Mirrors Expanding Space: 10 Innovative Ideas for Creative Home Design

Interior designers often look for clever and creative ways to make a room appear larger and more spacious. One of the most effective design tricks is the strategic placement of mirrors. 

Mirrors can visually expand a tight space, amplify natural light, and add an illusion of depth and texture to walls. In this article, we’ll explore creative mirror placement for opening up interior rooms, along with textured wall treatments to add visual interest.

Oversized Mirrors Above Furniture 

Placing an oversized mirror above a sofa, sideboard, dresser, or other furniture is one of the easiest ways to create the illusion of a larger space. The mirror reflects the room, making it appear nearly double in size. 

A creatively decorated living room with an expandable ornate mirror.
A spacious living room with a gold mirror, strategically placed to expand the space.
Creatively expand a living room with white furniture using a large mirror.
A creatively decorated living room with large mirrors, large windows for natural light, and a cozy fireplace to expand the space.

For maximum spaciousness, choose a mirror that stretches the entire length and height of the wall above the furniture piece. An oversized mirror can make a small living room or bedroom feel instantly expanded.

  • Oversized mirrors above furniture visually double the space
  • Position the mirror across the entire length and height of the wall
  • Makes small rooms feel more expansive

Mirrored Walls 

Installing mirrored panels or tiles on one wall creates even more radical spaciousness. Mirrored walls reflect the entire room, seeming to push back the physical boundaries endlessly. 

A creatively designed living room with arched windows and brick walls, utilizing mirrors to expand space.
A modern living room utilizing a brick wall to expand space.
A creatively designed living room with a large window that helps expand the space.

This works best on the wall opposite windows to reflect outdoor light deeper into the room. Be strategic with placement – too many mirrored walls can feel disorienting. Often, just one mirrored wall can make a significant difference.

  • Mirrored walls reflect and expand the whole room
  • Place opposite windows to amplify natural light
  • Use strategically, not on every wall
  • One mirrored wall can expand space

Entryway Mirrors 

Welcome guests with mirrored entryway walls or doors. This makes a powerful first impression of palatial vastness in even the smallest front hall or mudroom. Flank the entry door with tall, slim floor mirrors for a glamorous infinity effect. Or install mirrored cabinet doors to multiply architectural details. Entry mirrors make coming home feel grand.

A hallway utilizing a glass wall to expand space, with a tree in the background.
Creatively designed Japanese house with a wooden floor and large windows.
A creatively designed modern living room with large windows and a wooden floor.
A creatively designed living room with a large mirror that helps expand space.
  • Mirrored entryways impress with spaciousness
  • Floor mirrors flanking the door heighten the infinity effect
  • Multiply architectural details with mirrored cabinets
  • Makes homeowners and guests feel pampered

Back-to-Back Living Room Mirrors

 Here’s another living room mirror trick: Hang two identical mirrors back-to-back in the center of facing walls. Not only does this highlight the mirror frames beautifully, but it also creates the illusion of endlessly repeating space. The mirroring effect makes the room feel twice as big. Choose bold mirror frames to add drama. Abstract frames give an art museum feel.

A living room with large windows that expand space and enhance natural light.
A creatively designed living room with large windows that expand space and offer a breathtaking view of the city.
A living room utilizing mirrors to expand space and with plants and a view of the city.
  • Back-to-back mirrors create endless reflections
  • The illusion of repeating, doubling space
  • Highlight mirror frames as artwork
  • Abstract frames have art gallery appeal

Mosaic Mirror Wall Accents 

For textural intrigue, decorate a large accent wall with mosaic mirror tiles. The interplaying shapes catch and reflect light in different directions for mesmerizing depth. Combine mirrored mosaic tiles with real stone, wood, or metallics. Accent with paint, wallpaper, or fabric. A mosaic mirror wall sparks visual excitement.

A creatively decorated living room with green walls that expand visually with the help of a large mirror.
A living room with green walls and gold accents that utilizes mirrors to expand space.
Utilizing mirrors, this living room with a green couch and gold mirrors creates an illusion of expanded space.
A creatively decorated living room with green walls, gold furniture, and strategically placed mirrors that cleverly expand space.
  • Mosaic mirrors interplay light beautifully
  • Mix glass tile with stone, wood, and metal
  • Paint, wallpaper, and fabric accents add interest
  • Visually exciting focal point

Antiqued Mirror Accent Wall

For Old World romance, install a wall of antiqued mirror panels. The muted silver patina, softened reflections, and slight distortions have a timeworn, romantic vibe. Antiqued mirrors add depth without sharp edges. Romantic lighting sets the mood. Accent with candles, textiles, and artwork for a cozy, European salon feel even in raw modern spaces.

An ornate fireplace with a mirror, utilizing mirrors to expand space.
An ornate room with mirrors, a fireplace, and flowers, creating an illusion of expanded space.
An ornate room with a fireplace, mirrors, and flowers
  • Antiqued mirrors have relaxed, organic shapes
  • Silvered patina for a softened, romantic look
  • Distortion adds depth without sharpness
  • Mix with candles, textiles, and artwork

Incorporate Mirrors with Wood Paneling 

Combine mirrors with wood panels for warmth and texture. Alternate mirror panels with stained wood frames or reclaimed boards. This adds a beautiful dimension and an injection of nature. 

A creatively designed green chair sits in front of a wood paneled wall, effectively expanding the space.
Utilizing a mirror, this description showcases a green chair placed in front of a wooden wall to expand space.
A room with a chair and plants in front of a wooden wall, designed to expand space.
Creatively utilizing mirrors, a green chair is positioned in front of plants, effectively expanding space.
A modern living room with wooden walls that utilizes a large mirror to expand space.

Hang a round mirror within a decorative wood frame for instant focal impact. Add woven art or tapestry accents for an eclectic, well-traveled vibe. Mirrors and wood balance perfectly.

  • Wood paneling adds a beautiful warmth
  • Alternate wood and mirror panels
  • Round mirror in wood frame for focus
  • Weavings and tapestries boost eclectic style

Angled Mirror Placement 

Strategic angled placement expands mirrors’ spaciousness effects. Set a mirror on the ground, leaning diagonally against the wall to reflect across a larger area. 

A creatively designed living room with brick walls and a large mirror to expand space.
A living room utilizing a mirror to expand space, complemented by a brick wall.
A spacious living room adorned with a grand mirror, cozy couch, and lush plants.

Or mount corner mirrors to capture more perspectives. Angle mirrors towards room focal points like artwork or architectural details to amplify visual impact. Play with angles until you achieve the most desirable reflective effects.

  • Angled floor mirrors reflect more space
  • Corner-mounted mirrors expand perspectives
  • Angle mirrors to amplify artwork
  • Adjust angles for the best spaciousness effect

Framing Mirrors as Artwork 

For striking design drama, frame mirrors as artwork. Choose ornate, carved frames or sleek modern styles to showcase mirror “canvases”. This adds light and movement to accent walls for stunning effect. 

A creatively designed mosaic wall with blue and gold tiles that expand the space by incorporating a mirror.
A creatively designed mirror wall that cleverly expands space with an abundance of mirrors.
A creatively designed mosaic wall featuring mirrors to expand space.
A creatively illuminated glass wall adorned with mirrors.

Abstract mirror frames have high conceptual appeal. Display over sofas or beds to double up visual play. Illuminate with adjustable directional lighting for artistic wall sculptures.

  • Frame mirrors like artistic canvases
  • Ornate or modern mirror frames
  • Abstract frames have conceptual appeal
  • Sculptural quality with directional lighting

Incorporate Natural Elements 

Balancing mirrored walls and accents with natural elements prevents sterile slickness. 

Enhance your living room by adding a visually pleasing round mirror on the wall. This simple addition of a mirror not only creates an illusion of expanded space but also adds a touch of elegance to
A creatively designed living room with blue walls and wooden furniture that includes mirrors to expand space.
A living room with a large mirror on the wall to expand space.
A living room with blue walls and white furniture, designed to expand space using mirrors.

Add real plants like trailing ivy, tall bamboo, or potted palms for a lively contrast. Install a living wall garden mosaic behind glass beside a mirrored artwork niche. 

Accent mirrored walls with real wood beams or concrete columns. Contrast is key for depth and interest.


  • Plants, gardens, and nature balance mirrors
  • Trailing, towering greens add vibrant life
  • Wood, concrete architectural details add texture
  • Contrast prevents sterile environments
  • Depth and interest come from mixed materials


With limitless shapes, sizes, and frames to select from, mirrors are incredible interior design tools for manipulating space, light, and dimension. 

By following basic guidelines for strategic placement while also getting creative with textures and angles, it’s possible to double, triple, or even exponentially expand any room’s visual footprint. 

So don’t be afraid to decorate rooms liberally with mirrors to enlarge them in stunning style. 

Just take care to balance sleek, mirrored surfaces with natural elements for rich, welcoming interiors with depth and character.

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