • Reds
  • Dusty pink
  • Salmon
  • Lavender
  • teal
  • Navy Blue
  • Hunter green
  • Black 
  • Dark grey
  • Light gray
  • White

All these different color shades bring an extra splash of color to either subdue the sage green or increase the vibrancy of the color. Depending on your taste and how you want your kitchen to feel, sage green is a very adaptable palate to work with.

Best Sage Green Colors To Use In The Kitchen

There is a wide palate of sage greens to choose from when revamping your kitchen, but here I list the top five trending shades.

Benjamin Moore High Park

benjamin moore high park

This trendy medium to dark sage green color complements a two-tone cabinet theme that lends a sophisticated touch and pairs well with warm or cool tones.

Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom

benjamin moore sage wisdom

This bright sage lends a profound color to the kitchen walls with grey undertones without feeling dark and closed. It pairs well with neutral colors, and the addition of bright cool color pops like lavender or mystic adds depth to the room.

Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze

sherwin williams acacia haze

A dusty olive green that is super trendy and perfect for walls, this color has cool undertones that pair well with blues or cool shades without overwhelming the room. To bring out the contrast of the paint, pair it with neutral colors and wooden accents.

Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage

sherwin williams svelte sage

This color has lots of yellow and brown undertones and will adapt in hue depending on the pairing color you match with it. Svelte sage pairs well with different whites and the addition of rich deep wooden tones.

Behr Bitter Sage

behr bitter sage

A lightened olive-green color with warm undertones of yellow and tan is perfect for a full kitchen cabinet paint and is beautifully contrasted with warm color hues or the addition of brightly colored appliances to give your kitchen that pop.

sage green kitchen cabinets ideas and photos


So, whether you want to add a hue of sage green to a rustic design or trend with vivid sage green for a modern accent color to chrome appliances, sage green will bring nature into your living space and provide an oasis of comfort and relaxation for you to whip up delicious meals, stir your creativity, or enjoy simple family time.

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