Garage Essentials: Standard Height Guide for 2024

So, you want to know the standard height of a garage. You might be building a new garage and want to check you’ve got the measurements right. 

Or maybe you want to see if your garage is typical or whether you could fit your dream car inside. You might have your idea on a particular model and need to know if there’s enough clearance with your garage door. 

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about the standard heights for a garage. I’ll also cover the different heights of garage doors and what to do if you need a custom size.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, here’s what you need to know. The standard height of a garage is around 8 feet. 

But that’s not always the case, as it can vary depending on various factors. So, keep reading for all the details.

What is the Height of a Standard Garage Ceiling?

what is the standard height of a garage ceiling

The height of a standard garage is critical as it affects what kind of vehicle you can fit inside. 

Generally, a standard garage is around 8 feet tall. So, that means you can fit a car up to 7 feet high inside. 

But that isn’t a rule you can always rely on. As you may find, some garages have a maximum height of 7 feet. And as a result, they can only fit smaller cars, excluding 4-by-4s and other large vehicles. 

If you build a garage from scratch, you have more options. You could opt for a garage with 9-foot walls to give you more room inside. This height would be compatible with an 8-foot garage door. And then, even the largest cars should fit inside.

Recently, there’s been a trend for larger, taller garages. We all have more stuff nowadays, and we need somewhere to store it. So, the response is to build bigger garages. But if you want to declutter, check out my tips here!).

And if you have a large vehicle like an RV or a van, you’ll need a higher garage. So, it’s worth looking into the options available to you. Some garages are up to 16 feet tall to meet this need.

Detached vs. Attached Garage Heights

detached vs attached garage

One thing that could affect the height of your garage is whether it’s attached or detached. If it’s a standalone structure, there are no limits or restrictions to its size. 

But if your garage is attached to your home, that can have implications for its size and height. 

For example, your garage may have a different foundation than the rest of the house. And if you have a room above your garage, you’ll need it to be level with the second floor. 

So, you might need to make your garage taller to compensate for the height difference. But that can turn out to be a bonus, as it will give you more storage room inside the garage. 

A Word of Warning: Check Your Local Regulations for Garage Height

If you do want to build a garage from scratch, make sure you do your research. There may be local regulations and restrictions governing the height of garages. 

This information can vary from municipality to municipality. So, I can’t provide you with any exact info. 

That’s why it’s crucial to check whether you can have a taller 8 or 9-foot garage. You don’t want to start the building work and then discover it goes against local regulations. 

What is the Standard Height of a Garage Door?

height of a standard garage door

Knowing your garage door height is essential for many reasons. You might want a new car and need to see whether it will fit in your garage. Or maybe you want to remodel and add some internal storage in your garage. 

Either way, knowing the standard height of a garage door is a good place to start. The garage door is often slightly smaller than the overall height of the garage.

But it can be tricky to specify one standard height for garage doors. They can vary a lot depending on the dimensions of your garage.

Having said that, most garage doors are generally around 7 feet high. That’s 2.13 m high if you use the metric system. 

8 feet is also a common size for garage doors. So, you need to take care if you’re buying a new door for your garage. You should measure your garage carefully and double-check what size doors you need.

And as for the width, most garage doors range between 8 to 10 feet wide. If you have a double-width garage, the door will be the same height but between 16 – 18 feet in width.

However, you can find special garages designed for RVs that are much higher. For those, you’ll need custom doors between 10 to 14 feet in height. They provide the extra clearance you need for a large vehicle, such as an RV or a van.

How Much Space Do You Need Inside Your Garage?

inside a  standard garage

So, you know the standard height and measurements of a garage. And now, it’s time to choose the right size for your garage. 

Well, that will depend on how you want to use your garage. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you need to store one or two vehicles inside your garage? 
  • And what models are these vehicles? 
  • Do you have smaller cars or larger, taller vehicles that need extra clearance to get in the door?
  • Do you want any extra storage space in your garage for tools, etc.? 
  • Do you want to use your garage as a workshop as well as a storage space?
  • How much room do you have available for the garage?

All of these questions will affect how large you need to build your garage. If you just want to store your cars inside, that will depend on their sizes. 

But if you also want to have extra space for storage or to use as a workshop, you’ll need more room. 

And of course, it depends on how much space you have available in the first place. 

However, in most cases, a standard garage ceiling height of 8 feet should meet your needs. Then, it’s about deciding the width and the door height. 

Unless you need a higher garage door for a particular reason, you should be safe with a 7-foot door. 

Custom Garage Doors

custom garage door

If you find that these measurements don’t meet your needs, you might need a custom garage size. 

It’s pretty easy to build a garage to any measurement. But getting a custom garage door isn’t always so straightforward. 

You’ll need to find a company that creates custom doors to your measurements. But in that case, you can choose exactly how high and wide you need the doors to be, giving you more flexibility.

You should also let them know the overall dimensions of your garage, not just the door. Then, as garage door experts, they can double-check it will meet your needs. 

You can get a garage door made from wood or steel. But I would recommend going for a metal garage door for its long-lasting and sturdy qualities. 

standard height of a garage

The Wrap Up 

If you felt confused about the height of garage doors and ceilings, hopefully it’s a little clearer now.

As a reminder, the standard garage height is 8 feet. But they can range from 7-9 feet, depending on the build and your needs. And as for the garage door,  they tend to be 7-8 feet high. 

Let me know if you have any other garage-related questions in the comments below! 

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