Wooden Shine: Easy Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips!

  • You can clean hardwood floors by sweeping up debris or vacuuming the surface and opening all the windows in the room. 
  • Use a recommended floor cleaner or a tested homemade variant. 
  • Using a microfibre mop, wash the surface and let it dry. Use the recommended hardwood floor polish to finish.
how to clean hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are pricey to lay down, but they can last a lifetime, provided you know how to clean them. Unlike laminate floors, hardwood floors require different products for cleaning and maintenance.

Polished hardwood floors look amazing but make sure you don’t use a product that can cause you to slip and fall. Using a polish that does not create layers of buildup is also a good idea because your hardwood floors will become dull over time. 

Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors

When cleaning hardwood floors, you want them to stay as clean and shiny as possible. The key is to clean your floors often and with a suitable method. When you think about all the dirt, dust, and grime you bring into your house after being outside, you’ll want to know how to clean your floors.

When you let your floors get dirty, it is not lazy. But it damages the hardwood and will be expensive to repair and, worst of all, replace. But by keeping your hardwood floors clean and regularly cleaning them with just a few natural products and tools, you’ll help maintain the floor’s shine for a while.

Step 1 – Check If The Floors Are Sealed 

sealed wardwood floor

Before cleaning, you’ll want to make sure your floors won’t take any damage. First, check if your floors are sealed. Knowing whether your floors are finished with or even finished is essential. If you drop some water on the floor and it stays on the top, the floor is sealed. 

Step 2 – Plan a time to clean

empty minimalist room with hardwood floor

Plan a time when there is nobody home so you can tend the floors. When you are alone, you can ensure there won’t be any footprints left around. 

Step 3 – Remove Any Small Items On The Floors

small items on hardwood floor

Remove any rugs, sofas, or coffee tables to clean faster and get everywhere you need to be clean and not miss small spots.

Step 4 – Clean The Dirt And Debris 

dust mop cleaning a hardwood floor

Before mopping or using any wet products, you’ll need to clean away any dust or sand on the floors. Use a vacuum with just the stick or a dust mop. The most efficient way is to use a microfiber mop since it will trap all the dust. 

Step 5 – Use A Homemade Product

woman cleaning a hardwood floor with natural products

Mix some dish soap with four cups of water. Don’t use vinegar since it may ruin the floor’s seal. You can clean with a water-based product, but the seal may have worn out if the wood absorbs the water. 

If your floor isn’t sealed, try to reduce the amount of water when you clean try using a dry mop to get the dust so there won’t be too much of a buildup.

Step 6 – Drying The Floors

cleaning the hardwood floor with a mop

Open all your windows or doors for a draft throughout the house. Or turn on your air con’s/ceiling fans. To keep your floors clean for extended periods, avoid spilling on the floor by wiping the spill up immediately. 

Also, try not to wear shoes in the house since they can cause damage to the floors and bring in dust and soil from the outside. 

Why Do Hardwood Floors Get Dirty?

Hardwood floors can get dirty quickly, specifically if you have a hectic household. When you know why your hardwood floors get so dirty quickly, sustaining and keeping them clean for extended periods is much easier.

Your hardwood floors get so dirty quickly because of foot traffic, product buildup, pets, sunlight, and no airflow. Also, wearing shoes inside or dragging your furniture around can leave scratches on your floors and damage them. 

Here are some ways your hardwood floor is getting dirty:

Wearing your shoes inside

dirty shoes on a hardwood floor

If you wear shoes inside, it can most likely be the reason for dirty floors. Since you wear your shoes outside, they can bring dust, and sand, cause scuff marks, and leave scratches, making it easy to trap dust into your floors. 

When more people come into the house with shoes on, it multiplies the dust and debris being brought into the house. Having an area when you enter your home to leave shoes is an excellent way to start cleaning your floors. 


pet on a hardwood floor

When pets run around on hardwood floors, they may leave scratch marks everywhere, making it easy for dirt to fall between the scratches. Also, since dogs and cats shed their hair, it can make the floors look dirty. 

It also leaves oils on the floor, making the finish layer disappear.

Sunlight damage

cozy room with a clean hardwood floor

If your floors are in direct sunlight, it can bring discoloration to your floors and lift the finish layer. 


Hardwood floors are supposed to mature with the people occupying the home. It’s normal to have some scratches and marks that remain over time but its important to clean them regularly. 

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