Revamp Small Laundry Rooms: Expert Interior Tips for 2024

  • A laundry room must be practical, functional, and workable. When designing a tiny laundry room, you must include a range of storage solutions, from baskets and hampers to shelves and hooks. 
  • Also, ensure a workable, minimalist, and clutter-free space to sort, fold, and iron laundry.
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The laundry room tends to be a forgotten space in the home. But it is having a moment. In the past few months, I have seen more laundry room makeovers on social media than ever. Having a beautiful laundry room may not make the chore any more fun; it does, however, make it more bearable. Even a tiny laundry room can be cute yet functional.

We’re always looking for ways to optimize space in our home, and if we apply the same thinking to the laundry room, we can create a functional and stylish area.

Organization And Storage Ideas For Your Tiny Laundry Room

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With some clever storage and space-saving ideas, your tiny laundry room will be well organized and have great aesthetic appeal.

  1. Drying racks are bulky, but they are essential for those items that cannot go in the dryer. The solution? Hang a pull-down drying rack from your ceiling. 
  2. Install a tension rod from one wall to the other or between two cabinets to hang delicates that cannot go into the dryer. You can also hang clothes on the rod when using your steamer.
  3. Clear up counter clutter by decanting detergent, stain removers, dryer sheets, and other supplies into glass jars or funky containers and then arranging them on floating shelves. Your essentials now work as décor! 
  4. Attach storage bins to the side of your washer and dryer to hold pegs, brushes, and other supplies.
  5. Mount your ironing board behind the door or on a wall to free up more floor space.
  6. Maximize floor space by placing your dryer on top of your washer. This will only work if you have front-loader machines. Stack up the dryer on top of the washer. This is because washing machines draw water, making them very heavy.
  7. An advantage of having your washer and dryer on the floor next to each other is that you can create a roomy folding station. Install a plank of wood above these appliances, and you will have a spacious countertop to sort and fold.
  8. Instead of under-counter cabinets, install pull-out sorting bins for towels, darks, and lights.

Ideas For Decorating Your Tiny Laundry Room

ideas for decorating small laundry room

If any room needs a fun look, it is the laundry room! Add some punch and personality to your laundry room with these decorating ideas.

Add Artwork

Every inch of a tiny laundry room has to be utilized for storage and organization, so you may not have any blank walls available. However, you can still prop artwork onto floating shelves. 

Bring In Prints

The laundry room is a hardworking and practical space; add some fun by going all out with patterned flooring or add fabulously daring wallpaper.

Go Bold With Color

A tiny room is the best space to experiment. You may think twice about painting the walls in your living room hot pink, but the risk factor in your tiny laundry room is much lower. 

Let Storage Work As Décor

Create uniformity when choosing your storage containers. Choose a color palette and then select containers in an assortment of shapes and sizes in that color. You could also stick to one finish; for example, only use rattan baskets, wire bins, or glass containers. 

minimalist small laundry room layout


Laundry is not fun, but doing this never-ending chore in a beautiful space can make it more bearable. Maximize the room by using storage wisely and bringing in elements of interest and color. 

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