Room Makeover: 10 Small Bedroom Enlarging Ideas!

how to decorate a small bedroom

Does it feel like there’s no room to move in your small bedroom? You’re not alone. Making a small space feel comfortable and inviting can be tricky, but it is possible!

Simple decorating tricks can turn your tiny bedroom into a cozy retreat. Keep reading for ten ideas on decorating a small bedroom and making the most of your space.

Do you feel frustrated by how limited your bedroom feels? With a few simple changes, you can create an airy atmosphere that will make you want to stay in bed all day! Transforming your small space doesn’t have to be complicated.

There are numerous strategies to maximize your space, from using mirrors to adding pops of color.

Don’t let the size of your bedroom limit your design dreams! Read on for ten tips on decorating a small bedroom and maximizing any small space’s potential. With these fresh ideas, you can create an inviting oasis that will leave you feeling relaxed.

Maximize Natural Light

small bedroom natural light idea

When decorating a tiny bedroom, maximizing natural light can make it feel larger. You can add mirrors to reflect the light and replace heavy curtains with lighter ones.

For example, sheer curtains let in more sunlight and brighten the room. Additionally, installing an extra window or skylight can bring in more natural light.

Light colors are another way to create an airy atmosphere within a small bedroom. Walls and furniture will give the illusion of a larger space. And adding colorful accents through artwork or pillows can provide more visual interest.

Opt for small-scale furniture like twin beds and nightstands. This can help create a cohesive but open look that won’t overwhelm the room.

Use Space -Saving Furniture

space saving furniture in a small bedroom

Utilizing dual-purpose furniture is a great way to make a small bedroom feel more significant. This includes pieces like daybeds and ottomans that can serve many purposes.

Not only can you get extra seating with these items, but they can also provide more storage space for things like bedding or clothing.
If you’re looking for pieces that take up less room, invest in furniture that can be easily stowed away when not in use, such as a pull-out sofa bed or a wall-mounted desk.

Opting for lighter furniture colors will also help make the room appear more spacious. Light colors reflect light and create an optical illusion of more space.

When decorating a small bedroom, it’s important to keep clutter to a minimum by using clever organization solutions. You can use overhead shelving, wall-mounted shelves, or under-the-bed drawers.

Doing this lets you Keep items off the floor and utilize vertical spaces. And it can maximize your available space without overwhelming the room.

Paint The Walls In Light Colors

Light colors have a reflective quality that can visually expand the room. When decorating a small bedroom, painting the walls in light colors creates the illusion of a larger space.

Choose several shades lighter than your desired color to ensure the room doesn’t feel washed out. This strategy can be beneficial in bedrooms with little natural light. And add subtle touches of bright color with accents like throw pillows or curtains.

It’s important to remember that even though you’re using light colors, you don’t have to sacrifice having bolder hues in your small bedroom.

Dark accent walls are still possible; make sure they’re balanced with lighter paint elsewhere for contrast. You can also use bolder wallpapers on one wall and keep the rest of your walls white or a pale shade for a more dynamic look.

Remember to add texture when using light paint on your walls. Textured wallpaper or stenciling can give your room extra depth and dimension without making it feel too cramped.

Use Vertical Space

vertical space in a small bedroom

Using vertical space is critical when considering how to decorate a small bedroom. This could include utilizing furniture pieces that are tall and slim, such as a narrow bookshelf or armoire.

Or, you could hang wall art in a vertical line up the length of the wall rather than spread it out horizontally. Another option to take advantage of vertical space is floating shelves. These can store items like books and knick-knacks while adding interest to the walls.

Incorporate Mirrors

mirror in a small bedroom

Mirrors are an essential element of small bedroom decor. Not only do they bring in light and create a space that feels bigger, but they also act as a design feature. For a small bedroom, it’s vital to incorporate mirrors to make the most of the space.

One way to use mirrors is by positioning them opposite windows. This will reflect natural light throughout the room and create an illusion of more space. Another option is to use a large mirror as a headboard for your bed.

It will act as a decorative feature while still providing the illusion of more space. If you have limited wall space, consider using hanging mirrors or mirrored furniture for the most significant effect.

These decorative elements can transform any small bedroom into something much brighter.

Choose Furniture With Exposed Legs

exposed legs in a small bedroom

Furniture with exposed legs can be a great choice when decorating a small bedroom. These pieces help the room feel less crowded by keeping the floors open and visible. Plus, they provide a contemporary, airy look that gives the room spaciousness.

Another bonus of this type of furniture is that it won’t take up much floor space. This means you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to move around or add other elements to your décor.

Opting for pieces in light colors will also help give the illusion of extra space.

The best part is that these pieces come in all styles and shapes, so you can find something to fit your tastes and budget. From sleek mid-century modern designs to traditional wooden frames, there’s sure to be something that suits your unique style and décor needs.

So don’t let a small bedroom stop you from achieving your desired look. Incorporate furniture with exposed legs for an airy and spacious feel!

Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains

floor-to-ceiling curtain in a small bedroom

Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains can be a great way to add texture and color while making it feel bigger. Extending the curtains from the ceiling to the floor will create a sense of height and vertical space.

Additionally, by using sheer fabrics or light colors for your curtains, you’ll let more natural light into the room, making it appear more extensive and spacious.

When selecting curtains for your small bedroom, consider lightweight and airy materials. This will help make the space feel open and inviting rather than cluttered and cramped.

You can also choose textured fabrics that add visual interest and create an illusion of spaciousness in a small room.

Also, if you want to add extra visual interest to your space without taking up too much room, hanging wall art above your curtains is a great way to do it.

When hanging your curtains, ensure they’re hung as high as possible on either side of the window. This will help make your walls appear longer while creating an illusion of more space.

Use Low Profile Furniture

low profile furniture in a small bedroom

When dealing with a small bedroom, low-profile furniture is key. This furniture won’t take up much space or overwhelm the room. By opting for low-profile pieces, you can make the most of the area that you have.

It’s also essential to consider how much storage space your furniture will provide. You’ll want to find pieces with many drawers and shelves to store items and keep your room looking tidy.

Remember to consider style and comfort when selecting furniture. Choose pieces that will fit your overall design scheme but are comfortable enough to relax after a long day.

You can create an inviting atmosphere in even the smallest bedrooms with the right combination of low-profile furniture, storage solutions, and stylish accents.

Add Storage Space

storage space in a tiny bedroom

When decorating a small bedroom, storage space is imperative. It’s a great way to make the room appear larger while providing places to store belongings.

Finding storage solutions that are both functional and stylish can be tricky, but there are plenty of options available.

Adding shelves above the bed or seating areas is an excellent option for extra storage space. This allows you to display items without occupying much-needed floor space.

Another idea is to hang wall shelves to store shoes and clothing. Or accessories without compromising the room’s look.

Consider using under-bed drawers or bins for options other than vertical storage. You can store items like linens and out-of-season clothes. You can also use Low-profile furniture with built-in storage to keep everyday objects nearby but out of sight.

Accessorize With Plants And Light Fixtures

plants in a small bedroom

Accessorizing a room is a great way to make it feel more extensive and inviting. Adding plants and light fixtures can bring life and brightness to a space.

Whether you choose hanging plants or small potted ones, they will add beauty and dimension to the bedroom. Be sure to choose vibrant colors that match the room’s aesthetic.

Adding ceiling lights or wall sconces will light up the room, making it appear larger than it is. They also offer a cozy ambiance and create an inviting atmosphere.

Remember to keep your bedroom minimalistic yet stylish when accessorizing it with plants and light fixtures – less is more in this case! Find pieces that speak to your style but keep the small space manageable. With these additions, you’ll find that your tiny bedroom looks much bigger than before!


In conclusion, decorating a small bedroom doesn’t have to be intimidating. Maximizing natural light and multi-functional furniture can help maximize the available space. You can create a larger and more inviting space with these ten ideas.

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