Shower Standing Handles: Ultimate Selection Guide 2024

If you’re renovating a bathroom, here’s everything you need to know about a shower standing handle. 

A shower handle is an essential tool that can offer safety in the bathroom. It’s useful for the elderly, small children, or anyone who wants some extra support.

Best shower standing handles

But installing the shower standing handle at the correct height is crucial. That will ensure its efficacy and accessibility. 

So, this guide will provide everything you need to know about standing handles for the shower. I’ll also explain some key points, like the standard shower valve height.

What is the Standard Height For Shower Valve and Handle

If you’re DIYing your bathroom, you want to make sure you get it right. So, you might be wondering, “How high should a shower valve be?”

The standard shower valve and handle height

You might even need to take it back to the basics. If you’re not familiar with what a shower valve is, here’s a quick explanation. It’s the part that turns the shower on and off and controls the water temperature. So, it’s a pretty crucial shower component.

As a result, the shower valve needs to be the same height as the faucets – or at least very close.

The standard shower valve height will vary depending on whether you have a shower or a bath. If it’s a bath, then, of course, it will be much lower. That’s because you’ll need the faucets to be the right height for the bathtub.

The average shower valve height for a bath is around 28 inches. Although that’s approximate, you’ll find that it’s correct for most bathrooms.

In contrast, the standard shower valve height in a regular shower is about 48 inches. And you should install the valve and faucets at the same height in a shower stall. So, that means the standard shower mixer height from the floor is around 48 inches, too. 

If you stick to these two heights, you shouldn’t have any issues. They tend to be pretty standard across the board in most homes. 

The Different Types of Showerheads and Height

There isn’t just one type of showerhead, though. So, you’ll need to know about the different types and double-check what you have. That way, you’ll ensure you get the shower handle height correct for your home

Handheld Showerheads

First is the handheld showerhead, which is still very common. This type of showerhead is held in your hand to direct the water spray. 

Handheld Showerheads

So, it comes in handy if you have small children. It’s also more adaptable to users of all heights, from tall to short.

As a result, a handheld showerhead may not have a standard height. Instead, it needs to be within reach for all the users in the household. 

The standard shower head height is around 72 inches from the floor. But if you install it yourself, you can make it lower or slightly higher according to your needs. 

A lower height is more accessible, as it allows children and shorter people to use the shower with ease. 

Overhead/Rain Showerheads

An overhead shower head is a real luxury. As its other name suggests, it really does feel like you’re standing under a shower of rain. But thankfully, you can experience warm rain rather than a cold shower. 

Overhead/Rain Showerheads

This type of showerhead is fixed in place, so you can’t remove it. That means you can’t hold it in your hand while you wash. Instead, it has a long metal pipe that holds the showerhead high above your head. And in this way, the water pours down in a refreshing way, just like rain.

With some rain showerheads, you can adjust their height. That allows you to move the showerhead up or down to accommodate shorter or taller people. But in some cases, that’s not possible. So, the standard shower head height for an overhead showerhead is around 82 inches. 

Different Types of Shower Handles

You’ll find two main types of shower handles to choose between, which are fixed or detachable. 

Fixed Shower Handles

Each type has its pros and cons, depending on your needs. But a fixed shower handle will offer more support. You can feel confident that it won’t give under your weight. 

So, you can lean heavily on it if required, and it will withstand the pressure. That can be essential for anyone who lacks mobility or strength. 

Different types of shower handles

If you might need to rest your full weight on a shower handle, a fixed rail is the best option. It attaches firmly to the wall and is less likely to come away. 

But as the name suggests, this type of shower standing handle is a fixture. You’ll need to install it (or get someone to do it for you). It might not enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Detachable Shower Handles

You might prefer a detachable shower handle in some circumstances. For example, you might have a relative who visits you occasionally. When they’re at your house, they need a shower handle. But for the rest of the time, you prefer to remove the handle when not in use.

Detachable Shower Handles

A detachable shower handle can provide more flexibility. You can attach and remove it whenever you need to without any DIY skills necessary.

But it’s worth knowing that a detachable shower handle doesn’t offer as much support. There’s always the possibility that it could come away from the wall under pressure. And that could lead to a fall or an injury. And in most cases, it’s not worth the risk. 

What Is the Best Size for a Shower Handle?

You’ll find shower handles and rails that vary a lot in size. They can be as small as 9 inches right up to 42 inches in length. 

the best size for a shower handle

A longer shower handle provides more security and support. It’s more practical for getting in and out of the shower. Plus, it’s easier to grab hold of if you slip, unlike a smaller handle. 

I would recommend going for a shower handle of at least 12 inches in length. But if possible, one measuring 24 inches or more is better. 

What is the Right Height for a Shower Handle?

Once you’ve chosen a shower handle, you’ll need to install it. But the next question is likely to be about the right height for the shower handle. Of course, the answer will vary depending on who’s using the shower and how tall they are. 

The right height for a shower handle

It’s a good idea to have the shower handle the same height as the taps within a shower stall. But if the valve and faucets are too high up, you can move the shower handle lower. Remember that it needs to be in easy reach – so test it out and see what works best for you. 

If you attach the shower handle diagonally, that gives you more flexibility. It will cover a range of heights, making it easier to grasp whether you’re short or tall. 

How Much Weight Will a Grab Bar Hold?

Grab bars can vary in design, and as a result, in their strength. But in general, you can expect a grab bar to support around 250 lbs. 

How much weight will a grab bar hold?

However, make sure you double-check your model before you use it. And as mentioned, permanent grab bars are much stronger than removable ones.

Can You Attach Shower Handles to Tiled Walls?

You can attach a shower handle to a tiled wall, but you’ll need to take more care on installation. That’s because you don’t want the tiles to crack as you drill through them. 

can you attach shower handles to tiled walls

So, when it comes to drilling, you should use a glass and tile bit on your drill. Then, if you go at a slow speed, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

You may also need a hole saw designed for tiles to drill the holes. But if you don’t have these tools, you could hire a professional to install the shower handle for you. It doesn’t take too long, so it shouldn’t cost you too much. 

Another option is to go for a removable shower handle for your tiled bathroom. But if you need a solid, durable grab bar, then a permanent one is always the safest choice. 

Best 3 Shower Handles

Moen 8724 Home 24-Inch Stainless Bathroom Grab Bar

Image credit: Moen

This grab bar/handle is an excellent option for any shower. At 24 inches, it provides plenty of space to grasp onto as you step in and out of the shower. And it’s made from sturdy stainless steel that can support a lot of weight. 

You can install this grab bar horizontally or diagonally. So, it’s versatile and perfect for any bathroom. It’s a fixed shower handle, so you’ll need to install it permanently. But it will make your shower a much safer place.

Moen R8960FD 30-Inch Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar

Image credit: Moen

This is another robust shower handle for ensuring safety in the bathroom. It has a slightly different design that flips up and down as required. So, you can fold it up when not in use to save space, making it more flexible. It takes up less space in the shower stall when not in use.

At 30 inches long, it’s a good length and easy to grab if you slip. This shower handle can hold up to 300 lbs, so it’s strong enough to support a significant amount of weight. Its stylish design won’t look out of place in your bathroom. And last but not least, it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

2 Pack Shower/Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless

Image credit: Gotega

This two-pack of shower handles offers excellent value for money. With two grab bars, you can install them anywhere around your bathroom. So, you can protect against any falls, slips, or accidents. They’re slightly shorter at 12 inches but large enough to hold onto when needed. 

You’ll need to install these handles, but they are pretty straightforward. And it comes with everything you need in the package. You also get a 1-year warranty for the grab bars in case you have any issues with them. 

The Best Shower Standing Handle Reviews & Buying Guide

Where should grab bars be placed in the shower?

Grab bars can be used anywhere that there’s enough room for them. If they’re too small, people may trip over them. If they’re large enough, people may bump into them as they move around. In a bathroom with no tub, it’s usually safe to place grab bars near the toilet, at the end of the tub, along the wall opposite the door.

What to look for when buying a new shower?

If you’re buying a new shower, look for one with these features:

. An adjustable showerhead so you don’t have to bend down to adjust the water flow
. A pull-out sprayer
. An automatic shutoff valve that turns off the water when you open the drain
. A waterproof cover over the drain
. A soap dispenser
. A built-in seat
. A handheld shower wand

What size grab bar should I get?

There’s no standard size for grab bars. Some showers come equipped with one, while others require you to purchase additional ones.

Final Thoughts

A shower standing handle can ensure peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones. A simple tool can protect against any falls and make getting in and out of the shower easier. 

Now, you should feel confident installing a shower handle at the right height. It will make your bathroom a much safer, slip-free place.

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