Ceiling Beams: Inspiring Paint Color Ideas for 2024

what color to paint ceiling beams

Exposed ceiling beams are a unique and lovely feature in many homes, but deciding what color you should paint them can be challenging. There are so many colors to choose from that it can be overwhelming to find the right one. So, what color should you paint your ceiling beams?

The Perfect Colors To Paint Your Ceiling Beams?

Many houses today have exposed ceiling beams somewhere in the house, as many believe it to be a bold but pleasant feature that can accentuate the room nicely. However, when you have exposed ceiling beams, you need to paint them the right color to ensure the room looks exactly how you want it to.

Finding the right color for your ceiling beams can be challenging, as the color you pick for them can make or break the room. You need to choose the right color for the style of the room and for how you want to room to feel when people walk into it.

There are many colors you can choose from that will improve the room’s look. So, let’s go through the best color options for your ceiling beams and see how they can make your room or home more inviting.

Paint Your Ceiling Beams White

painted ceilings with beams white color

The first color option for your ceiling beams is white. White is an excellent color to paint ceiling beams as it is the brightest neutral color and is used in many interior designs. This means that white ceiling beams will work with any furniture you put into the room.

White is the perfect color to paint your ceiling beams if you cannot decide what color to use. White ceiling beams will reflect all other colors in the room and make the room seem big, fresh, and inviting.

Painting Your Ceiling Beams Gray

Another alternative that you could go for is painting your ceiling beams gray. Gray is a lovely cool neutral color that can bring almost as much balance to a room as white but will cause less contrast than painting the beams a darker color.

This makes gray the perfect color for ceiling beams if you don’t want to go for the typical white color most people use. Painting your ceiling beams gray is an excellent way to give the room a beachy or coastal feel if that is the style you are going for.

Painting Your Ceiling Beams Black

painting ceiling beams black

If you want a bold color that will stand out and make the room look unique, you can paint your ceiling beams black. Black is the darkest neutral color and will catch the eye of anybody who walks into the room.

Black ceiling beams can work with any other color you put in the room well, but it could make the ceiling feel lower than if you used brighter colors. This is due to the pitching effect, as most floors are dark already; having dark above and below you can make the room feel unbalanced.

However, black can be a lovely choice for ceiling beams, as black ceiling beams create a sleek style and can open the room without needing extra décor. This is a style many people are looking for nowadays as it’s considered minimalist, but it can also give your house a Mediterranean style.

Painting Ceiling Beams In A Natural Wood Style

painting ceiling beams natural wood

One option is to leave your ceiling beams as is, with their natural wood colors shining. This can create a lovely country or rustic look that many people find comforting and calming in your home.

You can use a transparent and low glass finish on the exposed wooden beams to help protect them and keep their natural wood color perfect for years to come.

Painting Ceiling Beams Yellow Or Rose

painting ceiling beams pink

If you want to have your house bright and colorful without painting your ceiling beams white, then painting the beams a rose color or yellow is the way to go. These are popular colors for specific areas of the home, including dining rooms, nurseries, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.

Rose and yellow ceiling beams can make the room feel bright, airy, and light, which can make the room extremely pleasant to be in. However, if you decide to go for rose or yellow ceiling beams, you should pick a subdued version of the color, as this will dampen the sharpness these colors can have, which can overpower a room.

Painting Ceiling Beams Blue Or Green

painting ceiling beams blue

Blue and green are excellent colors to paint ceiling beams, as they can accentuate the room well and give it a natural feeling. Blue and green are colors that of often found in nature, which can give the room a calming feel to most people.

There are also different shades of green and blue that you can choose from depending on your style. There are bright greens that can liven up a room, and there are dark blues that can make the room feel relaxing. Sky blue is an excellent choice as it can make it feel like the sky is above you, giving the room an open-air feeling.

Considerations When Choosing A Color For Your Ceiling Beams

When you decide what color to paint your ceiling beams, there are some considerations you must go through before you pick a color. You must consider the size of the room and the style you want the room to be.

If the room is smaller, you should avoid painting the ceiling beams a dark color as this can make the room feel cramped and confined, making it unpleasant to be in. Rather paint the ceiling beams in smaller rooms with bright colors to make them seem bigger and airy.

If the room is big, you can paint the beams a dark color if that’s the style you are going for. The color you paint your ceiling beams can make or break the style of the room, so you will need to choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Ceiling Beams Match The Floor?

Ceiling beams do not need to be painted to match the floor, as the floor is generally the darkest color in the room. Painting the ceiling beams the same color will make the roof seem lower and the room smaller. You should rather paint the beams a lighter color to bring balance to the room.

Should Ceiling Beams Match The Ceiling?

If you want to match the ceiling beams to something in the room, it’s a good idea to match them to the roof itself. The roof is generally brighter, and matching the beams to it will make the room bright and seem bigger. However, this is not a rule that needs to be followed, and you can paint your ceiling beams whatever color you prefer.

Below are frequently asked questions about what color you should paint your ceiling beams. Let’s review them to ensure you choose the perfect color for your home.

what color to paint ceiling beams,


Exposed ceiling beams are a lovely feature in a home, but it can be tricky to find the right color to paint them. You want to paint them a color that will bring out your style and make the room beautiful.

You can choose several colors for your ceiling beams; each one will give the room a different feel, from Mediterranean to rustic. So, the color you choose will depend on the style you want to room to be. Good luck painting your ceiling beams!

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