Table Talk: 10 Essential Types for Modern Homes 2024

A table is an essential piece of furniture for your home, and there are so many different types of tables out there. 

What are the types of tables

We eat at tables, get ready for the day, work, write, and relax all around tables. They provide a useful surface to keep items on and for many other purposes.

Choosing the right types of tables will make your home practical yet stylish. 

There is a wide range of styles, looks, and designs available, ranging from basic to luxury tables. And there’s a table for every room, from the living room to the kitchen or dining room and the bedroom.

It’s easy to overthink which tables you need or even to get mixed up with the furniture names. So, here’s a quick and simple guide to the most common types of tables you may need in your home.

10 Different Kinds of Tables to Consider for Your Home

types of tables for your home

1. Dining Table

Every home needs a dining table you can gather around to share meals. It’s one of the focal points of the home, bringing people together and making them closer. 

Modern dining room with dining table, Scandinavian interior

There are so many different types of dining tables that you’re sure to find one that suits your home. 

They can range from modern to rustic, traditional to industrial. You can pick a cozy little two-seater dining table or one large enough to host large dinner parties.

So, you’re sure to find a dining table that complements your home’s interior design style

2. Coffee Table

A coffee table is another vital piece you need in your home. It’s the perfect spot to keep items handy or pop your drinks while you watch TV or chat with a friend. 

Coffee tables tend to sit low to the ground, with seating areas placed around them. 

Types of table, coffee table

In your living room, the coffee table draws the eye, so you want it to fit in with your room as a whole. 

Coffee table

You’ll spend a lot of time sat around your coffee table, so choose wisely! It should be a piece of furniture that you love, looks great, and is just the right size for your space. 

Check out my roundup of the best minimalist coffee tables for my recommendations! 

3. End Table

End tables are practical little tables that will fit into almost any spot. They tend to be fairly small and sit neatly next to your sofa or armchair. 

They make the perfect spot for keeping drinks, your phone, remote control, or your book handy. 

Types of tables furniture, end table

An end table is one of the most useful additions you can make to your home. They’re essential in the living room but can also double as a nightstand in your bedroom.

End tables can vary hugely in design and materials, from the basic to the decorative. 

Most commonly, you’ll find wood end tables of every style, color, and design. But end tables can also come in metal, rattan, or other natural materials. 

4. Nested Tables

Nested tables are an excellent solution for any minimalist home. They take up very little space, yet they provide lots of extra storage. 

Types of nested tables

Nested tables are normally a set of tables that fit together and pack away neatly. But if you need extra surface space, you can spread them out or place them wherever you like. 

Nested Tables

When you need somewhere to put a drink, you can pull out a nested table. But you can tuck it away when you’re done, so you don’t have a permanent fixture taking up space. 

They are practical, versatile, and ideal for when you have guests round to your home.

5. Cocktail Table

A cocktail table will add some flair and glamor to any room and take the style up a notch. 

You can find a place for a cocktail table in your living room. But they look just as good outside in a space you use for socializing.

Outdoor type of tables, cocktail table

Cocktail tables are tall and slim, just large enough for a few drinks. As a result, they aren’t the most practical or sturdy tables. 

But they also don’t take up much space and create a focal point for people to gather around. So, if you like bringing people together in your home, a cocktail table could be just what you need! 

6. Console Table

Although console tables aren’t the most well-known of the types of tables, they do have a rich history. 

Console tables date back to 17th century France, where they were narrow tables mounted to a wall. 

console table

Other common names for console tables are sideboards or buffets. Nowadays, you’ll find that console tables often sit in your living room and provide a base for a TV. 

Modern consoles tend to have two shelves, making them a great option for extra storage in your home. You can store books and magazines on them, or even toiletries in your bedroom or bathroom. 

Different kinds of tables, console tables

As they don’t take up much space, a console table also works well in narrow hallways. 

If you are short on space but need a surface to put things on, consider adding a console table. They look both stylish, sturdy, and practical. 

7. Accent Table

An accent table is a piece that focuses more on the design than practicality. They tend to be more daring or unusual and can draw the eye. 

A well-chosen accent table can add some pizzazz and spice up a room.

Accent tables

You can go for an accent table that either complements or contrasts with your room’s interior style. With so many different types to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Knowing how to use accent furniture is key to creating an effortlessly stylish home.

An accent table can add a pop of color to a room or mix up the styles. It’s also handy for balancing out the room and filling any awkward empty spaces. 

8. Vanity Table

When it comes to tables, don’t neglect your bedroom! Every stylish bedroom should have a vanity table. It’s where you can keep your essentials and get ready for the day.

Vanity table

A vanity table is normally a slim table with four legs and a low chair or stool to sit on. It often has small drawers for storage, and the stool will tuck neatly away beneath the table when not in use. That saves space, so a vanity can fit in almost any bedroom.

If you want your bedroom to feel classy and feminine, a vanity table is an ideal addition. You’ll feel fashionable sat in front of your mirror at your vanity table. 

Bedroom table

These tables often have a classic look, but you can also find modern vanity tables. So, there’s something for every bedroom. 

9. Bar Table

If you like to have visitors in your home, you need a space to prepare drinks and place snacks. A long, thin bar table could be the perfect solution. 

Bar table, console

A bar table can also be useful for preparing meals or eating your breakfast. If you live in a small apartment or you’re tight on space, it could even replace your dining table. 

kitchen table

These tables are normally high and narrow and sometimes have stools so you can sit up at the bar. They look just as good in a kitchen as in a dining or living room and make a great space for chatting with guests. 

As bar tables tend to be simple yet sturdy in design with clean lines, they fit nicely in a minimalist home

10. Patio Table

Your outdoor space is just as important as your interior rooms. So, it deserves elegant furniture, too. That’s why it’s vital that you pick a great table for your patio, balcony, or garden.

Patio and terasse table

Outdoor tables come in many shapes and sizes. You can find tables that sit low to the ground, as your regular coffee table. Or, there are full-sized tables where you can sit with friends for a meal. 

But these tables tend to differ both in style and materials used. For an outdoor table, you need something that’s built to withstand the elements and won’t break or show its age. They need to be sturdy, water-resistant, and weatherproof. 

Most outdoor tables are made from durable treated wood, synthetic materials, or metal. Rattan or wicker tables are other popular alternatives.

A patio table will often have a more relaxed look, as it’s a space for relaxing and entertaining. The perfect spot for a leisurely picnic lunch or drinks as the sunsets. 

10 types of tables for your home

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Final Thoughts

You may not need every type of table on this list, but you will need at least a few of these tables! 

As one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home, it’s worth thinking carefully about the tables you need. 

You want to choose a table that will complement your interior design. It should be functional, but also look great. 

Let me know in the comments if I missed any types of tables! Then, follow me on Pinterest for more interior design tips and inspiration. 

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