Revealing Top Color Matches to Complement Dark Green: 2024 Insights

  • On the color wheel, dark green is situated between blue and yellow. Dark green matches blue, creating a cooler atmosphere, whereas dark green combined with yellow creates a warmer one. 
  • Dark greens come in various undertones, and complementary hues look good when they have the same undertone.
colors that match dark green

Dark green is getting a lot of attention nowadays, and many homeowners lean toward this color to get a natural feel in some areas of the house. Finding a color to match dark green is not difficult, especially if you understand how the matching structure works.

There are countless matches for dark green, but green is such a great color to play around with that finding a matching color that fits you will provide many options. Dark green is a fabulous color and will give your home that x-factor you want to elevate to something extraordinary.

Colors That Go Well With Dark Green

what colors go with dark green

The greatest place to find a color that complements dark green is in nature because it is an earthy hue. All shades of green are seen in nature and provide a great guide for choosing a color that goes with dark green.

While green may seem uninteresting, a good matching color will offer you a fashionable and modern appearance that will enhance your home.

Dark green can be calming and stimulating and is used in combinations to create a sense of excellent balance in a room. Since green sits in the middle of the color wheel, you can pair it with warm and cold colors. You must, however, consider certain aspects, such as the base and undertones of the dark green you select.

Every shade of dark green, like Olive Green, Black Forest Green, Moss Green, Dark Teal, and many more, is complemented by a different color. The right color that complements your choice of dark green requires a little more research.

Here are some examples of complementary matching colors for dark green.

Dark Green + Clay White And Chalky Grey

 Dark green with a strong blue base is overpowering, and not matching it accurately can be disastrous. Introducing softer tones to dark green with a blue base like clay-white and chalky grey creates a calming feel.

 Dark Green + Yellow

yellow color goes with dark green

On the color wheel, green and yellow are next to one another, and spaces that use this combination of hues are serene and comfortable. Dark greens with yellow undertones, such as olive green, blend nicely with gold or bronze because they are linked with the green’s yellow undertone warmth.

Using a color that supports the undertone of the green will create a warm atmosphere.

Dark Green + White

white color goes with dark green

The one color that goes with every other color is white, which compliments green. Dark greens matched with white will instantly add contrast and freshness to the scheme. White is easy to match with dark green, but it is not as simple as getting white.

The different undertones in white must match the undertone of the dark green to create a bit of warmth and fluency.

Dark Green + Orange

orange color goes with dark green

Dark green can be overpowering and cold, especially forest green, but combining it with a muted orange will give your home a warmer tone. In nature, dark green leaves are complimented by the muted orange color of falling autumn leaves, and this combination in a room creates that same warmth and balance.

what colors go with green


Dark green is a color that can give warmth, sophistication, or a combination of both to your home, depending on the matching color you choose. Considering the undertone of the dark green and matching color will make a good or bad fit.

Using the same undertone and colors on either side of dark green on the color wheel will make it easy to find a match.

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