Matching Dark Brown: 11 Home Design Insights 2024

You may have a few pieces of dark brown carpets, furniture, or curtains in a room, looking to balance it out. If you have difficulty figuring out what colors go with brown, you are not alone! Brown is not part of the traditional color wheel, so its color schemes don’t generate as many clear color suggestions. What color goes with dark brown?

what color goes with dark brown

Dark brown goes well with gray, black, and white color schemes. It looks good with creams and beige colors as well. Dark brown can be paired with warm colors like yellow and orange and cold colors like blue, teal, and green. Dark brown also goes great with pink if you want to be adventurous.

Just because dark brown isn’t a traditional color doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the color schemes that compliment it so well. Read with us to find a few combinations that work well with any darker brown!

Colors That Go With Dark Brown

Dark brown is a very good color in your home; if you have it in your closet, it’s a bonus! Dark brown is a well-beloved color by many, but many also dislike it due to its complexity in pairing with other colors. 

However, it becomes next to impossible to escape the beauty of dark brown, as its shades around us almost everywhere. 

You can find dark shades of brown in almost every piece of wooden furniture, and there is no doubt that almost everyone loves a natural wood color. 

However, when you struggle with this darker shade of brown, let us help you with the gaps and see this beautiful color in a new light, as you can use it as the perfect tone that brings texture and warmth to your indoor areas!

When you need to pair dark brown with a color that suits it best, you have plenty of suitable options. Let’s take a closer look at colors that go perfectly with dark brown:


grey color goes with dark brown

Surprisingly enough, dark brown and grey make for a perfect color palette. Grey creates a softer undertone in an area when paired with dark brown. You can use these two colors in your dining room and family room and even pair them with a charcoal rug!


black color goes with dark brown

Suppose you’re looking at a dark brown and struggle to see any visible cold or warm undertones. If you think this is the case with your dark brown, you can consider it a neutral brown, which means it can be combined with almost any color, including black, if you prefer a darkened aesthetic.


white color goes with dark brown

This type of brown will work well with any neutral colors, and using white will create a strong contrast with a stylish statement. White is one of the best and brightest colors to pair with dark brown to lighten up a room while creating a more spacious illusion.


cream color goes with dark brown

A dark brown used alongside cream or different shades of cream makes for a great neutral space to work with, and it will create the perfect modern atmosphere. 

Using a cream with dark brown or pairing this color with a few shades of cream will also create a very calming aesthetic, which is perfect for a room or kitchen!


beige color goes with dark brown

Beige has a sandy complexion, along with some red undertones. These red undertones do great in bringing out the richness of chocolate brown, which makes for a completely balanced pairing. 

When pairing similar colors such as these two, it’s all about the texture. To keep the room from falling flat, you can invest in bamboo blinds, natural wooden furniture, and a shag-style rug!


orange color goes with dark brown

Dark brown has visible undertones of orange, very similar to mahogany wood. During the mid-20th century, red-brown was extremely popular, and mid-century modern wood furniture was used in almost every home. 

Many pairings included orange alongside some sleek wooden furniture pieces. The reason behind this color scheme working so well as it did is because of the orange and red undertones in the wood.


yellow color goes with dark brown

If you’re thinking of combining dark brown with a warm color such as yellow, you will create a space very pleasing to the eye, and when used together, they will create a feeling of perfect harmony in any area, indoor or outdoor!


blue color goes with dark brown

Blue and brown are soulmates in the color world, as the cool tones in the blues harmonize entirely with the warmer ones in the dark brown. You can use any blue, from bold blue to pastel blue, and you will be pretty pleased with how well it compliments the dark brown.


green color goes with dark brown

Utilizing green in the form of plants close to dark brown is a great way to bring some extra color into an area without it becoming too thematic. 

However, try to keep the green to an absolute minimum depending on the shade, as green can become overpowering next to a dark brown. 

However, using just the correct amount of green is a great natural and earthy way to bring a pleasing aesthetic into an area.


teal color goes with dark brown

Further referencing the earth symbolism above, teal is another natural color that goes with brown. It represents the beautiful earth-ocean duo. 

Teal will look great with any shade of brown, but it will pop the most with a darker brown.


pink color goes with dark brown

If you want to bring a more feminine aesthetic to a room or area, you can use a soft pink to break the harshness of the darker brown. These two warm shades blend beautifully when set against a clean and subtle white wall. 

Various shades of pink will represent well in contrast with dark brown, but a pastel or light pink will give you the aesthetic you may be looking for.

what color goes with dark brown, ideas and tips


It could be stressful if you have your heart set on a beautiful dark brown but are unsure which colors to pair it with. Luckily, by using our guide, you are sure to obtain success and give the area or room the dream make-over you desire. 

When it comes to dark brown, your imagination truly is the limit!

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