Black & White Palette Magic: 10 Stunning Color Matches

colors that match with white and black

Black and white is a classic and timeless choice for interior design. These monochrome colors go so well together and will look fantastic in any room of your home. But you also have the potential to add a fun accent color or two. So, what colors match with black and white?

As these colors are so neutral, you can pair many different shades with black and white. And that gives you lots of options – but it can also make it hard to narrow it down.

In this article, I’ll share some of the best colors that match with black and white. So, you can browse through and see what grabs your eye. There’s something for everyone, no matter your interior design style. 

10 Colors That Go With Black and White

A black-and-white color scheme can look clean and minimalist or bold and striking. It can be modern or classic, traditional or edgy and exciting. So, you can create any look you like with this color palette. But a lot depends on the colors you pair with it and the atmosphere you create.

Here are some ideas for gorgeous colors that go with a black-and-white color palette. 

Black and White + Red

black and white color combination with red

Red is a popular choice to pair with black and white. These colors create a modern yet classic look that dates back to the early days of Hollywood. It oozes sophistication and passion. 

This bright color looks gorgeous against a white and black backdrop. You could go for a bright pillar box red or a moody burgundy shade, depending on the mood you’d like to create. Almost any shade of red will work well with black and white.

It’s easy to incorporate red into your room. Black and white furniture against red walls will create a showstopping effect. But you can add smaller touches of red if that’s too bold for you. You’ll find beautiful red rugs, curtains, and throw cushions that will do the trick.

Black and White + Pink 

black and white color combination with pink

Pink is a gentler option if you don’t like bold, bright red. And it works wonders when paired with black and white. You could go for a soft blush pink for an elegant and feminine room. This look is perfect for the bedroom. 

Or you can spice it up with hot pink elements in a minimalist black-and-white room. That will add some exciting details that draw the eye and make it look more punchy. 

Black and White + Brown 

black and white color combinations with brown

You might not think to add another neutral color to your monochrome palette. But brown is a lovely complement to a black and white room. Its warm tones soften and balance a color scheme that can otherwise feel a little clinical. 

So, use brown details to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You could incorporate this accent color by choosing wooden furniture. Or you could go for a luxurious leather sofa in a deep brown – a classic piece of furniture for any living room.

Black and White + Lime Green 

black and white color combination with lime green

This color combination is sure to add some zing to your home! Lime green isn’t a color you can ignore, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you prefer the neutral, minimalist look, skip to the next color. But lime green stands out and can wake up a sleepy black-and-white room look. 

Just don’t overdo it, or you could end up straining your eyes from too much neon green. Instead, opt for small touches of neon green  – perhaps a vase, clock, or artwork featuring this color.

Black and White + Teal

black and white color combination with teal

Teal is ideal if you want to create a tranquil room, as it brings to mind gentle sea waves. So, it’s an ideal color scheme for the bedroom to help you relax before you sleep. According to color psychology, teal shades are calm and soothing. Light teal is especially relaxing, so paint your walls this shade for a restful night. 

But you can use teal in other rooms, too. Dark teal will look dramatic and quirky against a black-and-white color scheme. It creates an eclectic, luxurious feel, ideal for a boho living room! Pair with bold patterns and textiles to complete the look.

Black and White + Emerald Green

black and white color combination with emerald green

This jewel tone is the perfect complement to a monochrome color scheme. Its lavish color instantly creates a feeling of luxury and sophistication. And as it’s such a rich color, you don’t need to use much of it. 

You could opt for a lush emerald sofa or armchair in the living room to create an impact. Or go for swish emerald green bedding to zhush up your black-and-white bedroom. You’ll keep the stylish, timeless look while adding another gorgeous element.

Black and White + Yellow

black and white color combination with yellow

If you want to brighten your room, add some pops of sunshine yellow! This color is energetic and joyful, making any room feel more dynamic. And for that reason, it might not be the best option for a bedroom (where you’ll relax and wind down). But it works wonders in a kitchen, living room, or even a bathroom. 

Yellow will stand out against the clean whites and blacks of your color palette. A fresh, bright shade is a popular choice. But if you want a more subdued look, mustard is a warm, comforting shade that goes with black and white.

Consider adding a yellow feature wall for a bold and eye-catching effect. Or you could tone it down slightly and choose a few key accessories to dot around the room. Repeat the accent color enough for it to look intentional rather than accidental. 

Black and White + Navy Blue

black and white color combination with navy blue

As navy is a darker color, you might not think to pair it with black and white. Yet, it can look stylish and sophisticated. For example, consider going for navy cabinets in the kitchen. Pair with white walls and black hardware, and you have a gorgeous space for cooking and eating. It looks clean yet dynamic – the bold color draws the eye. 

One note – make sure you have enough white to counter-balance the black and navy. These two dark colors can become overpowering if not done carefully.

Black and White + Orange

black and white color combination with orange

Another warm and comforting shade, orange stands out against your black-and-white room. It creates a high contrast but also complements your design style. 

You can choose the shade of orange that most appeals to you. A peachy orange will soften the room, while bright orange will add a pop of color. And burnt orange looks amazing with wooden tones and black accessories.

A rich orange rug in front of a black sofa will help to anchor the space. Or you could opt for a velvet orange armchair for comfort and style.

Black and White + Gray

black and white color combination with gray

You can’t go wrong with adding gray to your black-and-white color scheme. As it’s another neutral, gray is classic and timeless. But it can also feel modern and sophisticated. You can add any shade of gray to your color palette as it’s so versatile and complementary. 

A pale gray can balance a darker room to make it feel lighter and more spacious. Or you could go for charcoal gray accessories for more visual interest. 

colors that go with black and white

The Wrap Up 

As you can see, loads of colors go with black and white! So, you can take your pick to create your dream home. Black and white is the perfect backdrop for almost any color. And that allows you to design your home to match your design style. It could be classic, minimalist, bold, or quirky – it’s up to you! 

Which is your favorite color to match white and black? Let me know in the comments below! 

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