Zen in Every Corner: 6 Must-Try Small Yoga Room Ideas!

Are you looking for ideas for creating or decorating a small home yoga room? Then, you’re in the right place. 

You don’t need much space to create a small home yoga room. But having a yoga room at home makes it much easier to practice yoga every day. 

Plus, a yoga room is a calm and relaxing space at home. So, here are some small home yoga room ideas to get you started.

6 Simple Ideas for Your Small Home Yoga Room 

Follow these ideas to create your own zen home yoga room – perfect for yoga and meditation! 

Choose a Soothing Color Palette

Yoga room neutral color palette

For any calming space, you need to pick the color palette carefully. Color psychology can greatly impact our mood and emotions, so keep that in mind when choosing. 

Cool colors like blues and greens are tranquil, relaxing colors. A neutral color palette is also perfect for a home yoga room, using natural shades of cream, green, grey, or brown. Yellow and orange can be refreshing and energizing in small doses. But steer clear of red as it can provoke anger, rage, and other strong emotions. 

Opt for Pretty Wallpaper on a Feature Wall

Mandala wallpaper on yoga room wall

Your yoga room should encourage a calm and focused mind, but it doesn’t need to be boring. You can add visual interest to the room with a feature wall, and one of the easiest ways is wallpapering it. 

From whimsical clouds to a bamboo pattern, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are loads of wallpaper designs that would look perfect in a yoga room.

Create a Calm, Zen Atmosphere

zen atmoshpere

Creating the right atmosphere is essential for a home yoga room. First, I recommend keeping it neat and clutter-free. Move any unnecessary items elsewhere to keep this space free of distractions. 

Choosing the right accessories is crucial for your small yoga room. If you’re into crystals, they are a great choice. You could also go for a pretty vase with flowers or an art print with an inspirational quote. These items will help you get in the right mindset for your yoga practice.

Add Plants to Your Small Home Yoga Room

plant pot and mat in a yoga room
Empty room in a yoga studio with unrolled yoga mat on a wooden floor, modern fitness center with big windows and white brick walls, sports equipment for meditating or sports exercises close up

You can’t go wrong with plants in a yoga room – they help to purify the air and boost your mood. A hanging shelf with trailing plants is perfect if you’re tight on space or even a tiny air plant. 

But if you have room, a fern in a woven basket will look incredible. It can help you to focus while brightening your yoga room with its lush foliage. 

Make It Appeal to All Your Senses

Scented candle

A yoga room should appeal to all the senses to help you relax. Add a scented candle or an oil diffuser to help set the atmosphere. And for touch, a soft rug and a cozy blanket make all the difference. 

Finally, a lavender eye pillow is perfect for relaxing post-yoga flow. You could keep a pen and journal nearby to jot down any thoughts that come to mind.

Keep it Natural

yoga room idea

For a home yoga room, I recommend sticking with natural materials. Opt for bamboo blinds or neutral linen or cotton curtains where possible to let in light. As for furniture, you could go for bamboo or wood for that boho-chic vibe. 

The Wrap Up

 By now, you should have plenty of inspiration for setting up your small home yoga room. Having a dedicated space for yoga can make it easier to stay consistent and practice more often. And that can have a lasting impact on your health and well-being! 

Which of these ideas you like most. Let me know in the comments below. And follow Quiet Minimal on Pinterest for more home design & minimalist decor tips.

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