2024 Interior Design Trends | The Ultimate Guide

As we enter 2024, a number of interior design trends are emerging that promise to shape home aesthetics over the next year. From expansions of existing styles to completely novel concepts, there are many exciting developments ahead. 

2024 interior design trends - the ultimate guide.

This comprehensive guide outlines 15 key 2024 interior design trends to help you understand what’s on the horizon.

Dedicated Home Offices

The pandemic solidified home offices as an essential space for many. With remote and hybrid work arrangements on the rise over the last couple of years, having a dedicated, well-designed workspace at home has become a high priority. We expect to see this trend continue strong into 2024 and beyond.

A desk in a home office following the latest interior design trends.
A trendy desk in a modernly designed room that embodies the interior design trends of 2024.
An on-trend desk for a 2024 home office.
A trendy home office with a desk, chair, and shelves designed for interior design enthusiasts in 2024.

When looking to design a functional home office, focus first on an ergonomic layout suited to your work tasks. Include key details like sit/stand desk capabilities, monitor mounts, proper lighting, and USB charging ports. 

Don’t forget storage needs for supplies, files, and equipment. The right organizational solutions will keep clutter at bay. Select comfortable, supportive seating that also conveys professionalism for client video calls. Finally, add personal touches like artwork, greenery, and warm accessories to finish the inviting, productive environment.

  • Remote work fuels the ongoing popularity of home offices
  • Prioritize ergonomic, functional layouts to support work
  • Organization and storage essentials reduce desk clutter
  • Professional yet comfortable furnishings balance demands
  • Personal accents boost focus while humanizing space

Biophilic Design

Another trend that maintains momentum is biophilic design – interiors shaped by connection to nature. Expect ongoing incorporation of natural materials like stone, wood, bamboo, and sustainable fibers. Living elements such as plants, indoor gardens, and water features will further roots. 

An interior design trend in 2024 features a stunning courtyard with a centerpiece fountain.
A trendy walkway adorned with a plethora of indoor potted plants.
A courtyard with trendy interior design featuring potted plants and ivy.
An aesthetically pleasing courtyard adorned with potted plants, embracing current interior design trends of 2024.

Cues from nature also translate in free-flowing curved forms, natural light, and organic shapes, breaking rigid, straight lines.

Creating a multi-sensory experience, biophilic elements engage more of our senses. Examples include woodsy scents, textural plants, the relaxing sound of water, or a visual mural depicting nature. 

Bringing nature’s beauty into the home promotes organic well-being. Sustainable approaches also characterize this trend from renewable materials to energy-efficient building techniques.

  • Natural materials and living elements trend for their beauty and wellness benefits
  • Curved lines and asymmetric shapes reflect irregularity in nature
  • Sensory experiences strengthen connections through sight, sound, scent
  • Sustainable construction materials and techniques align with ethos
  • Accessible biophilic additions personalize spaces at varying budgets

Bold Statement Stones

In 2024, we’ll see bolder use of statement stones moving from countertops into stunning feature walls, fireplace facades, flooring, and beyond. 

While staples like marble, travertine, and quartzite remain constant, unique statement stones in vivid jewel tones, striking graphic patterns, or most smooth flows will capture attention.

An interior design showcasing the latest trends in 2024, featuring a kitchen with purple marble counter tops and flowers.
A kitchen featuring purple marble counter tops and gold accents, in line with the latest interior design trends for 2024.
A futuristic kitchen with purple marble counter tops and gold accents, following the latest interior design trends of 2024.
In the world of interior design, purple marble countertops are expected to soar in popularity as a top trend for 2024. Enhancing the aesthetics of any kitchen, these luxurious surfaces exude elegance and

Alternative finishes to polished gloss open new possibilities. Honed, flamed, weathered, and leathered stone finishes relay texture and depth. Get creative by mixing statement stones with contrasting materials like wood or colored concrete for innovative combinations. 

When selecting statement stones, visit suppliers to view the unique personality of individual slabs. Precision digital cutting maximizes visual impact. Statement stone tiles offer a cost-effective way to incorporate this drama.

  • Vivid hues, striking patterns, and fluid movements define statement stones
  • Alternative hand-finished textures add dimensionality
  • Mix with contrasting materials for innovative pairings
  • View slabs to select pieces with maximum visual impact
  • Statement stone tiles create a bold impact for less than slabs

Playful Punches Of Color

While rich saturated shades make confident statements in 2024 design, it’s all about getting the color balance right. Use vibrant hues strategically in doses to uplift neutral backdrops. Consistent color schemes ensure cohesion across bolder touches. 

A living room with trendy orange walls and furniture.
A trendy living room with orange walls and cactus plants, showcasing the latest interior design trends of 2024.
An interior design trend for 2024 is a living room featuring orange couches and cactus decor on the wall.
A trendy living room with orange walls showcasing futuristic interior design elements for the year 2024.

Think accent walls, vivid tile work, brightly colored decor items, or just the front door awakened with a saturated statement shade.

When working bold colors into overall neutral interiors, avoid overwhelming the senses with competing colors vying for attention in every direction. 

Find harmony with tones and tints that complement your core color palette. Don’t shy away from color experiments, but include built-in flexibility with paints to refresh the mood if inspiration strikes. Have fun and fearlessly incorporate pops of colors that bring you joy.

  • Strategic bold color infusions uplift neutrals without overwhelming
  • Consistent color scheme integration ensures harmony
  • Add color first in less permanent ways like decor items and paint
  • Built-in flexibility allows easy color changes down the road
  • Choose vibrant hues that spark inspiration, creativity and joy

Pattern Play

The pattern is back with a renewed sense of freshness. Expect to see more striking geometrics, cheerful dots, and stripes worked into 2024 design schemes. Incorporate these classic prints on furniture, area rugs, walls, or decor accessories for uplifting focal points. 

As part of the latest interior design trends, a vibrant yellow chair adds a pop of color in front of a table embellished with beautiful flowers.
A trendy yellow chair adds a pop of color to the room, complemented by a beautiful vase of flowers.
A yellow chair in a room with a vase of flowers following the interior design trends.
An interior design trend in 2024 featuring a yellow chair accentuated by a vase of flowers.

When repeating patterns in doses across a well-designed space, the overall effect delights rather than overwhelms the senses.

What sets patterns apart from bold colors is versatility. The same print feels at home in a range of decorated room aesthetics from modern to traditional spaces. 

Play to this strength by sticking to one or two statement patterns in a single room for cohesion rather than competing prints. Find inspiring pattern mixes by limiting variables of color and scale or echo shapes elsewhere in the space. The visual interest and sense of whimsy patterns relay when balanced, perfectly suit the 2024 interior mood.

  • Classic patterns like checks, dots, and stripes feel novel again
  • Use patterns decisively as anchoring focal points
  • Coordinate patterns successfully, limiting colors and scale variables
  • Echo pattern shapes in other room details for cohesion
  • Embrace the uplifting whimsy and interest of patterns in doses

Tactile Textile Layers

In 2024, interiors will reveal more personality and depth through decorative textures. Luxurious textiles like nubby boucle, cozy shearling, and textural woven blankets upgrade sofas or chairs and bring covetable texture. 

A close up of a brown fur texture, showcasing the latest interior design trends for 2024.
A close up image of a brown fabric, showcasing the latest interior design trends for 2024.
A close up image of a brown carpet, showcasing a potential interior design trend for 2024.
An intricately patterned brown carpet, showcasing the latest interior design trend for 2024.

Performance fabric treatments add durability to indulge freely. Mixing tactile, textural statements grounds aesthetics in the livable luxury lane.

While neutrals will continue providing an adaptable, clean backdrop, textural layers breathe visual interest and dimension into pared-back spaces. 

A close up of a tan couch showcasing the latest interior design trends.

Get creative combining mattes and shines, nubby wovens with smooth velvets, or contract durable indoor/outdoor fabrics alongside more delicate accents. Then, sculpt further interest with trims, fringing, and embellished details across accessories. Don’t be afraid to play favorites with textiles you love to live with.

  • Textural fabrics in finishes from nubby to smooth upgrade livability
  • Performance treatments increase durability for worry-free use
  • Luscious tactile textures allow neutrals to shine
  • Mix mattes with shines, indestructible with delicate
  • Sculpt visual depth through textured embellished accents

Concealed Storage Solutions

Open-concept living enjoys ongoing popularity, but that doesn’t doesn’t mean every belonging must remain exposed. Cleverly concealed storage offers the best of both worlds in 2024. 

Hidden cabinetry, lifting TV mounts, and Murphy desk solutions keep visual clutter out of sight while still being easily accessible.

A kitchen with white cabinets and gold hardware, following the interior design trends of 2024.
Explore the latest interior design trends with a stunning kitchen featuring white cabinets and gold hardware.
In 2024, interior design trends continue to showcase the beauty of a white kitchen with wood floors.
A modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, following the latest interior design trends of 2024.
In the realm of interior design trends for 2024, envision a pristine white kitchen harmoniously adorned with both functionality and natural elements. This visionary space showcases a sleek microwave seamlessly integrated into the kitchen ensemble

Discover inspiration on social media for concealed coffee bars, display shelves, or wine racks that emerge cleverly from cabinetry fronts when needed. 

Disguised pull-out pantries, appliance garages, charging drawers, and hidden bins offer invaluable organization without constant visual reminders of stuff accumulating. With the flexibility to stow items out of sight or creatively put frequently-used items within reach, concealed storage has wide-ranging design appeal.

  • Hidden storage preserves sleek sightlines
  • Innovative lifts and slides keep items accessible
  • Find social media inspiration for clever reveal designs
  • Out-of-sight organization reduces visible clutter
  • Flexibility to conceal or make items convenient

Blended Multi-Purpose Spaces

Open-concept living spaces remain preferred for their sense of freedom and flow, but segmenting specific functional zones is equally important for 2024 design. Blending rooms without totally isolating every area strikes an ideal balance of seamless movement yet a defined purpose.

A trendy living room with a glass wall, showcasing the future of interior design in 2024.
A wooden floor, following the latest interior design trends for 2024, enhances the living room.
An open kitchen and living area embracing the latest trends in interior design.
An interior design trend for 2024 featuring a combined living room, kitchen, and dining area.

Use smart furniture placement, partial screens or walls, and strategic changes in flooring to delineate living room, dining, and kitchen areas without totally disconnecting experiences. Play with ceiling height, cove lighting, or color/finish changes to define zones while maintaining an open feel. 

Keep plans flexible enough to modify layouts as family needs evolve. Achieve purpose and openness through this savvy blended space design trend.

  • Blends rooms without complete isolation
  • Smart furniture layouts, partial screens/walls define zones
  • Lighting, color/finish distinguish areas
  • Flexible to modify layouts as needs change
  • A savvy way to delineate purpose yet encourage the flow

Soothing Sanctuary Shades

As an antidote for uncertain times, darker-hued interiors in soothing deep greens, navy blues, and charcoals provide intimate sanctuary. These rich, enveloping backgrounds invite relaxation while allowing bolder textures, patterns, and metallic accents to shine. 

Contrast properly positioned lighting and cabinetry color to prevent overwhelmingly dark spaces.

A green velvet sofa that combines trends in interior design within a dark room.
A green couch, following the interior design trends for 2024, is placed in front of a window.
A trendy green velvet couch against a sleek black wall, showcasing cutting-edge interior design elements for 2024.
A trendy green velvet sofa paired with a stylish gold lamp, showcasing the latest 2024 interior design trend.

Repeat a single dark, dramatic color throughout a room in varying sheens, from soft matte walls to high-gloss built-ins. Or opt for a moodier color palette, blending shades of green from sage to emerald green paired with wood tones and black accents. 

Design flexibility exists thanks to the many tones that are able to coordinate within a cohesive escape-evoking color scheme. Just ensure lighting keeps pace so soothing doesn’t equal somber.

  • Darker colors craft intimate, relaxing environments
  • Integrate strategic lighting to prevent gloominess
  • Sophisticated metallic and wood accents complement the rich base
  • A single dark, dramatic color repeated across varying sheens unifies
  • Flexibility in coordinating schemes from a blended color family

Bold Color Immersion

While a hint of color proves uplifting, design trailblazers in 2024 will embrace full-color immersion through color drenching. This application of one vibrant color across walls, ceilings, millwork, and furnishings makes a bold sensory statement. Contrast white trims prevent overwhelm in spaces fully drenched in vibrancy.

Success lies in the color selection and room choice. For lower traffic zones like powder or laundry rooms, vivid, punchy colors feel invigorating. In main living areas, grounded deeper hues make relaxing statements. Ensure colors complement existing elements, staying or keeping surrounding rooms neutral. 

A trendy pink laundry room with a washer and dryer, incorporating 2024 interior design trends.
A trendy pink laundry room with a washer and dryer that embodies the interior design trends of 2024.

Paint allows reversible flexibility but maximizes visual impact by selecting intense colors you genuinely enjoy, as passion projects risk rapid burnout through color oversaturation. Proceed with vibrant confidence but prepare contingency plans.

  • Color drenching fully immerses a space in one vivid color choice
  • Contrast trims prevent overwhelm
  • Vibrant colors feel energizing in lower-traffic rooms
  • Grounded tones make expansive living room statements
  • Paint color changes provide built-in flexibility

Elevated Metallics

Warm metallic finishes take a healthy share of the 2024 spotlight. Polished brass, blackened steel, and unlacquered brass fuse sophisticated moodiness with glamour and shine. 

Bold metallic tiles or statement light fixtures uplift powder rooms and entryways when paired with marble, wood or concrete.

A bathroom with two round mirrors and two sinks, showcasing the latest interior design trends for 2024.
A modern bathroom with a sink and a mirror following the latest interior design trends of 2024.
A bathroom vanity with a round mirror following the latest interior design trends in 2024.
Explore the future of bathrooms with an innovative design featuring a sleek round mirror and a modern sink. Get ahead of the interior design trends for 2024 in your own home.

Metal finishes feel cutting edge in black nickel, champagne bronze, and oil-rubbed elements. Matching mixed metal finishes avoids chaos, so pair blackened bronze with charcoal steel or walnut wood accents. 

Beyond expected roles as hardware and pendant lights, metallic finishes make intriguing statements across mirrors, built-in cabinetry panels, kitchen sinks, or freestanding sculptural furnishings. Metallics add the perfect punctuation while harmonizing beautifully with other finishes in 2024’s2024’s welcoming, livable interiors.

A modern bathroom with a versatile shower head and hand shower, incorporating the latest interior design trends for 2024.
Explore the stunning bathroom interior design trends of 2024 featuring a luxurious shower head and inviting bathtub.
  • Alternative metals beyond basics gain ground
  • Sophisticated moodiness and shine polish spaces
  • Match metals in finishes and rooms for cohesion
  • Make eye-catching metallic statements beyond expected applications
  • Warm metals beautifully blend with 2024’s2024’s livable color schemes

Sculptural Lighting Statements

Lighting pushes creative boundaries in 2024 design, with artistic sculptural forms stealing focus. From organic sea-inspired wooden wave fixtures to 3D geometric laser-cut metal pendants, lighting makes literal and figural statements.

A trendy wooden table with candles, perfectly showcasing the 2024 interior design vibes.
A dining room with a wooden table and chairs in accordance with interior design trends of 2024.
An interior design dining room with a wooden table and black chairs, reflecting the 2024 trends.
A dining room with a wooden table and chairs, showcasing the latest interior design trends for 2024.

Check scale when designing impactful fixtures to match room proportions. Enormous chandeliers overwhelm modest rooms but prove perfect for two-story foyer statements. Custom creations needn’t break budgets – blackened steel pipe configured and mounted ingeniously impresses with minimal financial impact. 

Consider sculptural sconces flanking beds, a customized LED installation overcoming awkwardly angled ceilings, or shapely hand-thrown ceramic table lamps bringing irresistible texture to nightstands. Make lighting a literal bright spot sculpting artistic interest.

  • Sculptural lighting makes artistic statements
  • Original organic and geometric forms intrigue
  • Evaluate creative scale fit to room size
  • Ingenious budget-friendly custom configs available
  • Artistic lighting adds multi-sensory intrigue

Collected Mid-Century Mixes

The sustainability and individuality of discovered vintage and antique finds retain 2024 popularity. The thrill of curated, thrift, auctioned, or inherited hunting carries eco-appeal and inherent exclusivity in one-of-a-kind pieces unmatched by mass-produced replicas.

A trendy tv stand on wheels in a modern living room.
A coffee table in a living room showcasing the latest trends in interior design with a captivating picture of a car, giving it an alluring touch of modernity for the year 2024.
A coffee table in a room with a picture of a car, showcasing modern interior design trends.
A wooden coffee table, a perfect addition to any living room for an interior design touch.

Perfectly imperfect collected assortments allow refined Restoration Hardware-worthy elements to coexist beautifully alongside cozy flea market scores. Also, check the boxes for design individuality. 

Ensure every piece relates through a coordinated color scheme and style aesthetic, whether building upon sleek mid-century foundations or vintage traditional bones. The ongoing sustainable antiquing craze clicking with customized collected interior personality predicts it will continue to rise.

  • Sourcing secondhand scores of environmentally friendly finds
  • Texture and tale weave investment pieces into found stories
  • Curation ensures cohesive polish, not haphazard overflow
  • Coordinate color schemes and style tribes for curated flow
  • Rise of individual collected character against machines

Grounded Modern Glam Warmth

On the opposite side of stark, sterile modern environs, a surge of welcoming warmth promises to balance coldness in 2024 interiors. The trick is limiting elements from ornate traditional maximalism overpowering sophisticated foundations. 

A white chair placed in front of a window, showcasing the latest interior design trend for 2024.
A modern white furry chair adds a touch of luxury and comfort to any living room, keeping in line with the latest interior design trends of 2024.
This white rocking chair creates a cozy atmosphere in front of the fireplace, reflecting the latest interior design trends for 2024.
A white chair, following the 2024 interior design trends, in a room with a cactus.

A thoughtful infusion of naturally textured ceramics, touches of wood, woven accents, and collected artistry injects a cozy, organic personality without clutter.

Where rich colors lay the groundwork above, warmth weaves through neutral schemes here with wooly throws beckoning, curling up fireside atop sheepskin rugs, sharing stories over an intricately carved cocktail table. 

Grounded glam interiors feel livable and levity by wearing a cashmere cable knit sweater over the party dress. Clean lines allow warmth’s adornment to feel curated and considered rather than overwhelmingly dressy. Find that sweet spot for accessible opulence through a cozy edit.

  • Warmth balances stark, sterile spaces
  • Limit traditional elements overpowering modern bases
  • Natural organic textures add cozy personality * Cashmere cable knits tossed over party dresses
  • Considered edits merge clean lines with curated character

Turkish Travertine Tile Revivals

Travertine endures decade after decade as a beloved building block among enduring interior finishes. It’s subtly rustic organic beauty churches, museums, and resorts across the globe. Expect travertine’s perennial popularity to sweep stronger through 2024 residential interiors, too, in everything from floors to bathrooms. 

2024 interior design trends include a kitchen with blue cabinets and gold shelves.
A trendy blue kitchen with a stylish vase on the counter, showcasing contemporary interior design.
2024 trends: A blue and white kitchen with marble counter tops showcases contemporary interior design.
A blue and gold kitchen with a marble backsplash, following the latest interior design trends.

Interest revived during the brief ’70s’70s revival should stick to this next go-around.

What sets travertine apart is its texture and tones. Natural pitting and flow imbue rugged elegance and adaptable color pairings from white to walnut-hued. Large-scale travertine floor tiles make updated bathroom statements. 

Dimensional subway tiles or cladding architectural elements indoors and outdoors relay organic warmth. Durable and elegant and providing eco-friendly natural stone beauty, this iconic Turkish natural stone provides a versatile style that is definitely here to stay.

  • Historically beloved travertine makes a strong 2024 revival
  • Subtly rustic beauty pairs beautifully with other finishes
  • Natural tonal and textural variations set it apart
  • Oversize scale for floors makes a bathroom statement
  • Cladding walls indoors/out brings durable elegance


The interior design trends 2024 reveal a blending of comfortable livability, great personality, and eco-consciousness. From expanded small-space remodels to maximizing unused corners of the home, expectations focus on rooms doing more while enveloping inhabitants in beauty and multifunction. 

Soft organic finishes and natural materials soothe while vibrant colors, playful patterns, and standout stone and metal finishes energize. 

Lighting and fabricated furnishings make literal and figurative creative focal statements. And people increasingly value sourcing beloved items sustainably or giving forgotten pieces new purpose. 

Expect character and comfort with great consideration for practicality and the planet going into 2024.

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