Thrifted Treasures Guide: Best Second-Hand Furniture Stores

Shopping around for used furniture is a lot of fun. You never know when you’ll come across a real gem or an amazing bargain. But buying second hand furniture online can also be full of pitfalls. You might not even know where to buy used furniture in the first place.

Used furniture store

So, I’ve put together this guide to the best used furniture stores online. Plus, I’ll share my tips for shopping online for secondhand furniture. 

I’ll share some reliable stores with fantastic selections, including gorgeous vintage pieces. There’s something for every budget and style on this list! 

Vintage or secondhand furniture is ideal for creating a unique look in your home. And this guide will take out all the stress and worry for you. 

So, read on to get up to speed on what you should know before buying used furniture online!  

The Best Secondhand Furniture Shops

Here are the best used and second hand furniture shops. There are even some excellent vintage stores online!


Best Premium Secondhand Store Online

1stdibs Premium Secondhand Store Online

Image / 1stDibs

If you’re looking for fantastic curated vintage furniture, start with 1stDibs. 

It’s worth noting that this website is dedicated to premium pieces (that come at premium prices). But if that’s not for you, there are plenty of other more affordable options – so, keep scrolling down!

On 1stDibs, you can find unique items and real showstoppers. These pieces are striking, eye-catching, and memorable. They will make your home like no other.

So, 1stDibs is regarded as one of the best websites to buy high-end secondhand furniture. And for good reason! Each piece has been picked out, vetted, and chosen with an eye for quality and design.

When you shop, you can set the price limit according to your budget. That’s a useful feature as it means you won’t overspend or splurge. Plus, it’s easier to find items that fall into your price range.

You’ll love 1stDibs if money is no object, and you want the best out there. It’s also a good place to shop for stylish secondhand clothes, jewelry, and more. 

There are gorgeous vintage pieces on 1stDibs. They will stand out and become focal points in your home. But with most items costing thousands rather than hundreds, it won’t suit everyone. In that case, check out some of the more reasonably priced websites below. 

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Amsterdam Modern

Best Mid-Century Vintage Furniture Store

Amsterdam Modern Mid-Century Vintage Furniture Store

Image / Amsterdam Modern

Is mid-century style your kind of thing? Then, you’ll fall in love with this one-of-a-kind online store. (It also has a brick-and-mortar location in downtown LA, California). 

Amsterdam Modern sells all sorts of lighting, seating, and tables. But these pieces aren’t any old secondhand furniture. They’re all legit, vintage pieces shipped directly from Amsterdam. So, if you’re after some mid-century European chic, you’re in the right place.

This store caters to the film industry, but it also sells to individuals. The expert staff have picked out every single item – but do note, they are sold in their original condition. You can find that information in the item’s description. 

Amsterdam Modern is for you if you’re after unique, statement furniture. Each piece has its own charm, and there’s a great range to choose from! 

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Most User-Friendly Online Marketplace for Secondhand Furniture

Kaiyo user-friendly online marketplace for Secondhand furniture

Image / Kaiyo

When you’re shopping for secondhand furniture, it’s not just the range of items that are important. The user experience is also crucial! 

If it’s hard to navigate a website or sorting out delivery is stressful, it ruins the entire process. Plus, customers are unlikely to come back again. 

But that’s where Kaiyo comes in. This fantastic marketplace has simplified buying furniture online. Here, you’ll find quality furniture at reasonable prices. (But do note that the prices are still on the high end. It’s not a budget store!) 

Every item on Kaiyo has been checked out, and they even clean the items for you. Plus, they offer delivery and will even assemble your purchases for you. 

So, shopping on Kaiyo is a stress- and hassle-free experience from start to finish. You won’t need to worry about the quality, value for money, or even organize the delivery.

Kaiyo will save you time with its user-friendly site. And it’s also much more reliable than buying from Facebook Marketplace (Meta) or Craigslist.

As a side note, you can also sell your furniture on Kaiyo. It’s just as streamlined for sellers – they even swing by to pick it up from you. 

Kaiyo gets my vote all around if you’re looking for a smooth buying experience and great quality. While this online furniture store isn’t the cheapest, in my opinion, it’s well worth it for what you get.

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Sunbeam Vintage

Best Online Vintage Furniture Store

Sunbeam Vintage best online vintage furniture store

Image / Sunbeam Vintage

If you’re crazy about vintage furniture, you need to take a look at Sunbeam Vintage. You’re sure to fall in love with the gorgeous items at your fingertips. 

Sunbeam Vintage is a small Latinx & women-owned store based in Los Angeles, California. So, if you’re local, you can swing by and check out the items in person. But it’s just as easy to shop their items online.

You’ll find everything from mid-century sofas to 80’s armchairs (and much, much more) in this store. It’s easy to browse through different categories and sort by era or price.

And Sunbeam’s prices will win you over if nothing else does. It offers a wide range of affordable pieces. So, these items aren’t only for people with limitless budgets. 

Sunbeam offers delivery, but it isn’t the cheapest option. It’s a flat rate, so if you’re buying something small, it may not seem worth it. 

Yet if you’re buying a few larger items, it quickly becomes very affordable compared to other options. Sunbeam also offers out-of-state delivery bundles to reduce the cost of long-distance shipping. But you should also note that they do not provide any exchanges or refunds.

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Best Used Furniture Store in Northeast USA

AptDeco used furniture store in Northeast USA

Image / AptDeco

The AptDeco secondhand furniture store started out in New York. But its popularity is spreading throughout the US, thanks to its great prices and items. Currently, you can buy and sell furniture in the San Francisco area as well as the Northeast US. 

AptDeco is the place to come for vintage and preloved furniture in good quality. It has an excellent range of items that all come in and reasonable prices. Each seller is vetted and verified, so you can shop stress-free.

Even more attractive, you can get professional, insured delivery at a low cost. So, you don’t have the hassle of organizing delivery for yourself.

You can feel confident that all the items are in good shape, as everything is pre-vetted for you. Plus, the furniture featured here is stylish yet eclectic. You can find everything, from modern items to vintage artisan pieces and more.

The website is easy to navigate. You can filter the items by color, type, brand, price, and more. So, you get very personalized search results, making it simple to find what you need.

And when you find something you like, you can reserve the item so you don’t miss out. The AptDeco team can also help you deal with any issues or disputes. With customer support available 7 days a week, it’s seamless to use this marketplace.

What’s most appealing is that these items are bargains when compared to their retail prices. You can save a lot of money by shopping around on AptDeco. So, it’s ideal for anyone who is budget-conscious but still wants a trendy apartment.

AptDeco also has a handy seller’s guide if you want to cash in on some of your furniture.

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Best Vintage & Antique Online Furniture Store (with Decent Prices)  

Chairish vintage & antique online furniture store

Image / Chairish

If you’re looking for high-end items at mid-range prices, check out Chairish. It hosts an amazing selection of secondhand furniture. 

Chairish covers the whole gamut from mid-range to premium items. So, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your style or price range is. 

On this online furniture store, you’ll find all sorts. They stock everything from furniture to art, lighting, outdoor furniture, and more.

What’s nice about Chairish is that it has specific collections depending on the season. And if you’re looking for something new and exciting, you can check out the Just In page

But if you’re after something truly unique, check out their Custom furniture. And there’s even a Sales section for bargain pieces.

This website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can narrow your search using all sorts of filters, from color to brand to price. So, it’s very practical and straightforward. And, you even have the option to return an item within two days if it doesn’t meet your standards.

On Chairish, you can find almost anything you could imagine. It stocks modern and designer pieces as well as gorgeous antique furniture items. Whatever you go for, you can be sure you’re getting amazing value for money on this site.

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Best Online Marketplace for Used, Upcycled, or Vintage Furniture

When you hear Etsy, you might think of homemade mittens or crafty gifts. But that’s not all you can find on this online marketplace. It’s also a great place to look for secondhand furniture or even vintage pieces.

Etsy is available across the US and even internationally. And as it’s an established website, it’s easy to navigate and filter the results. You can sort them by price, style, location, color, and more. These options allow you to find what you’re looking for much more quickly. 

It’s also ideal for anyone who likes upcycled or DIY-ed furniture. If you’re into artistic touches, you can find pieces lovingly customized by skilled creators. 

One quick tip: Make sure that you set it to deliver to your country before you start shopping. That way, you’ll only see items that can be delivered to you. So, you won’t fall in love with a particular item and then realize it’s only available elsewhere.

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Best Used Furniture Marketplace for Local Purchases

You’re probably already familiar with Craiglist, but it deserves a mention on this list. 

Craiglist is an online marketplace that cuts out the middle man. What that means is you can communicate directly with the seller and even negotiate the price. 

So, you can get some amazing deals on secondhand furniture on Craigslist. The downside is that it’s not been vetted and curated, so you’ll need to do the hard work. 

You could easily spend hours searching through all the items listed on the website. And it’s not the most user-friendly or attractive interface to use. Craiglist is a bit clunky, and there aren’t so many options for filtering the results.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great finds on Craiglist! It’s especially good if you’re on a tight budget, as people are often eager to move their items on. So, they could accept a lower offer from you.

You will need to organise the pickup or delivery yourself, though. And you should be on the lookout for scammers, as you’re responsible for the entire transaction. For example, never send an online payment until you’ve seen the goods in person.

If you’re willing to put in the work, Craiglist is a fantastic place to buy used or vintage furniture. While it’s the luck of the draw, you could find some gorgeous pieces for your home.

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More Tips for Buying Secondhand Furniture

So, there you have a rundown of the best places to buy secondhand furniture online. But I do have a few more tips to ensure you buy only the best quality items. 

Keep these tips in mind as you shop around! They will help you buy with confidence. So, you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth and not getting the wool pulled over your eyes.

Check the Photos Thoroughly

This first tip sounds simple, and it is – but it’s also very important! It’s so easy to miss damage if you don’t go through every single photo with a fine-toothed comb. 

Just because you’ve seen the first 2-3 photos, don’t assume you know everything there is to know. Take your time looking through every photo of an item the seller has. If there are any defects, you may need to be sharp-eyed to spot them. 

A few extra minutes and a conscientious attitude could save you a lot of money in the long run! 

When you buy secondhand furniture online, you take it as it comes. While sellers should share about any flaws or damage, they may not always be as scrupulous as you like. So, pay close attention when looking at photos of a used item for sale.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

When you’re buying secondhand, there’s often some leeway in the price advertised. So, if you’re friendly and confident, you could negotiate the price down. (And you could save yourself quite a bit of cash!) 

Negotiating is even more important if there is any damage to the item. It may not be significant enough to put you off, but the flaw should be reflected in the price.

Remember that you may have to spend extra to get the item repaired. So, I would recommend coming in at a lower price and highlighting the extra work required. You may be surprised by how flexible many sellers are when they want an item taken off their hands.

Buy from Reputable Sellers

Don’t chance your luck and transfer cash to an unknown seller for an item, sight unseen. Especially if they are a brand new account on Facebook Marketplace (Meta), eBay, or Craiglist. 

I would encourage going through one of the vetted online stores mentioned above. They are all legit and reliable, so you can feel more confident about buying through them. 

But if you do buy something elsewhere, make sure to do your research. For example, check and see if they have any reviews if you’re shopping on eBay. On Facebook (Meta), do a search for their username and see if anything suspicious comes up. 

By taking your time, you can sniff out any scams. And make sure not to transfer any money without seeing the item in person and giving it a thorough once-over.

Factor in Shipping Fees

Imagine this scenario. You’ve found a bargain item, but unfortunately, it’s on the other side of the country. The shipping fees might outweigh any savings you could have made on the price of the item. 

Sometimes, it works out cheaper to shop locally. You might end up paying a little extra, but you could save a ton on extortionate shipping fees.

But shipping doesn’t always cost through the roof. Some platforms have very reasonably priced delivery. That makes them both competitive and attractive, even if they’re not in your local area. 

So when you look at a used furniture store, start by checking out the delivery prices. Then, you’ll feel more informed upfront. And at least you won’t get disappointed if the shipping fees cost more than that sofa you fell in love with.

Shop Locally

Have you checked out any secondhand furniture stores in your region? Not only is it fun to shop for furniture in person, but you can also reduce your shipping/delivery fees a lot. That in itself is reason enough to look up “used furniture store near me” and see what comes up! 

So, head over to Google and search for “secondhand furniture store near me”. You might be surprised about what’s nearby, and you didn’t even know. 

Or, you could turn it into a road trip and visit a few different stores in the wider area. It will probably still work out cheaper if you can skip those pricey shipping fees.

Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

The Wrap Up

Now, you know everything there is to know about buying secondhand furniture. You can find gorgeous pieces if you know where and how to look, both online and in person.

So, bookmark your favorite sites from the list above! And let me know how it goes for you. Happy shopping! 

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