Decoding Bedroom Windows: Standard Sizes & Dimensions 2024

standard bedroom window sizes

Finding the correct size for your bedroom can seem daunting because there are many different variables that you need to consider. For example, while putting up a new window in your bedroom, you need to consider how much sunlight the bedroom needs, how much fresh air, and how much of a view the window will provide. So, what are the standard bedroom window sizes?

Typically, bedroom windows measure 32 inches wide by 54 inches tall. Popular bedroom windows that bring in lots of fresh air and sunlight are: 

  1. Single-hung windows, 
  2. Double-hung windows, 
  3. Skylight windows, 
  4. Bay window, 
  5. Sliding window, 
  6. Picture windows.

Sometimes just a single window can not provide enough sunlight in your bedroom, or you want more sunlight at different times. In that case, here are a few alternatives to just the standard window.

Single Hung Bedroom Window

standard bedroom window sizes

Single-hung windows are likely one of the most common bedroom windows in most homes for the last few decades. It usually has an insect screen outside, while the bottom glass pane could be opened by just pushing it up. The top sash is a fixed window that doesn’t open or close. Single-hung windows are also more substantial in strength than double-hung windows because they have a fixed rail in the middle of the frame.

  • Standard Double-hung window measured width range from 24 and 48 inches.
  • Standard Double-hung window measured heights range from 36 and 72 inches.

Double Hung Bedroom Window

double hug bedroom window

The main difference between a single and a double-hung window is that it does not have a fixed glass pane. Instead, both the sashes of a double-hung window open the same way that the sashes of a single-hung window do. Still, these sashes can move and open independently.

One of the double-hung bedroom window sashes can also be tilted inward, making cleaning easier. Most early American homes had double-hung windows where the bottom pane lifts up, and the top one slides down, creating natural airflow.

  • Standard Double-hung window measured width range from 24 and 48 inches.
  • Standard Double-hung window measured heights range from 36 and 72 inches.

Skylight Bedroom Windows

skylight bedroom window

A skylight is a ceiling-mounted window that provides any room with a large amount of natural light. Skylight windows are an excellent addition to any bedroom that requires more natural sunlight, making any room feel much more vibrant and lively.

Skylight windows can provide the most natural sunlight out of any window type, lighting any bedroom with ease. Depending on the type, looking up and seeing the clear sky above can be very relaxing, and if it can open, it could also add fresh air to the room.

The main problem with skylight windows is the maintenance since it is so hard to reach from the inside and outside that it provides you with a set of problems. In addition, keeping the skylight window clean can be a problem, especially in the dry seasons where there is little to no rain helping you to clean the window.

Unless your skylight can open, it provides no fresh air to the room. Therefore, you will need additional side wall windows for fresh air. But if your skylight can open, it also leads to some issues. For example, if you forget to close the skylight and it suddenly starts raining, it will rain straight into your bedroom. They also lose their seal over time, causing them to leak or create a draft when you don’t want one.

  • Standard Skylight window measured width range from 14 and 72 inches.
  • Standard Skylight window measured length range from 16 and 96 inches.

Standard Bedroom Sliding Windows

bedroom sliding window

Sliding windows are similar to sliding glass doors and can come in various sizes and colors. When finding the right size, they can complement any home aesthetic and décor. Still, nothing stops you from speaking to the manufacturer to make them larger or smaller for your room. You can almost use a single or double-hung window on its side to create a sliding window.

Sliding windows are excellent windows for when you want to have a good view of the scenery. Because they slide, half of the window can open, providing any bedroom with a ton of fresh air and an excellent cool breeze for hot sunny days. And naturally, the large window offers any room with more than enough natural sunlight to light up the room.

  • Standard Sliding window measured width range from 36 and 84 inches.
  • Standard Sliding window measured length range from 24 and 60 inches.

Standard Bedroom Picture Window

bedroom picture window

A picture window is a big window that takes up a large portion of the wall. The picture window is typically used to have a better view of the scenery outside the bedroom, with little to no obstructions blocking the view. Picture windows usually are stationary and can not open, but there are some exceptions, although not as practical.

In addition to letting in lots of natural light, the expansive visual effect created by picture windows in bedrooms is often what sells homeowners on the idea. In addition, these fixed glass panels are incredibly energy efficient despite their inability to be opened or closed.

  • Standard Picture window measured width range from 24 and 96 inches.
  • Standard Picture window measured heights range from 24 and 62 inches.

However, picture windows come at the cost of your personal privacy, where people could see into your bedroom.

Standard Bedroom Bay Window

bedroom bay window

The ultimate combination of all these beautiful types of bedroom windows has to be a bay window. A bay window is a window built as an add-on to the existing wall sticking outwards instead of being flush with the wall. Bay windows are excellent for giving more depth to outside walls and making your bedroom less boxy.

Bay windows are an excellent addition to any bedroom, providing a fantastic viewing area of any scenery. The standard bay window size is a bit more complicated than just two measurements. First, you must consider how far out the window bulges from the wall and then measure each of the three separate windows. Bay windows typically have three windows one large center picture window and two smaller windows on either side.

The center window is typically 36 to 84 inches in width and 36 to 72 inches in height. The two side windows are the same size in height as the middle window and half the size in width, but the width can increase or decrease depending on preference. The side windows are the ones that typically open up for fresh air.

Bay windows come in many different angles. Some are more hexagonal, while others are more square. But typically, they are about 12 to 14 inches deep with a curve of 30 degrees but can go up to 60 degrees which is 16 to 22 inches deep.

Another feature, depending on your specific bay window, can provide the perfect reading and relaxing area. Bay windows also come in two distinct variants, ones that can not open, otherwise known as fixed bay windows. And operable bay windows, which can open, provide an additional way to provide fresh air to the bedroom.


What Is The Standard Window Size For Bedrooms?

Windows are a vital addition to any bedroom for a variety of reasons. First, windows should provide enough natural sunlight and fresh air for the typical bedroom. However, this will change based on the measurements of the bedroom wall.
Secondly, how many windows you choose to put in your bedroom also depends on the type of windows you settle on. Therefore, a single window measuring 32 inches in width and 54 inches in height is standard, but your wall and view will dictate the size of windows that will feel right to you.

standard bedroom window sizes


For the average bedroom, a double-hung window or two with measurements between 35 to 72 inches in height and 25 to 48 inches in width is more than enough. But if you’re looking for something other than the average window size, there are many options from which you can pick and choose.

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