Teal Boho Magic: Bedroom Color Trends & Tips

teal boho bedroom

If you’ve been dreaming of a gorgeous teal boho bedroom, you’re in the right place! 

Teal is my favorite color, thanks to its soothing but deep and captivating vibes. And I’m all about the eclectic, relaxed and cozy boho style. So, it made perfect sense for me to create a bohemian teal bedroom. 

And I’m here to share my tips with you! 

Teal is a fantastic color for a boho bedroom. It’s both rich in color yet calming at the same time. And it fits in with the jewel tones that often feature in bohemian interior decor. 

There are so many different ways to decorate your teal boho bedroom. So, browse these suggestions and pick the elements that appeal to you. You can mix and match the ideas or tweak them to suit your style. 

10 Tips & Inspiration for Your Bohemian Teal Bedroom 

Here are my tips for creating a beautiful bohemian teal bedroom! 

You’ll find inspiration, ideas, and suggestions for your boho bedroom. Take what you want and leave the rest – remember that you want a bedroom that suits your style. 

Go for Teal Walls

teal wall boho bedroom

One of the most obvious ways to incorporate teal into your boho bedroom is by painting the walls. 

This approach will create a bold, eye-catching look! Painting all the walls teal is sure to make a big impression. 

But if you’re not as daring, you could opt for a teal feature wall instead. I’ve done this in my own home when I’ve wanted to add some color – without it becoming overwhelming. You’ll create a beautiful teal bedroom while balancing it out with white walls. 

If you go for all teal walls, I would recommend using lighter colors in your bedroom too. But you don’t want it to become too dark and overpowering. So, add some white or cream bedding and gauzy curtains that let in plenty of natural light. 

Create a Bold Color Palette for Your Teal Boho Bedroom

teal boho bedroom color palette

So, you know you want to use teal in your bedroom. But what colors should you pair with it? 

That depends on the look you want to create. 

If you want to keep it simple and minimalist, teal looks amazing with gray or white. 

But if you’re feeling braver, you can have a lot of fun choosing the color palette for your teal bedroom. 

I personally love the way teal looks when combined with orange. It creates a rich, deeply contrasting color scheme that brings out each color even more. 

Teal and pink are another fabulous combination. Pink is softer and more feminine than orange, and a light pink will make your teal color pop. 

You should choose your shades carefully, so they work well together. Think about the saturation and brightness of each shade to avoid any clashing. 

And when you’re using two bright colors like teal and pink or orange, don’t overdo it. Keep to your color scheme and avoid introducing any other colors into the room. 

Otherwise, it will lose its cohesiveness and could look garish or thrown together. 

Add Teal Accessories for a Minimalist Look

teal boho bedroom minimalist accessories

You’ll find all kinds of gorgeous teal accessories, from bedding and cushions to artwork or 

vases. So, you don’t have to go all out to make your teal bedroom cute. 

This approach creates more of a minimalist boho bedroom. Opt for lighter walls – white, gray, or mint green is ideal. Then, add some fun teal accessories in a darker shade to create contrast. 

These pops of color will stand out and brighten up the room. 

Choose Some Gorgeous Teal Bedding

teal bedding boho bedroom

It’s time to treat yourself to some bedding in your new color scheme. And the good news is that you’ll have tons of options to choose between. 

You’ll find duvets, sheets, and coverlets in every shade, from light teal to moody dark teal. So, you can choose the perfect bedding to suit your bedroom and style. 

Teal + Wood = The Perfect Coastal Combination

teal + wood boho bedroom

What is the first color that comes to mind when you think of the sea? Alongside blue, teal is probably pretty high on the list! 

Teal can bring to mind the sea with its blue-green vibes. So, it’s the perfect color for creating a coastal-style bedroom.

Light wood perfectly complements bright teal colors. It draws out the richness of the teal without competing with it. 

I would recommend going for a lighter wood like pine. Dark wood feels more formal and traditional and isn’t best suited to a boho room. 

Or you could whitewash your furniture for that beachy boho vibe! Add some shells and seaside accessories, and you’ve nailed the look (even on a tiny budget!).  

Create a Dark Teal Bohemian Bedroom

bohemian small dark teal bedroom

Dark teal can feel thoughtful, calm, and perhaps a little moody. It’s an interesting color to use in a bedroom. 

Combining blue and green shades, teal can create a tranquil atmosphere that makes you think of the sea. ‘

A darker teal could make your room feel cozy and safe, like a cocoon from the world. That’s especially true if you have a smaller bedroom. By using darker tones, you can create a small bohemian teal bedroom that is warm and welcoming.

If you opt for dark teal, use brighter colors like orange to contrast with it. They will help to ensure the room doesn’t feel too heavy or depressing. Or you can add some lighter colors and maximize any natural light to balance the room

An Eclectic Teal Bedroom

bohemian electic teal bedroom

You might worry that by using a bright color like teal, you could overdo it in your bedroom. You don’t want it to become too garish or busy, right?

It’s true that you often hear the phrase ‘less is more.’ 

But that doesn’t mean you always have to live by this rule! The bohemian style embraces rich colors and contrasting combinations. So, you could pair your teal walls with another jewel tone like purple or red. 

Or you could play around with layers, adding a patterned rug and some bold artwork on the walls. And potted plants are a must, of course! 

Take inspiration from the abundant boho style and have fun decorating your bedroom. 

Combine Teal & Rattan for a Teal Boho Bedroom

teal rattan boho bedroom ideas

Is a room even boho if it doesn’t contain any rattan? Even better, rattan goes beautifully with teal. The light shades and the organic materials contrast nicely with any shade of teal. 

You can find rattan light shades that are perfect for a boho bedroom. And if you want to go all out, you can also find rattan chairs and bedside tables.

Make Your Bedroom Feel Exotic

exotic boho teal bedroom

Teal is a vibrant color often used in countries as far-flung as Morocco, India, and Bali. And you can recreate those exotic vibes in your bedroom, too! 

For a Moroccan look, you could choose an Oriental rug in a shade of teal. Then, add funky cushions or a wall hanging with geometric repeating patterns. Don’t be afraid to combine bright colors for a rich and funky look. 

Or you can channel those Bali vibes with teal batik fabrics and gorgeous artwork. You’ll feel like you’ve been swept away to a beach destination (in your own home!). 

Using Teal in Your Spare Bedroom

teal boho spare bedroom

Teal is a great color to use in your guest bedroom. If you’re tight on space, you may need this room to double up as an office. 

In that case, a teal futon is an ideal addition. It provides a comfy yet relaxed bedding option that you can turn into seating during the day. 

Add a soft rug and some baskets for storage, and you have all the essentials for your spare bedroom. 

teal boho bedroom

The Wrap Up 

Teal is a fantastic color choice for your boho bedroom. It’s relaxing, serene, and tranquil, and you can use it to create a unique look for your room. 

You can pair teal with many other colors, from pink to orange, beige, or white. 

It also goes well with other cool colors like blue, turquoise, and mint green. So, you have lots of options for your bohemian teal bedroom. 

Let me know which of these ideas you’ll use in your own bedroom! 

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