Edition Office Presents Mary Street House: A Pinnacle of Design Meeting 19th Century Charm

Mary Street House by Edition Office is an award-winning architectural masterpiece that blends the old and the new. Located amidst 19th-century built form, this reimagined Federation-era home has been recognized for its exceptional design at the 2023 Victorian Architecture Awards.

A bedroom with a bed, a chair, and a window designed by Edition Office.

The house is a calming sanctuary, featuring softly finished recycled brick walls and undulating brick fences that provide protection and tranquility. The addition of enigmatic brick volumes on the concrete roof adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to the overall design.

Private retreats lined with deeply-toned spotted gum plywood offer a serene environment for contemplation, while the generous frontage creates a welcoming and practical living space.

The design of Mary Street House not only pays homage to the rich architectural heritage of the area but also acknowledges the First Nations Peoples as the original architects and builders of the land. With its harmonious blend of old and new elements, this house is a testament to the power of thoughtful design.

Mary Street House features wooden walls and a wooden staircase.
A brick building with a tree in front of it, known as the Mary Street House.
A wooden chair in the Mary Street House.
A Mary Street House with wooden walls and a desk.
A concrete wall at Mary Street House.
Mary Street House By Edition Office: A bedroom with wooden walls and a white bed.

Artworks credit / Michael Cook – “Livin the dream (Vacation)” – 2020

Mary Street House By Edition Office features a bathroom with wooden walls and a round mirror.
A wooden door adorned with the picturesque artwork of Mary Street House.

Artworks credit / Danie Mellor – “The encounter” – 2021

A Mary Street House bathroom with a bathtub and a window.
An archway in the Mary Street House hallway.
A white chair in the Mary Street House with white walls.
Mary Street House dining room with a white table and chairs.

Artworks credit / Charlie Ingemar Harding – “Portrait of a Punter 6” and “Portrait of a Punter 4” as seen – 2021

A living room with green chairs and a glass door at Mary Street House designed by Edition Office.
Mary Street House By Edition Office featuring a kitchen with marble counter tops and stools.
Living room with green chairs in the Mary Street House.

Artworks credit / David Larwill – ‘you gotta believe me” – 2003

Mary Street House featuring a patio and a fireplace, designed by Edition Office.
Mary Street House features a concrete wall and a glass door.
A white porch house on Mary Street.
A white house on Mary Street with a tree in the background.
A white house with a tree in front of it, located on Mary Street and designed by Edition Office.
A white house with a tree in front of it on Mary Street.
Mary Street House, an Edition Office project featuring a curved wall and surrounded by trees.
Mary Street House, featuring a grass-covered roof, is designed by Edition Office.

Design Elements

The design elements of the Mary Street House by Edition Office include softly finished recycled brick walls.

Undulating brick walls form a protective side fence.

A pair of enigmatic brick volumes on the planted concrete roof.

These elements create a harmonious blend of old and new, inviting contemplation and privacy.

Using recycled bricks and integrating natural materials contribute to a sustainable and visually appealing design.

The design balances functionality and aesthetic appeal, offering a sophisticated and inviting living environment.

Recognition of First Nations Peoples

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of First Nations peoples, the Australian Institute of Architects acknowledges their status as the Traditional Custodians of the land. It honors their legacy as the original architects and builders.

By acknowledging this, the Institute pays tribute to the rich cultural heritage and profound knowledge of First Nations peoples in shaping the built environment.

This recognition serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the architectural profession, fostering a more holistic and respectful approach to design.

Website and Privacy Policy

The website for the Mary Street House project offers users an immersive digital experience that highlights the design elements and architectural concept of the redesigned Federation-era home. The website effectively conveys the innovative use of recycled bricks, undulating brick walls, and sculptural objects through its visually engaging interface.

Additionally, the website emphasizes the project’s commitment to privacy and user experience, providing a clear privacy policy and an option to opt out of cookies.

Brick Walls and Outdoor Rooms

Utilizing the distinctive texture and form of brick walls, the Mary Street House project transforms the outdoor spaces into intimate, interconnected rooms that seamlessly blend with the surrounding built environment.

The undulating brick walls not only shape the social spaces of the house but also extend to create a protective side fence.

This design element not only adds a sense of privacy but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the house, offering a harmonious integration with the 19th-century built form of the neighborhood.

Restoration and Transition

Restoration and transition within the Mary Street House project are seamlessly achieved through a carefully layered approach, allowing for a harmonious coexistence of the original historical elements and the new architectural interventions.

The project showcases a skillful integration of the old and the new, with the restored interior of the original home flowing seamlessly into the contemporary additions.

This thoughtful design strategy creates a sense of continuity and connection while preserving the original structure’s historical significance.

Completion Year: 2022
Project Type: Residential
Location: St Kilda West, Victoria, Australia
Traditional land owners: The Boon Wurrung of the Kulin Nation

Lead Architects: Kim Bridgland, Aaron Roberts
Interiors: Edition Office
Construction: Format Group
Landscape: Amanda Oliver
Image Credits: Rory Gardiner
Photographer’s Website: rory-gardiner.com
Photographer’s Contact: [email protected]
Photographer’s Socials: @arorygardiner

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