Top Plants for Ceiling Hanging: Care and Selection Tips

Introducing hanging planters into your home is an excellent way to elevate your plants, bring greenery into your space, and add visual interest. Suspending planters from the ceiling or mounting them on walls saves valuable floor and table space while creating a beautiful botanical display. From simple woven baskets to intricate macramé plant hangers, read on for creative ideas to hang plants in style.

Woven Baskets

Take any woven basket – a vintage one, a laundry basket, a hammock, or one made of natural fibers – and turn it into an instant planter. Simply place a plastic nursery pot inside to prevent soil leakage. Consider cluster 3-5 mini planters in a large basket for a lush cascading effect. 

Three innovative hanging planters on a window sill.
Two innovative suspended containers, also known as hanging planters, are beautifully displayed on a window sill.
Three innovative hanging planters suspended on a window sill.
Three innovative suspended containers, resembling wicker baskets, serving as hanging planters from a window sill.

Key Ideas:

  • – Repurpose woven baskets as instant planters
  • – Use a plastic nursery pot inside to prevent leakage 
  • – Cluster mini planters for a lush cascading effect
  • – Option for indoor or covered outdoor spaces
  • – Inexpensive way to create a plant display

Macramé Hanging Planters

Intricately hand-knotted macramé plant holders effortlessly infuse boho vibes into any space. While intricate ones can be purchased, it’s simple to DIY macramé by knotting cotton cording. Secure cords to the nursery pot with craft glue for a foolproof method. For an advanced look, keep knotting upwards to extend cords.

Innovative macrame plant hangers on a window sill.
Innovative suspended containers, Macrame plant hangers hanging from a window sill.
Innovative macrame plant hangers hanging from a window.
Innovative macrame hanging planters suspended on a window sill.

Key Ideas: 

  • – Purchase readymade macramé or easily DIY
  • – Use craft glue to securely fasten cords 
  • – Looks beautiful with trailing vine plants
  • – Option for indoor or covered outdoor spaces
  • – Brings lovely bohemian style to any spot

Hanging Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums with metal hangers brilliantly put lush miniature landscapes on display. Self-watering options feature a false bottom to prevent soil from sitting in water. Use layers of charcoal, pebbles, and potting mix to create a thriving microclimate inside. 

Three innovative suspended containers, resembling hanging planters, grace a window sill.
Three hanging planters, innovative suspended containers for air terrariums, elegantly adorn a window.
Four innovative hanging planters suspended from a window sill.
Three innovative suspended containers hanging from a window.

Key Ideas:

  • – Glass terrariums spotlight mini gardens 
  • – Self-watering designs have false bottoms
  • – Use layers of charcoal, pebbles & soil 
  • – Perfect for tropical high humidity-loving plants
  • – Create a lush paradise suspended in glass

Geometric Hanging Planters

Modern hanging planters in geometric shapes effortlessly introduce contemporary style. Materials like concrete, ceramic, plastic, and wood make excellent minimalist vessels for plants. Opt for hexagons, spheres, cubes, cones, or cylinders for an ultramodern botanical accent.  

A living room with innovative suspended containers.
An innovative living room with plants hanging from suspended containers.
An innovative living room with plants suspended from the ceiling using hanging planters.
An innovative living room with plants hanging from the ceiling in stylish hanging planters.

Key Ideas:  

  • – Geometric planters have a modern appeal
  • – Excellent materials include concrete & wood
  • – Opt for shapes like spheres & cubes 
  • – suits contemporary, minimalist decor
  • – Makes a sculptural style statement 

Upcycled Hanging Planters

Give beloved objects new life by repurposing them into hanging planters. Teapots, mugs, bowls, buckets, and bottles can all be suspended from the ceiling. Affix a plant basket liner inside to transform collectibles into plant vessels. This eco-friendly style creates a meaningful, one-of-a-kind display.  

A yellow wall adorned with brightly colored hanging teapots and potted plants in innovative suspended containers.
A wall of hanging planters on a yellow wall.
An innovative shelf with hanging planters.
A wall of innovative hanging planters on a shelf in front of a yellow wall.

Key Ideas:  

  • – Repurpose beloved dishes & objects 
  • – Use plant basket liners to hold soil
  • – Choose special pieces with emotional value
  • – Honor cherished items with new life
  • – Sustainable way to display houseplants

Wood Box Gardens 

Rustic wood boxes outfitted with drainage make charming indoor suspended gardens. Use rectangular crates or cubes fastened together into geometric layouts. Include multiple plants per box to create a lush landscape. Position box gardens in front of sunny windows to spotlight botanicals. 

An innovative hanging planter with succulents suspended in a wooden crate in front of a window.
An innovative display of plants in suspended containers.
An innovative planter box featuring succulents, suspended elegantly with hanging planters.

Key Ideas:

  • – Wood crates make darling planters
  • – Include drainage holes for healthy plants
  • – Plant multiples per box  
  • – Box frames highlight greenery 
  • – Perfect positioning near sunny windows

Recycled Hanging Gardens

Upcycling unexpected objects into hanging planter gardens inventively expands greenery in small spaces. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, rubber tires, boots, and bathtubs can be repurposed using basket liners and drainage holes. Go wild with your imagination to create sustainability from reused materials.  

An innovative room with hanging planters suspended from the ceiling.
Innovative suspended containers filled with hanging plants dangle from the ceiling.
Innovative hanging planters in a wooden house.

Key Ideas:  

  • – Transform unexpected items creatively
  • – Add basket liners & drainage holes
  • – Choose fun recycled materials 
  • – Repurposing reduces waste 
  • – Sparks joy & imagination  

Plant Ball Terrariums

Cloud-like plant ball terrariums crafted from chicken wire and moss make whimsical displays floating from ribbons. To create, form chicken wire into spheres stuffed with layers of moist sheet moss. Use a ribbon loop to affix mini plants like baby tears or pixie peperomia sprouting out. Mist plant balls daily and watch your living sculptures thrive! 

Innovative suspended containers displaying moss balls in a greenhouse window.
Innovative hanging planters showcasing moss suspended in glass jars in a window.

Key Ideas:

  • – Craft fluffy moss spheres 
  • – Form with chicken wire frames  
  • – Use ribbons to hang lightweight 
  • – Select petite trailing cuttings
  • – Magical living sculpture 

Herb Danglers  

Suspend freshly snipped herbs to dry within mesh bags that hang near kitchens. Use jute burlap, cheesecloth pouches, or even leftover tea bags. Tie it shut with a pretty ribbon and hang it on nails. As herbs dry, crumble leaves into jars or sprinkle straight into dishes. Dangling herbs saves cabinet space while infusing料rooms with garden aromas.  

An innovative bag of herbs hanging from a suspended wooden shelf.
Innovative hanging planters suspending herbs in a sack on a wooden table.

Key Ideas:  

  • – Air dry fresh herbs in bags
  • – Use burlap, cheesecloth or tea bags  
  • – Tie closed with ribbon  
  • – Hang in the kitchen to dry  
  • – Infuses rooms with herbal scents

Pulley Systems

Ingeniously hoist hanging planters up and down to tend to plants using a pulley system. Secure eye hooks into ceiling beams and hang macramé planters from rope threaded through pulleys. Lower plants down to nurture your botanicals, then crank them back up to enjoy the view. Use pulley baskets to move plants outdoors seasonally conveniently.  

Three hanging planters with plants suspended from them.
Innovative hanging planters suspended from a window in a living room.
Three innovative hanging planters adorning a window.
A room with hanging planters on shelves in front of a window.

Key Ideas

  • – Adds adjustable functionality 
  • – Use a pulley and rope system
  • – Easy to lower & raise planters  
  • – Convenience for plant care
  • – Move plants in & outdoors  


  • – Hanging plants optimizes space & adds interest
  • – Includes woven, macramé, glass & geometric 
  • – Upcycle unexpected items for a sustainable style 
  • – Herb danglers dry herbs in kitchens  
  • – Use pulleys to conveniently adjust planters

Suitable Plants for Hanging Planters:

– Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect to low light
  • Soil: All-purpose potting mix  
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic 

– Philodendron (Philodendron species)

  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight 
  • Soil: All-purpose potting mix
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic  

– Peperomia (Peperomia species)

  • Sun Exposure: Bright to moderate indirect light
  • Soil: All-purpose potting mix 
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic

– Hoya (Hoya species)  

  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight
  • Soil: Loose, well-draining soil mix
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic 

– Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

  • Sun Exposure: Partial shade to full sun  
  • Soil: Potting soil mix
  • Soil pH: Neutral

– Grape Ivy (Cissus rhombifolia)

  • Sun Exposure: Medium to bright indirect light
  • Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix
  • Soil pH: 6.1-7.5

– Air plants (Tillandsia species)

  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight
  • Soil: None needed, water 1-2 times a week

– Ferns (Polypodium or Nephrolepis species)  

  • Sun Exposure: Shady setting, avoid direct sun
  • Soil: All-purpose potting mix
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic  

– Begonia (Begonia species)

  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight, avoid afternoon sun  
  • Soil: Loose, well-draining potting mix
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic 

– Succulents (Crassula, Echeveria species)

  • Sun Exposure: Bright direct to indirect sunlight
  • Soil: Cactus & succulent potting mix
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic to neutral


Exploring innovative ways to suspend planters opens unlimited possibilities for infusing botanicals throughout your home. Whether you DIY upcycled creations or invest in modern geometric hanging gardens, bringing your greenery to new sights will reinvigorate your space and spirits.

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