Carpet Savior: Effortlessly Remove Nail Polish Stains!

  • One of the best ways to get nail polish out of dark carpets is by using cold water, hairspray, and rubbing alcohol. 
  • If the carpet is lighter in color, use a non-acetone nail polish remover instead of hairspray and rubbing alcohol. 
  • You’ll need to dab the area with a clean cloth or brush repeatedly.
how to get nail polish out of carpet

Accidents happen, and when it comes to accidentally spilling or dripping your favorite nail polish on your favorite carpet, you’ll likely feel your heart sinking straight to your stomach. If this is your first time dealing with nail polish on your carpet, you are not alone. How do you get nail polish out of a carpet?

Knowing how to get nail polish stains out of a carpet isn’t only a useful life hack in general, but it could help you be one step ahead when it happens to you! Continue reading as we discuss the steps to rid your carpet of nail polish stains.

Nail Polish Stains And How To Get Them Out Of Your Carpet

Whether you have kids, have a nasty nail polish stain on your carpet already, or are just a clumsy person, we can help you with a few easy steps to get rid of a nail polish stain on any carpet.

Look Closely To See If The Nail Polish Is Dry Or Wet

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The quicker you take action after spilling nail polish on your carpet, the better! If you notice the nail polish is still wet, you can start by taking a piece of paper or paper towel and gently dabbing it on the nail polish to get as much of the wet polish off as you can. 

You could also use a clean dishrag, but remember that it will have to be thrown away as the nail polish will also stain it.

The longer nail polish has to set into your carpet, the more difficult it will be to get out. If the nail polish has hardened, don’t worry, all hope isn’t lost yet. Use a knife to scrape as much off the carpet as possible.

Consider The Shade Of Your Carpet

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It is crucial to keep the color of your carpet in mind to determine which chemicals to use. If your carpet is a darker shade, it is encouraged to use hairspray or rubbing alcohol, as it won’t lighten the area when cleaning. 

If your carpet is lighter or completely white, you should use a non-acetone polish remover, preferably translucent. Never use a colored nail polish remover on a white carpet, as it could turn your carpet into that color.

Wet The Area

Wet the area with nail polish with cold water. Never use hot water, as it could cause the nail polish to seep into the carpet further, staining the area to the point where it cannot get removed.

Spray Hairspray And Rubbing Alcohol/Polish Remover

In the case of a darker carpet, you’ll need to spray at least 15 pumps or hairspray directly on the nail polish stain. Then, depending on how large the nail polish stain is, pour your rubbing alcohol onto it, ensuring the entire stain is covered. 

For a lighter carpet, do this step using your non-acetone nail polish remover. 

Scrub The Area

Using a clean cloth or any soft-bristled brush, scrub the area repeatedly. Take caution not to spread the stain, and focus on the main area of the stain. While scrubbing, add more cold water. 

You may need to repeat this step until the stain becomes lighter or vanishes completely. As rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover will evaporate, you may need to add more as you scrub the area.

Remove Any Excess Liquid

You’re almost done! Dry the carpet area using a vacuum, preferably one that can remove liquid. This will allow any excess nail polish and chemicals to be removed from the carpet. 

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, don’t stress! You can let your carpet air dry but keep it away from direct sunlight. Blotting the area dry with a cloth or piece of paper towel would also be sufficient.


Getting nail polish out of a carpet could be an anxious experience, but with the right tools and persistence, you are sure to reach success and get rid of that nasty stain on your favorite carpet.

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