Innovative Plant Containers for Stylish Bathroom Greenery

Displaying plants in a bathroom can be challenging due to limited space and humidity concerns. However, with some creative solutions, you can successfully incorporate greenery into your bathroom décor. This article explores ten unique containers and hanging mechanisms suitable for showcasing plants in the bathroom.

Introducing plants to your bathroom provides numerous benefits. Plants filter the air, add comforting nature elements, and liven up the space with pops of color. 

Carefully selecting low-maintenance varieties accustomed to steamy environments sets you up for planting success. Proper drainage is also key to avoiding root rot. This article presents problem-solution sets for various bathroom layouts and tricky spots suited for plants.

Narrow Space Between Toilet and Wall

✅ Solution: Install a wall-mounted plant shelf or ledge above the toilet for displaying petite pots. Opt for moisture-loving ferns or pilea that thrive in humid air yet require little counter space.

An innovative plant container hanging solution for toilets features a white toilet with a plant on top.
An innovative plant container with a hanging solution, featuring a plant on top of a toilet.
A fern plant, placed in a plant container, sits on a window sill.
  • Wall-mounted shelves situate plants out of the way in tight spots
  • Small ferns and pilea enjoy bathroom humidity without taking up precious counter space

Blank Empty Wall Near Bathtub

✅ Solution: Adhere trellises directly to the wall for climbing vines like pothos or philodendrons to traverse up. The cascading vines inject life into boring, empty walls.

An innovative bathroom with ivy hanging from the ceiling using plant containers.
A bathroom with ivy hanging from the ceiling using hanging solutions.
An innovative plant container solution - a white bathtub with a plant.
  • Wall-mounted trellises occupy unused vertical spaces ideal for vining plants
  • Pothos and philodendrons readily climb materials and enjoy humid bathrooms

Insufficient Hanging Points on Bathroom Ceiling

✅ Solution: Install ceiling plant brackets specifically designed for suspending hanging baskets via sturdy hooks and adjustable arms. Wire the backside of wall shelves onto the hooks to mount shelves of various sizes.

Two hanging plant containers with tassels, suitable for bathrooms or as space-saving hanging solutions for windows.
Innovative plant containers featuring hanging solutions with tassels beautify a room.
Two innovative plant containers with tassels hanging from a window.
Two hanging planters with plants hanging from them, providing attractive hanging solutions for bathrooms or any other space in need of plant containers.
  • Sturdy ceiling hooks support the weight of hanging planters
  • Plant brackets conveniently adjust to hold shelves and vine baskets

Preventing Mold Growth in Humid Bathroom

✅ Solution: Select tropical plants accustomed to steamy conditions, like orchids, ferns, peace lilies, and many succulents. Water only when the soil is partly dry. Increase airflow with a ventilating fan.

An innovative bathroom sink with a rattan basket for hanging solutions or as a plant container.
A bathroom with a pink orchid in a wooden bowl in front of a mirror.
An innovative hanging solution featuring a wicker basket filled with orchids gracefully placed on a tiled floor.
An innovative plant container hanging from the ceiling, showcasing a vibrant plant, embellishing a tiled floor.
  • Orchids, ferns, peace lilies, and succulents thrive in humid bathrooms
  • Control watering and increase airflow to prevent mold

Hard Water Scale Buildup on Leaves

✅ Solution: Rinse plant leaves in tepid, clean water to dissolve minerals left behind from tap water. Consider using distilled, rain, or purified water to prevent future accumulation.

An innovative plant container with a hand pouring water from a faucet.
A plant container being washed in a bathroom sink.
  • Rinse leaves with tepid, clean water to remove hard water deposits
  • Use distilled, rain, or purified water to prevent scale buildup

Low Light Levels Near Bathroom Window

✅ Solution: Supplement dim natural light with grow lights. Install long LED light strips along the edges of shelves or hanging baskets to directly illuminate the plants.

An innovative hanging plant container graces the window of a room.
An innovative plant container hanging from a light fixture in a bathroom.
  • Grow lights supplement plants in low indoor light
  • Mount long LED light strips along shelves and hangers to directly light plants

Lack of Floor and Counter Space

✅ Solution: Adhere small wall-mounted planters above toilets or tuck narrow plant stands into unused alcoves for extra planting spots. Use corner shelves, hanging baskets, and vertical gardens to capitalize on all available space.

An innovative plant container sits on a stand in front of a window.
A potted plant sits on a table in front of a white wall, providing a charming addition to any space with its lush green leaves.
An innovative hanging plant container in a bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted and corner shelves optimize unused space
  • Hanging baskets and vertical gardens maximize narrow bathroom dimensions

Preventing Cabinet and Window Sill Water Stains

✅ Solution: Opt for self-watering pots with drainage trays to contain excess water. Use drip irrigation systems or water plants in showers and bathtubs to avoid spills.

A plant container on a window sill.
Innovative Anthurium Plant Containers on a Window Sill.
Innovative plant containers holding pink chrysanthemums hang on a window sill.
Innovative plant containers for pink cyclamen plants on a window sill.
  • Self-watering pots with drainage trays prevent leaks
  • Water over showers and tubs to avoid spillage

Lack of Sturdy Support Beams for Hanging Heavy Planters

Solution: Install heavy-duty plant swag hooks into ceiling beams, wall studs, or sturdy window frames to securely hang hefty hanging baskets.

  • Anchor heavy hooks into wall studs and window frames
  • Plant swag hooks hold substantial weight

10 Hard To Reach Windows Blocking Natural Sunlight

✅ Solution: Use adjustable arm LED grow lights secured onto windowsills or sides of planter boxes to angle the light where it’s needed most. Consider supplementary full-spectrum grow bulbs in those shaded spots.

An innovative plant hanging from a ceiling in a room using Hanging Solutions.
A black hanging planter with green plants in it, perfect for bathrooms.
A black and white bathroom with a plant hanging from the ceiling.
A hanging wicker planter in a room.
  • Adjustable LED grow arms direct light into hard-to-reach areas
  • Full-spectrum bulbs supplement plants in dark corners

In summary, bathrooms present unique challenges for nurturing plants with restricted space, humidity, and light complications. But with the right selection of hardy, moisture-loving plants paired with creative placement solutions, your bathroom oasis awaits! 

This article presented ten problem-solution pairs for effectively displaying plants in bathrooms of all sizes and layouts. The takeaways summarize critical points for overcoming common planting obstacles. With a bit of planning, any bathroom, no matter how small, can be instantly enlivened with lush, relaxing greenery.


From wall mounts to hanging displays, narrow stands to corner shelves, and supplemental lighting to watering setups, solutions exist for every bathroom layout and lighting situation when it comes to growing plants. 

Carefully review your conditions, implement matching mechanisms that account for space restrictions, adjust watering accordingly to control humidity, and provide light interventions if needed through grow bulbs or strips. With plants suited to steamy spaces, such as orchids and ferns, positioned just right to brighten your bathroom, this frequently underutilized part of your home offers unmatched potential for plant lovers.

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