Unveiling Dining Chairs: Design, Material & Aesthetic Trends

types of dining chairs

There are several different types of dining chairs, and all of them have their own unique designs and aesthetics. Choosing the best types of dining chair for you begins with identifying the most popular dining room chair styles. Rather than identifying chair types based on material, let’s explore the different dining chair styles based on their design, which is the best way to determine the chairs that are best for your home. 

Different Types of Dining Chairs

The Side Dining Chair

types of dining chairs - side dining chair

The side dining chair is very common but highly functional. This chair can take many forms, but it is usually defined as a straight-back dining chair with four legs and no arms and is usually made of wood. Side dining chairs usually have upholstered seats, but this is not a requirement. 

The Ladder-Back Dining Chair

ladder back dining chair

The ladder-back dining chair is a simple, classic dining chair style. This is usually a wooden chair with four legs, a plain unupholstered seat, and a chair back with horizontal lats that resemble a ladder. This chair is a timeless design, and modern versions are beautifully made. 

The Slat-Back Dining Chair

slat back dining chair

The slat-back dining chair is comfortable and is usually used in more casual kitchen styles, despite the fact that it is a very traditional chair. This dining chair typically has a small seat and a high, long back with vertical slats and a thick frame. Slat back chairs often have upholstered seats made with a color that contrasts with the main chair color. 

The Cross-Back Dining Chair

cross back dining chair

The cross-back dining chair is a modern version of the classic side dining chair. These chairs have a wider back with a cross-slat design that is sturdy and comfortable. These chairs have an upholstered seat that matches the main chair frame’s color and are made to be as aesthetically versatile as possible. 

The Bow-Back Dining Chair

bow back dining chair

The bow-back dining chair can be made from any material and made to any size. This is a very versatile chair, and its only truly defining feature is that it has a curved seat back. These chairs are typically smaller than other dining chairs, but they can look great if they are well-designed. 

The Wing-Back Dining Chair

wing back dining chair

The wing-back dining chair is a bold choice, but if the rest of the room and dining set suits the look, these chairs are an excellent way to liven up a dining room. These chairs are fully upholstered, with a back that spreads out the top and a luxurious seat. These dining chairs can have arms, but this is not a requirement, and they have several unique design features, such as aesthetic buttons and bright trims. 

The Windsor Dining Chair

windsor dining chair

The Windsor dining chair can be traced back centuries and is a traditional dining chair design that remains ideal in modern homes. These chairs have a bowed back and are typically made with rounded legs and spindles. The seat slants up, and the back is much longer than the seat. Windsor chairs are very comfortable and look great in any dining room. 

The Parsons Dining Chair

person dining chair

The Parsons dining chair is designed to be elegant and clean with straight lines and no exposed traditional chair designs. These are long back chairs with a low seat. The seat and back are upholstered in the same color and are heavily cushioned, making the chair very comfortable. These are excellent chairs for a modern dining room. 

Splat-Back Dining Chairs

splat back dining chair

Splat-back dining chairs are defined by their geometric back pattern. These chairs are similar to slat-back dining chairs, as they have a long back and a slower seat, but the center of the back frame is made into a beautiful pattern that can elevate the aesthetics of any dining set. 

Dining Room Chair FAQs

How Tall Are Dining Chairs?

The seat of most dining chairs is usually around 18” from the ground. The height of the back of dining chairs varies widely depending on the type, style, and material of the chair. 

Are Hard Dining Chairs Better Than Soft Dining Chairs?

Hard dining chairs are considered to be better for posture and better for general health, but the reality is that you do not spend as much time in a dining chair as in other chair types, which means that softer, more comfortable dining chairs are usually a better option. Most people prefer a dining chair to be semi-soft rather than heavily cushioned. 

How Do You Make Dining Chairs More Comfortable?

Adding upholstery to a dining chair will make it far more comfortable, and choosing a chair that is designed with comfort in mind, such as a Windsor dining chair, is sure to keep every at the table as comfortable as possible. 

Should Dining Chairs Always Match The Dining Table?

Dining chairs do not always have to match the colors and style of the dining table. So long as the chairs complement the overall aesthetics of the room and the dining set, it is good to explore unique chair options, even if they may not be a conventional choice. 

How Wide Is A Dining Chair?

Dining chairs are made to various widths, and there is no standard, but most modern dining chairs have a seat that is around 15” wide at the back, and 18” wide at the front. The widest point of a dining chair is usually the front of the seat. 

There are always good questions associated with dining chairs. Let’s answer some of the frequently asked dining room chair questions to help you choose the perfect chairs for you. 


There are several types of dining chair options to choose from. Take your time to explore the various styles and designs, and never settle until you find the perfect chairs for your space. Every chair has its pros and cons, so be sure to test them out before buying them if you have the opportunity to do so. 

Every dining chair style is unique and can create a different feel in the room. Take your time when choosing your dining chairs, and you are sure to find the perfect chairs for you and your home. 

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