Timeless Farmhouse Charm: Unlock Living Room Design Secrets!

  • A modern farmhouse living room is usually a double-volume space that is simple and cozy. 
  • The furniture and décor are a mix of modern items with some older pieces included for sentimental value. 
  • The color scheme is neutral and accentuated by natural materials and lots of natural lighting.
farmhouse living room

Modern farmhouse living rooms combine old and new designs in a transitional space. There is no set recipe for creating a modern farmhouse living room. Still, there are essential guidelines that can help you make the perfect, livable space.

The best way to create a farmhouse living room is to start with a fireplace and white walls. From there, you can envision how to create accents on the ceiling, walls, and floor using a neutral palette. 

Once your canvas is ready, you can furnish and decorate your ideal farmhouse living room with modern and old items.

What Does A Farmhouse Living Room Look Like?

A typical, modern farmhouse living room is light and bright yet cozy. Vaulted ceilings, white walls, and extra windows make the room feel like a converted spacious barn. 

Comfortable furniture and interesting décor allow the space to feel livable and inviting. Often, the décor is a mix of new and old, and the room is designed around a central fireplace.

Modern farmhouse living rooms can introduce rustic, cottage, or cabin décor. You can highlight your chosen décor with natural elements.

Farmhouse Living Room Color Schemes

farmhouse living room color scheme idea

Modern farmhouse living rooms use neutral palettes. Using a neutral palette makes it easier to introduce an eye-catching piece of furniture or décor without overwhelming the space. 

Farmhouse living rooms were often dark in the past, with low ceilings, fewer windows, and lots of raw wood finishes.

To keep the farmhouse appeal, bring in raw wood and natural fibers or materials. Examples include stone, brick, and leather. Nevertheless, it would help if you balanced them with white, grays, and other neutral colors. 

You can also introduce an accent color on a wall or trim, a piece of furniture, or scatter cushions, for example.

Most of the time, modern farmhouse living rooms have white or light walls. This, combined with the double volume space and extra windows, makes these living rooms appear open and spacious

To add to this, you can paint the ceiling beams with a neutral color and use vintage-style lighting, like a chandelier.

Examples of neutral colors in a farmhouse living room structure include the following:

  • A natural stone accent wall, 
  • A polished concrete floor, 
  • A whitewashed brick wall, and 
  • Exposed wooden ceiling rafters or shiplap accent walls.

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

farmhouse living room furniture ideas

You can mix and match furniture styles to your heart’s content in a farmhouse living room. For example, you can have modern seating contrasted against an antique wardrobe, display cabinet, or an old upright piano. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to bring in a second-hand or sentimental piece of furniture. Or, you can have new pieces of furniture made with reclaimed wood and vintage fixtures.

Your furniture can be sleek or overstuffed with slipcovers. Consider including a few throws for added color, comfort, and texture. Keep large patterns to a minimum. For example, you can limit them to one piece of furniture or the curtains.

Farmhouse Living Room Décor Ideas

farmhouse living room decor idea

Farmhouse living room décor can be minimalistic or a bit busier, but it should not be dark and cluttered. 

Here are some ideas for adding the finishing touches to your farmhouse living room:

  • Use shiplap on an accent wall to create a sense of order and make a room look larger.
  • Install sliding barn doors.
  • Exhibit collectible items and artworks.
  • Light up the room with vintage light fittings.
  • Consider installing a fireplace.
  • Use reclaimed, rustic, or raw materials in contrast to minimalistic neutrals.
  • Include masculine and feminine lines in your décor.
  • Add some old or modern eclectic pieces for decoration.


A farmhouse living room is typically bright, light, and double-volume. The furniture and décor mix modern, vintage, and eclectic against a neutral palette. 

A farmhouse living room usually includes natural materials like wood or stone to bring charm and textures. Most of the time, you will see a fireplace in a farmhouse living room.

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